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  1. You can absolutely film it and contact your local law enforcement agency and demand they assist you in making a citizens arrest. Most likely they will try and talk you out of it and say they will go talk to them. You don't even need the film but evidence is a great way to deter being sued later on. Unfortunately because they are commiting misdemeanors there isn't much the police can do without witnessing it.

    Just put in an order. Good deals and I am really digging dialysis.
  3. Recent purchases

    Just bought Cadillac tramps driving 7" in blue, trying to get them all and it has been a pain in the ass.
  4. I am trying to track down a 1995 think Dan drehobl deck with the pink and blue bunny on it if anyone has one they may want to sell.
  5. That skid row album was one of my favorites as a kid. I still ha e the tape so I have to buy that.
  6. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    That ringworm is the only one I would have wanted.
  7. Monterey CA store?

    That's the vibe I was getting from looking online. There were a few punk bands from the area in the mid to late 90s I was into. Thought I may find something?
  8. The double lp has 20 more on it, same price. All of it is wallfisch stuff too.
  9. It sounds like IT had a great soundtrack but they aren't doing a release with anything other than the Benjamin wallfisch stuff.
  10. I am heading to Monterey tomorrow for two days and would like to check a shop or two out. I googled and searched here with few results (I suck at the internet). I like punk and hardcore a lot and everything else a little. Any recommendations and an idea of what they tend to have in stock? Thanks in advance.
  11. Yes. He quit out if nowhere in the middle of a tour. Just announced it in night in stage. The rest of the band had no idea.
  12. That kid dynamite would have been awesome to own and I would buy the firme for that price in a second. I just saw vgs two weeks ago after Frank left the band. It's just not the same. Wishing you much success.
  13. Oops, I meant $5. Thanks for the info. The rock is actually all really good stuff minus a couple so I am keeping most of it. The dj stuff is all garbage minus a couple. I knew I would be getting pennies on the dollar I just don't want to deal with selling it. I drive into the city every now and then to go record shopping so thought maybe I could dump them there. I'll give Craigslist a try first. It just doesn't seem like I will reach a big enough audience to find people that want these. I thought about posting them here but I have a feeling I wouldn't sell a single one of them.
  14. Probably not the best spot but I didn't want to start a new thread. I was just given about 350 records that were found in two different abandoned storage lockers. Half are 80s dance and hip hop singles and the other half are classic and psych rock from the 60S. Very happy to find first pressing of the seeds first two albums in there. I am excited about that half but the dj stuff not so much. I am still going to check values because I found one that's been selling on discogs for around $75 but the majority are $1-$2. I won't list and ship anything for under $50 so I am guessing I will bring them to a record store. Any idea what store in the CA Bay Area would be best and if they will price individually or just offer a bulk price.