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  1. Their first EP was amazing and it's been downhill since then.
  2. Old Canes "Shapeshifter" Kickstarter

    I case anyone forgot this, or 9/11... never forget.
  3. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Since they've gotten together enough to sell merchandise outside of SST a few years ago, I wouldn't think getting Greg to give them back their records would be out of the question. I mean, J and Lou from Dinosaur disliked each other as much as Bob and Grant (if not more so) and look at them now.
  4. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    This release is a clusterfuck. Why so many colors? Why a separate version with the 7"? Dumb. Regarding SST; Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr were able to get their catalog away from Greg Ginn's greedy hands, so I assume Husker Du would be able to do the same thing.
  5. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    So, I'm the only one on here who thinks the new song is pretty much a yawn? It sounds like a boring Rival Schools song that doesn't go anywhere. It feels so excrementable.
  6. Prices include shipping and PP in the domestic US. Sun Kil Moon "Ghosts Of The Great Highway" - $SOLD Sun Kil Moon "April" (white) - $175 Sun Kil Moon "Benji" (blue/sealed) $75 Buy 'em quick before I change my mind.
  7. What I would do is sell the broken one. People will usually pay about a quarter of the new price because there are a lot of DYI guys out there. Then buy something new. I like the Denon line. I currently have a Denon DL-301 MKII and it's pretty good. You'll need a MC phono stage, though.
  8. Trying to clear some space on the media shelf. Orders over $10 get free shipping. Studio Ghibli : Pom Poko $10 Whisper Heart $10 Disney: Great Mouse Detective $10 Home On The Range $5 Invincible $4 Sky High $4 Other Kids Movies: Astroboy $4 Happy Feet $4 Hotel For Dogs $5 The Pirates: Bands Of Misfits $4 Rango $5 Tale of Despereaux $4 Music: Michael Jackson's This Is It $5 Salad Days: A Decade of Punk In Washington, DC $10 Misc: Braveheart $10 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition) $15 Forgetting Sarah Marshall $4 Fountain (Darren Aronofsky) $5 Kingdom of Heaven (sealed) $5 Ninja Assassin (sealed) $5 Red $5 Speed Racer $5 Spiderman 3 $5 Tropic Thunder $4 Wedding Crashers $5
  9. I got mine today. I'm not normally one to complain, but Bullmoose did a shitty job of packaging mine. It was just floating around a box that was too big for it and the one corner got dinged.
  10. I picked up the box set, mainly for the "Superstar Car Wash", but at some point over time, my copy of "Jed" went missing as well. I compared the reissues of the first LP and "Hold Me Up" to the originals (my copy of HMU was the UK pressing) and the new pressings sound great. Almost no difference in sonic quality.
  11. I owned a record store for 10 years. We used to order direct from No Idea all the time. I always got a kick out of getting a handwritten invoice in the No Idea "font", AKA Var's handwriting. I would also marvel at the fact that Var sold his records and CD's for retail what other labels sold them for wholesale. When we finally moved on, it's unimaginably painful. Like the death of a spouse. Sometimes , I would regret ever doing it, since the only thing to show for the decade of work was debt and emotional pain. I still have dreams, 10 years later, about working at the store. I always wake up bummed.
  12. I got my ship notification last night. It's still annoying since they've had them long enough to send them to distributors and to have those distributors to send them to record stores by yesterday.
  13. Geez, that's quite the post and the ordeal you seem to have been through. My number one recommendation would be to find a local stereo shop to work on your turntable in the future. Shipping it around almost invites a nightmare scenario like you've experienced. The fact the pops and noise change on each play seems to rule out physical damage to the record and more likely indicative of static buildup. I guess it could be a tracking issue. You can go up to 2 grams of tracking force with the Red. They recommend 1.8, which is a hair higher than where you are. That may help, it may not. The 2M Red isn't known for its great tracking. The Blue is supposed to track better. Next time you replace the stylus, you can try buying the Blue stylus instead.
  14. I'm glad I pre-ordered this to have it be in stores but I haven't even received a ship notification.
  15. Bluetooth Speaker Set-Up Help

    Bluetooth audio has been, historically, horrible. It has gotten better, but you need to really look into what you're buying to know, and it's confusing.