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  1. 3rd restock on Indigo available for preorder .. will be in about 10days depending on good ole USPS Madoviashop
  2. No problem , TY!! They were late coming , USPS 1 day priority turned into 3 days . \m/
  3. I sold out of indie today but got more coming . 2nd Restock
  4. Thanks again, They were supposed to Arrive Saturday but USPS felt the need to wait till yesterday to deliver..
  5. Thanks, Blue and Purple Copies will be here Monday afternoon!!! Of course unless USPS fails.
  6. madoviashop.tictail.com/product/preorder-converge-the-dusk-in-us-color-vinyl Still have couple Blue, Purple, and Indigo available.. Big Thanks for those that Supported !! http://madoviashop.tictail.com
  7. PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

    Madoviashop has color but going super fast!!! Link is in the feed , and these aren't gold vinyl
  8. http://madoviashop.tictail.com/product/preorder-converge-the-dusk-in-us-color-vinyl
  9. US domestic distro preorder /159 edition. . http://madoviashop.tictail.com/product/preorder-trna-lose-yourself-color-vinyl
  10. PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

    http://madoviashop.tictail.com/product/preorder-wolves-in-the-throne-room-thrice-woven If you don't care about color, I'll be stocking what appears to be black vinyl according to the onesheet.
  11. http://madoviashop.tictail.com/ 10% off everything with code FIRE 15% off orders over $99.99 with code FIREFIRE Ends 7/10 Lots of Import Black Metal Exclusive titles Trusted and Reliable
  12. PO SOON : Wear Your Wounds - WYW

    Thanks for the kind words!!
  13. http://madoviashop.tictail.com/ Lots of imports and exclusives Fast Safe and Friendly!! don't forget to click follow