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  1. One of the best shows I've ever seen was Converge in front of 25 people. Couldn't believe the sad turnout but it was in a college town and school was out. Converge was flawless.
  2. Record Store Day 2017

    Hay thanks man. Let me know and I can send you money. Hey thanks man. Let me know and I can send you money.
  3. Record Store Day 2017

    I knew before all this started that I wouldnt get the Jason Isbell and that it would have a dumb secondary market price. Good god I was right.
  4. Record Store Day 2017

    Pretty much only looking for SDRE if someone sees it. It seems like everyone is looking for it though.
  5. Killing Time Reissue PO

    This is high on my list of exciting things this year.
  6. ALL - Pummel reissue

    Button it is one of my favorite ALL songs.
  7. Samhain "Inituium" LPs on Ebay

    I think I have the most expensive pressing on discogs but Im way too stupid to figure out pressings.
  8. I own all of this stuff but I still kind of want this pressing.
  9. All that happened was a little crease in the bottom middle.
  10. Wouldn't punk rock be the right answer