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You know, we ARE in the last spot and we WILL go to the playoffs...(barring crazy collapse)...but we'll get knocked out in the first round.


It's frustrating because the Blues never build properly.


2002 and 2016...history repeated.


Lost the goalie that took the team to the Conference Finals. Lost the heart and soul of the team. I can go on.


Wait..I think we went to the second round the year after the last one...well...we'll see.

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I actually like how the Blues are structured. Barbashev coming up has been great, they're really missing Fabbri who has been phenomenal. Jaskin is solid depth and Parayko has made losing Shattenkirk not nearly the problem it looked like it was going to be two years ago. My only problem with the team is I've never understood the blind devotion to Jake Allen. I just don't see what the the team sees in the guy. He's been with the big team for three years now and never impressed. 


This will be the first year in my life there hasn't been Red Wings playoff hockey. 

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Thanks for the Fabbri bit. I've been wondering if we've overvalued him here in STL. I mean, I have no idea.


Barbs seems like he's matured nicely in Chicago and looking ready for a full time opportunity. He and Magnus Paajarvi (sp I'm sure) have made both Lehtera and Jaskin expendable, but Lehtera is now getting paid big(ish) dollars for the next four we're probably stuck with him.


As for Allen...yeah...we've been wondering about that down here too...but he's at about the age where Elliott starting putting it together for us. Since he's been working with Broduer instead of Jim Corsi, we've seen a big change in his fundamentals. Jake's always had good streaks of play, but he's never had strong fundamentals.


He's the kind of player who's always had enough talent to get by on talent alone, till the NHL that now he has to work...

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