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  1. I'm glad I checked this thread. I've been waiting a while for a repress of this. Thanks!
  2. I grabbed the Brain Dead and the Dark Medicine exclusives. I love both singles so far.
  3. https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/713098-anxious-little-green-house https://wearebraindead.com/collections/all/products/anxious-little-green-house-alternate-vinyl-sleeve-orange https://darkmedicine.com/collections/anxious https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/anxious-little-green-house-limited-edition-bone-inside-green-lp-only-300-made
  4. “Possibly if there is enough interest” from the band
  5. what the fuckkkkk https://cerce.bandcamp.com/album/cowboy-music
  6. Just got my 90’s bundle. The gold variant of In Place of Real Insight is by far the best looking gold record I have ever seen. It’s beautiful.
  7. Oh ya, the new One Step Closer album is out today on RFC. Basically HH/Defeater worship, but I'm into it.
  8. Grabbed the /100 splatter earlier. Looks to be sold out now. This band reminds me of old Ceremony.
  9. I’m super excited to get the 90’s bundle but plsssss get the rights to the other three full lengths. I imagine they’re trying but someone had mentioned that they were on a different label, so who knows. (forgot this was a karate thread. I’m talking about Seam)
  10. I’m assuming everyone got this email, but if not: Hi All, we were hoping it wouldn't come to this but figured best to give a shipping update for the Karate Records / 90s Bundle / etc... This year has been really tough one on the global vinyl supply chain. Supply shortages, labor shortages, raw material shortages, long lead times and even longer to replace damaged parts / products, covid related quarantine shutdowns, manufacturing capacity shortages and increased competition, global shipping hiccups, machines breaking and lack of replacement parts / labor, etc... Anyways, it's been a tough one but we are pretty confident that all the orders should go out this week. We have shipping confirmation on what is hopefully the last pieces of the various 90s Bundles arriving at HQ within the next couple of days. We are hoping everything checks in with the correct quantity and in good condition and then we can get them out the door. Sincerest thanks from the whole crew at Numero Group. As music and vinyl lovers ourselves, we know how much a delay really blows. Good news is that things on the global scale are looking to be much smoother for all the upcoming projects!
  11. Stratosphere is back up on black. https://numerogroup.com/products/duster-stratosphere?variant=40637269606598
  12. i've somehow managed to miss every single cool drop to go along with this record. rip.
  13. I guess we’ve waited 8 years so I probably shouldn’t be complaining over the timing of the summer release. Lmao
  14. God I love this band. I just wish the record would have come out in June.
  15. it’s fun to get excited about music and talk about it

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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