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  1. I bought the evil greed /300 because it was $45 USD to ship the LP to Canada. So 65 USD which is like $90 for me.
  2. lol i had a /300 green and yellow in my cart and shipping was $45 to canada so i didnt buy it. by like 10:02 my time it was sold out.
  3. Thanks everyone. Just grabbed a copy on my lunch break and it looks beautiful.
  4. Hey everyone - without digging through this entire thread, are there any nice colour variants still available for this? If not I’ll probably just grab it from my local shop. Thanks in advance.
  5. Pretty sure emo is a gang was a shitty greg/twiabp joke from like 2013 also fuck moose blood
  6. This album slaps. Also, is Shitty Rambo still a mod here? He must have added me on Facebook at some point, kind of like how my senile grandma just adds random people they don’t know too well. Is he a closet homophobe, or is he a piece of shit here too? This edgy status popped up on my news feed and got me thinking about this place: “I have 3 daughters, but I'm hopeful one of them will have a son I can take shooting/ fishing when they're older. Of course, I'm assuming being a heterosexual male in California will still be legal by then. You never know with this state.” The small talk thread must be gone, so I had to find a thread for an album I’ve been really into recently so I could at least be somewhat on topic.
  7. K the ending of the pecan tree is the best thing they have ever done though let’s be honest
  8. remember right after sunbather came out and the album art was used for the iphone colour release?
  9. Just realized I can see the "casino" from 2:47 in the "berlin got blurry" music video from my apartment window where I'm currently living...........so that's cool. Anyway, I can't see anything topping this for my AOTY. Best Parquet Courts album to date. Seeing them next Wednesday and I'm EXXCIIITEDDDD.
  10. I’m not too worried. I know shipping costs have gotten crazy, and our dollar being shit on top of that just makes things worse. I’ve just accepted that i can only go for specific variants for a handful of records each year. What do you mean by fixing it though? I’m curious. Thanks! And yes, it is cheaper to order from EU stores sometimes. Didn’t even check for this one though. Saw the clear from DW and bought it ASAP.
  11. Grabbed the clear from Deathwish. There is a very small amount of bands who will always warrant a blind pre-order for me, even when it costs $54 shipped...but holy shit that stings.
  12. That's awesome, I'm jealous. Can't wait to get my BIG CLOUD variant. Glad to hear the packaging is great.
  13. Pre Order: https://tracemountains.bandcamp.com/album/a-partner-to-lean-on Stream: https://noisey.vice.com/en_ca/article/kzxwy3/trace-mountains-interview-a-partner-to-lean-on-stream
  14. i think this band has always been hugely underrated. i'm surprised they never really gained any traction outside the hopeless records type of fan. the new song ghosts is great.
  15. wow. ya fuck this band big time now. hopefully people take notice of their shitty treatment of a member's mental health (the fucking irony) and quit supporting them.
  16. I actually enjoyed both of the albums after this couch is long and full of friendship , but only if you ignore most of the cringe worthy lyrics.
  17. Stopped by today and they didn't have it. My mistake, it may have been over a year since I last saw it. I just know I have gone there so many times and seen it. It was where I bought my copy.