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  1. Banquet emailed informing me they were waiting on the next batch of bill evans to arrive to ship mine out. Seems unlikely I will be getting that record.
  2. Hopefully the people it was delivered to send it back. Do you have anyone that can check with them? I always pick my stuff up from them in store but I just checked and my PayPal address is 7 years old.
  3. Just got the same on my bill evans. Very annoying since I missed out on getting it now because it took them almost a week to inform me.
  4. I have a shitload of quality kickboxing (Muay Thai)shirts from six deuce that i would be willing to trade. A few bjj, sambo and stupid Dana white shirts as well. All quality shirts that originally sold for $25 each. Pm if interested or if you have questions. I am not looking for anywhere near $25 each in value. Or if you just want one pay shipping and I will probably send it as long as it isn't too may people (doubt it would be) asking.
  5. So it obviously is an awesome record store.
  6. For later
  7. I like it. It seems more like a promo for fingerprints though. It definitely makes me want to stop by there.
  8. Just got a lead belly record in a gigantic box with one of those big pieces of bubble wrap that did nothing to protect the record. I have 2 more in my queue that are pre orders. So frustrating
  9. Got back in town yesterday and had a copy of the claypool Lennon delirium waiting for me. I avoided listening to the songs and was very happy with my purchase. I spent way too much on rsd purchases and got everything I wanted. The claypool Lennon is my favorite but the crushed Butler album is a close second.
  10. I like punk rock and bjj. No social media and just got back into vinyl after having entire 300-400 piece collection stolen when I was 20. I also like really stupid movies.
  11. Sf 1234 go and thrill house are my favorites but I really like punk rock. Rs94109 is a bit different but worth checking out.