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  1. EquinoxDesignLab

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Remasters of Krallice's first 4 albums up at Gilead. https://gileadmedia.net/collections/pre-orders
  2. EquinoxDesignLab

    (PO - 10/26) Blankenberge - Radiogaze

    Repress is up! https://athousandarms.store/collections/elusivesound/products/blankenberge-radiogaze-2xlp
  3. EquinoxDesignLab

    Show Us Your Entire Collection (links only please, no photos)

    Mostly up to date https://www.discogs.com/user/EquinoxDesignLab/collection/covers?sort_by=artists_sort
  4. EquinoxDesignLab

    (PO - 10/26) Blankenberge - Radiogaze

    I will just go with the standard via A1kA.
  5. EquinoxDesignLab

    (PO - 10/26) Blankenberge - Radiogaze

    Definitely interested in hopping on the group buy as well!
  6. EquinoxDesignLab

    PO (soon) Glasir - New Dark Age

    Yes sir! Do you know the price breakdown yet? Both variants look pretty cool.
  7. Really digging Cascade and Provoke. Production is still wack but I am liking this quite a bit more than PT.1. Went with clear to keep it cohesive.
  8. Clear came two days ago and had a chance to listen to it yesterday. The production still irks me greatly and ironically enough, the last track almost sounds the most polished. Quite a bit of surface noise as well, but hey they threw in a Christie Front Drive LP and a bunch of magic bullet stickers haha. I am sure it will grow on me, but I just never felt very engaged.
  9. I think it will be interesting to hear how the addition of electronics fit in to this record. If only we could get another World's End Girlfriend collabo! While they do get tiresome and predictable at times, all of that melts away during their live shows. Pelagic variants look nice, but will probably just go with TRR.
  10. Guess no 3xLP? Went with blue. Hot damn I spent a little too much this weekend and this only hurts more, but hurts so good!
  11. Mixed color description is setting off many alarms in my head right now. Curious to see what the other variants will be.
  12. Damn that new song is a ripper! Went with DW but will most likely pick up the tour variant as well.
  13. The past few weeks have been brutal on me in terms of pre-orders, but no way I can miss this. I have seen them (and Gaza for that matter) more times than any other heavy band in recent memory. They put on a hell of a show!