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  1. Preorders up on Translation Loss as well. Variants look real nice! http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/this-patch-of-sky-this-patch-of-sky-2xlp-preorder
  2. Rhian Sheehan's new record up for preorder! Shipping from NZ is brutal, but sure as hell cant pass this up. Hoping it wont be uber cinematic as his more subtle electronic pieces are what drew me to him in the first place. https://rhiansheehan.bandcamp.com/album/a-quiet-divide
  3. I would suggest checking out his EP 'A Stillness', which is my favorite work by him hands down.
  4. I dont recall seeing any information regarding this, but I randomly checked Erased Tapes and they now have non box-set black copies of 1+1=X for 30 pounds. Going to see if my local shop can snag me one. Also new Michael Price! https://www.erasedtapes.com/release/eratp112-michael-price-tender-symmetry
  5. Preorders up on Pelagic now. Featuring Sasha from Intronaut and mixed at God City. Reminds me of some of the slower stuff Cloudkicker put out. Variants are just white and clear.Enjoy! https://pelagicrecords.indiemerch.com/item/63102
  6. Nice! Excited to hear what they have in store. I still spin Communion frequently.
  7. EquinoxDesignLab


    My copy showed up today. Harmonic Tremors is the usual blueish/purple that you see from reusing wax, but Bird of Prey looks quite nice with a transparent amber smoke.
  8. New Alaskan Tapes up for PO. New tracks sound great so far. https://alaskantapes.bandcamp.com/album/you-were-always-an-island
  9. EquinoxDesignLab

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    Never knew how much I needed a gatefold 7 inch in my life. Even though my side B is 90% black, the overall presentation is amazing!
  10. EquinoxDesignLab

    (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    Likewise! Thanks again.
  11. EquinoxDesignLab

    PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    Really like that new track and everything else I have heard so far. Kinda getting some Rosetta vibes at times.
  12. Worked like a charm. Thanks!
  13. Having a hell of a time checking out. Cannot retrieve rates from USPS. ARG!
  14. EquinoxDesignLab

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    Yes! Snagged the one from BM.
  15. Yep I heard back from them this morning as well with the same instructions. Super happy they are sorting this out. Wonder how many copies of the /100 they actually have?