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  1. I have a buddy who has been looking for a deal on in sound for about two years now. He finally picked it up for $50 two months ago. I am stoked so many albums are being repressed but it makes it hard to pull the trigger on anything expensive that even has a chance of being repressed.
  2. I saw them a few months ago. I would have bought this if it was prime.
  3. Ignite-a place called home. $9.98
  4. Sounds like a pain for me to sign up since I am newer. Plus I don't have a trade list because I pretty much have what I want. Reach out if someone gets screwed over and I will help out getting them set up.
  5. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    You must have got the last Sunday ra. I got the white buffalo for $12. Thanks for posting.
  6. That is a really good soundtrack too. I won't be buying it but a lot of great songs on it.
  7. I clicked on your link and was in the process of buying it when it asked if I wanted gift wrap. I looked closer and they had me buying it as a gift and shipping to you.
  8. I don't think so. Most of those deals come and go super quick.
  9. I got the RATM and missed the massive attack.
  10. You can absolutely film it and contact your local law enforcement agency and demand they assist you in making a citizens arrest. Most likely they will try and talk you out of it and say they will go talk to them. You don't even need the film but evidence is a great way to deter being sued later on. Unfortunately because they are commiting misdemeanors there isn't much the police can do without witnessing it.

    Just put in an order. Good deals and I am really digging dialysis.
  12. Recent purchases

    Just bought Cadillac tramps driving 7" in blue, trying to get them all and it has been a pain in the ass.