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  1. Been awhile, guys! Shigeto officially releases tomorrow, and most of you should have received the record by now. The last of our orders have shipped out today. Big thanks for all the support that you guys have given us, it's always great to see the community show out. Kllo releases 10/20, which is next up on the docket. However, I wanted to whet your guys' collective appetite for a truly beautiful release we've been lucky enough to get our hands on. Patricia - Autotomy This one came from the good folks over at Sleeperhold Publications in Belgium, and we've got a handful of the worldwide total pressing of 350. Physical only, no digital format (i.e. download card). One-sided LP, the A-side contains music and the B-side contains an artist etching by Louis Reith. Shipping now! (Stocked in US Store only)
  2. We don't typically release this info as they're represses rather than OG, which were limited in both variants ( similar to represses of Dive, No Better Time Than Now, In Decay). Purple is out of press, though, and no more are being made as of this moment.
  3. The fun never stops. PGS-002. Zachary Saginaw & Bill Spencer. Physical only, ships tomorrow. https://goo.gl/dJYYPY
  4. Onward folks! Derek is gonna whip this up on the front page, but wanted to get you guys looped in as well. Shigeto's latest 2xLP, The New Monday, is out now for pre-order. This is stocked in both US and Int'l shops as well. Grab that here. 2xLP standard weight vinyl housed in gatefold jacket with purple foil backing Limited edition splatter vinyl is limited to 1500 units worldwide CD is inserted in to a 4-panel digipak Pics:
  5. FYI, International shop has a small handful of Purple left (which anyone can cop, regardless of where you are in the world). Both shops have some Black Repress left as well. Thanks all for the massive outpouring of support, it's been a crazy couple of days!
  6. Hmm, definitely weird. It was $18 at the Brooklyn gig as I recall...strange for sure!
  7. Tour pricing + co-release, so it's bad form to sell for a different pricepoint after the fact.
  8. Sorry about that, just broke the page up and we've now got a separate page for international (so shipping doesn't burden you lot as much!) https://www.theghostlystore.com/products/pre-order-cyanide-sisters-repress-international
  9. Hehe, we're up now folks. Pardon my radio silence until now Cyanide in Purple and Black and the Com/Clark tour-split 12".
  10. I'm a bit late, but big thanks once again to @Derek™! Thread looks great. Up next: Kllo's debut album Backwater Pre-Order! Release: October 20th, 2017 Formats: - 1000 2x Limited Edition Grey LP - 2xLP (standard) - CD -WAV/MP3 Downloads Listen to the single "Virtue" below:
  11. Hey guys, Just a heads up, In Decay is now shipping! If you've got an order containing Iteration and In Decay, these will go out today and tomorrow. In other news, Matt Dear just dropped a brand new single, "Modafinil Blues."
  12. That would be awesome! Yeah, I'll shoot you a PM with some more details now.
  13. We've just announced Patricia's latest project, Several Shades Of The Same Color, for pre-order on The Ghostly Store and Bandcamp! This is a Spectral Sound release, and is available as a 3xLP Bundle, individual LPs (SPC-138-1, SPC-138-2, & SPC-138-3), WAV, and MP3 downloads. Vinyl Details: 12" standard weight black vinyl Each record is inserted into one of three different 2-panel jackets with a reverse finish Artwork by Molly Smith This one is available in both US/Int'l stores. Grab your pre-order via Ghostly or Bandcamp.