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  1. Thanks for posting this! Reminds me a lot of Long Beard.
  2. Ulrich Schnauss' first 3 records reissues are up for preorder. Hoping these get a US distro https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/ulrich-schnauss/far-away-trains-passing-by https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/ulrich-schnauss/a-strangely-isolated-place-ba9b1b89-7fc8-4a5c-a5dd-d7da11015dc4 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/ulrich-schnauss/goodbye
  3. I actually just picked up a copy from Discogs from Richard himself!
  4. Got my copy from BM on Friday. Seeing it up close, I am reminded at how hilarious the front cover is. Waiting for the GF to get home to finally spin.
  5. Ships mid march pinwheel already sold out http://dogknightsproductions.limitedrun.com/products/663078-dk139-chinese-football-self-titled-2x12-lp-pinwheel-200-splatter-300-white-black-500 Came out to $45 for me, but could not resist
  6. I missed this every time it was put up. I am not even sure if its made its way out yet, but if you have a copy you are looking to offload, please message me!
  7. Out May 15th. Saddle Creek exclusive tri color limited to 250 https://saddle-creek.com/products/indistinct-conversations?variant=31449826885696 Very much enjoy the new track
  8. Picked up the bundle and Akhlys. Its was actually cheaper for me to order via the EU webshop than US
  9. Damn just got an email from BM saying they lost the last box of the splatter lol...
  10. Do you happen to know if the repress of Lose Yourself could be included in the group buy as well? I am leaning more towards the /150 variant of Earth Cult, so it would make sense for me to get both from A1KA,