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  1. Agreetodisagree on this forum ripped off four members and will not respoND to messages. He logs on every day but no response. Originally he told me three times he was sending them out the next day but it has now been weeks with no communication. An administrator was informed but nothing really came of that. The guy has a lot of positive feedback and was making good on all the deals in his last sale thread until the last four. He told me he didn't have the money to ship my records in his first message after being paid. I figured right then the guy was broke and this would be the eventual outcome.
  2. I hear you but my problem is bigger than him. The guy basically screwed over four people. I am the only one that left feedback and if I hadn't he would still have 100% positive feedback. An admin was notified and at this point I think it's fairly obvious the guy isn't going to make it right yet he is still allowed to log in everyday. Hopefully after two months go by action is taken but until then I will assume what he did is no big deal here.
  3. I sent mine as a gift. I buy and sell stuff on a few other forums and have never had a problem. It really bums me out too because it looks like he won't get banned and I am sure eventually he will do it again. I was referred to this site by another member and this was the first purchase i made. I really have no intention of buying here again after this. I just want him banned and I will be done. It drives me crazy he is allowed to stay after this.
  4. Will a PayPal claim get your money back if the guy has no money in his bank account?
  5. I doubt this guy gets banned so I went ahead and left negative feedback. I would encourage everyone else to leave accurate feedback as well.
  6. I would be worried about the guy if he wasn't logging in everyday. Whatever his issues are they aren't bad enough to keep him off these boards.
  7. He is still logging in everyday and I am sure reading the messages through his private email but not opening them here.
  8. Luckily you guys ordered before he decided to stop communicating or fulfilling his end of a bargain. I have been told twice he was shipping the records and once he was going to pay me back. Whatever his issue is it hasn't stopped him from regularly logging in.
  9. I think it was the last few people that purchased. Supposedly it will all be set right on Friday. I don't think he set out to cheat anyone. Looks like something came up and this just wasn't a priority.
  10. Well it looks like he got at least three of us. Well it looks like he got at least three of us.