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  1. Verified the vinyl was well packaged and sounds great. Awesome seller.
  2. Nope, No trouble. He works A LOT from what I gather from his conversations and replies at night(for me). Records showed up at my door today. Just haven’t been home to check.
  3. Project Debut Carbon/my whole collection

    If you ever decide on to sell and ship, let me know and I will help you you.
  4. Hey! Reopened my discogs store.

    Good collection. I started following you a while back. Been contemplating that P.S. Eliot album for a while.
  5. Pick your price sale

    Is that copy of Know By Heart the 2014 or 2011?
  6. B2G1 Free or 20% off single items

    I would love to grab that HDA from you. I am fundless right now. Someone should get that Quilt album. Surprisingly good.
  7. WTB: Mariah Carey

    Hey guys. Im back once again looking for specific albums. I know the ones I’m always in search of are kind of oddities but, I would rather try the community before giving money to people I don’t trust that much on Discogs. You guys have never steered me wrong before. Im looking for her titles: Music Box The Emancipation Of Mimi I didn’t know if any of you had one that you didn’t want. Thanks for looking.
  8. Would you do 40+ shipping for Manchester and Emery? Kind of fond of the Emery release because I was mad they named themselves by my real name and they are much more awesome than I am.
  9. Hey again! I have another singular record for sale. I have Father John Misty’s I Love You Honeybee. The story behind this is that my fiancée had bought me a copy for our two year anniversary. I had bought an over priced copy to have extra just in case something happened to the copy she got me. The problem is that it sat in shelving for almost two years in the original PVC sleeve which created some splotches of gas on the vinyl. It doesn’t effect playback and to be honest, it plays clearer than the one she bought me. Because of the condition, I want to let this go for $45 shipped. I think it’s a fair price but, is negotiable. I have pictures of it upon request. Enjoy
  10. Do you have Fever In Fever Out from Luscious Jackson by any chance? I would pick that up from you really quick.

    Messaged you, friend.
  12. For Sale: Lil Uzi Vert

    Hey! Back again to get rid of another good record. I have a sealed copy from RSD. #123 Pictures available upon request. Not that it's not a good album. Just already have one that was gifted to me. $40+$3 shipping Thanks!
  13. Looking For: A few records.

    Yes. Before I took them up on some of those offers, I want to see if anyone in the community had one. I like dealing with the people here. You know?