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  1. Maybe it just made him think of it. Or maybe he really is a...nevermind.
  2. Well, if I ever make it across the country!
  3. Will you be doing mail order?
  4. Later for give up the ghost and dead milkmen
  5. Not exactly what they told me. I received confirmation then an email telling me they were way behind. I emailed and asked if they actually had my record in stock (bill evans trio) and they stated they were waiting on an additional shipment. Doubt I will see that record.
  6. Got bored and did just this yesterday. Picked up a couple records at amoeba, grabbed a Pliny, then a potato pesto for the walk to Bart. That thing was loaded with garlic. Great slice. My only let down was how many tabs amoeba has with no records from that artist. I got excited a few times thinking I found something I had been looking for.
  7. I love smugglers cove. And thanks for posting the record swap info.
  8. My favorites are thrill house and 1234 go but I ha e really been wanting to check out originals vinyl.
  9. Banquet emailed informing me they were waiting on the next batch of bill evans to arrive to ship mine out. Seems unlikely I will be getting that record.
  10. Hopefully the people it was delivered to send it back. Do you have anyone that can check with them? I always pick my stuff up from them in store but I just checked and my PayPal address is 7 years old.
  11. Just got the same on my bill evans. Very annoying since I missed out on getting it now because it took them almost a week to inform me.
  12. I have a shitload of quality kickboxing (Muay Thai)shirts from six deuce that i would be willing to trade. A few bjj, sambo and stupid Dana white shirts as well. All quality shirts that originally sold for $25 each. Pm if interested or if you have questions. I am not looking for anywhere near $25 each in value. Or if you just want one pay shipping and I will probably send it as long as it isn't too may people (doubt it would be) asking.