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  1. Are you willing to let go Miniature Tigers - Tell It To The Volcano?
  2. That Back To The Future boxset would be amazing to own. Come Friday, I might be snatching that up!
  3. As the title states, I am looking for anything Everclear. I know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of So Much For The Afterglow. I have waited to pull the trigger on that album on Amazon but because of the horror stories i've read and seen here recently, I want to avoid that. I want to see if someone has any version of: So Much For The Afterglow(RM, Blue, Original) Sparkle and Fade(Original, RM) Or, any 7" of theirs you'd want to get rid of. I appreciate all your help.
  4. I think my refresh button on my keyboard is turning white. Gmail is so slow!
  5. This has to be my favorite song now. On repeat. Rag'n'Bone Man has such a great voice. His LP was not a let down.
  6. Just signed up a few minutes ago. Good to go!
  7. I wont listen that much either until another one comes out but, it is a nice sneak peak of whats to come. Not complaining at all.
  8. I am on the waitlist for an opening and they said they are now sending out openings very slowly. Which is not a big deal because I am patient. Email also said that they have more presses of DD coming through. Doesn't interest me but just an update for anyone on the waitlist. I know they should be opening up Thursday night. Once I get it, i'll be getting a 3 month. More excited for Tidal than anything.
  9. Wish it was Friday. Good price on Caravans. What pressing is that?
  10. Not much description but do you think its the one with the 54 page art book. Cloth bound? Price would make me believe it is. This makes me think that other trustworthy sites would have the deluxe versions back up on theirs soon.
  11. This may be a stupid question but since all the Deluxe versions were all pulled, the U.K. Site has some available now and I want to order through them. I'm in the states of course. Hasn't anyone in the states pre ordered from the U.K. site? How do you feel about it? I know it may take a while to get here but, I think it'll be a chance I want to take.
  12. Strange that SRCVinyl still has the deluxe up for sale. If it's still there tonight, I'll take a stab ordering it there. Anyone else confirm?
  13. I do not know if this matters to anyone but, IndieVinylDen(One of my favorite sites) has the standard and deluxe(Not box set) up for sale. Edit - Now gone.