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  1. I stumbled across this band through some random internet avenues and I can't get their new EP out of my head. I don't normally listen to pop music so I don't have any good comparisons. But check them out: https://babasonya.bandcamp.com/album/nadila-2
  2. Hey VCers, My first novel - Dead Cats and Other Reflections on Parenthood - was published this week. You can pick it up on Amazon here Here is the description: Joel Peterson's rock bottom is deeper and darker than he ever imagined, but with the help of the ghost of Kurt Cobain he hatches a plan to capture the attention of his estranged family and reclaim his life. Dead Cats and Other Reflections on Parenthood is a dark comedy that tracks the downward spiral of Peterson, a once successful dentist and proud member of the upper middle-class as he falls into a spiral of drugs and vanity. When a car crash leaves him battered and homeless, he finds comfort in the restless lost soul of Cobain. Together, the two cut a path across southern Maine, chasing the meaning in their lives, desperately trying to be the men they expected to become I've had some positive reviews and DCORP, as an unpublished manuscript reached the semifinals of the 2017 Booklife Prize: Publisher's Weekly Review I am going to start an advertising campaign but first I would like to have some reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. If the book looks interesting to any of you, I would appreciate the support. Thanks, Jesse
  3. What is your favorite obscure(ish) Petty song?
  4. Not to dredge this horrible topic back up, but to do exactly that, this threatening to nuke North Korea game that he and Mattis are playing is disgusting. This sort of rhetoric is awful and this is pretty much the worst case scenario of a Trump presidency, playing out only 6 months into his term. I'm sure someone has some awesome meme about how Trump kills North Koreans using the tears of liberals or something else so fucking sweet.
  5. Totally and i believe I said as much above. I just didn't know I had walked into a pizza-gate thing.
  6. Its possible to dislike both. Not everything is a black and white hypocrisy. Two thoughts can exist at the same time. As a conservative, should I ask you to defend Bush? Should I assume that you are an imperialist war-mongerer(sp?)? Go ahead, dig that hole.
  7. How is being offended by everything that Trump stands for somehow the same as supporting Bill Clinton. I didn't vote for Bill Clinton. I don't support Bill Clinton. I also voted for Hillary only because she was clearly the lesser of two evils. Obama did some extremely shitty/shady things as president. His justice apartment spied on AP journalists, he failed to get us out of a war he inherited, patriots like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden have been treated horribly, etc. Presidents always do shitty things, the nature of the job demands it, to some degree. But to elect a hideous person like Trump into this office is too much and I am genuinely afraid that he will continue to strip away our freedoms - this shit with the election commission, bringing back the emphasis on mandatory minimum sentences for minor crimes, etc. And that says nothing of the temperament issue he has (undeniable). It's embarrassing that he's representing America to the world and I do not understand the compulsion to blindly defend him. Also everyone knows how impeachment goes, right? Hillary doesn't somehow become president if he gets the boot. This isn't an attack on conservatism (we can have that debate, if you want) it's an objection to this particular man. Tax cuts for the rich, healthcare, the environment - those are issues that can be debated, this guy as "leader of the free world"? Come on.
  8. Sorry, I posted this before but here it is again: https://theintercept.com/2017/04/06/top-democrats-are-wrong-trump-supporters-were-more-motivated-by-racism-than-economic-issues/ It seems like it's actually political science that race was the biggest factor for Trump voters. It's a tough thing to accept I guess, but there it is. Also not to quibble too much, but it's a little disingenuous to say the left lost "big," what with the whole popular vote thing.
  9. Yeah, so ... umm ... yeah. This is, well ... umm ... yeah, never mind.
  10. Yes, this seems suspect for sure. That MIT Prof. who was right the first time this happened has said it is highly unlikely that the canisters were dropped from planes. We may have been suckered.
  11. Those were campaign platforms. Trump is not a Republican, he's something else. Trump won because he tapped into a portion of the population that fed off the hate he was spewing: https://theintercept.com/2017/04/06/top-democrats-are-wrong-trump-supporters-were-more-motivated-by-racism-than-economic-issues/ Perhaps you voted for him for a different reason but you voted alongside the worst elements of society, enabling and legitimizing them. It's not a fun time to be an American.
  12. Actually, I think this is probably close to true. I don't see him as the master here at all. Doesn't mean he isn't culpable. I also don't think Russia rigged voting booths or any shit. I do think that Russia is engaged in world wide dis-information and election disruption on behalf of super right wing candidates. And they were probably in contact with Trump's underlings about those efforts.
  13. Umm....OK. I could list all of his associates proven ties but you clearly don't want to hear that. I could point out that numerous US and foreign intelligence agencies have apparently picked up communications between Trump and Russians going back to at least the summer, but those are probably just lies perpetuated by the extreme left. I could point to his business dealings and public statements about the Russian pre-campaign, but I'm sure those are just completely irrelevant. So, all I can do is agree with you. Trump is the best. Women are scum. The environment is the worst. Immigrants are scary (unless they're white and Christian). You win. Let's go find some place to bomb together. We could organize a google hangout or something and point to areas on maps and just...mmmm...well, you know.