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  1. DUde. Go to page 39 of your manual. Read "Reference Level" info. There is no need to buy a new receiver. You have one... Unless you want two different setups. READ THE MAUAL
  2. I have an Onkyo 7.2 receiver also. I had the same problem as you, where the volume through the aux input was WAY too low. It's actually fixable (In my case). My unit, SR-608, had "Intellivolume." This was an area wher all inputs were set at a relative "0" db, and you could change the 0 to +12 or -12 db. This feature is for setting all inputs to an equall listenning level, and not having to turn the volume way up or down every time you change source. Really i think it creates more of a problem than intelli anything. I also set turned all my speaker levels up a few dbs to make it even
  3. I forget where i bought my Project Debut III (Just before i found out the carbon was coming out...), but i thought the spindle/platter was bent/off center (Was fixed by resetting and realizing it was 3 records that i listen to alot that where kind of oval). But i called the store and he was more than helpful and contacted pro-ject for me, they were more than happy to help, but i fixed it myself. anyway, the point, The person at that store helping me said he stoped carrying pro-ject projects because he got so many calls about isses, with turntables, speed boxs, and pre amps. He did s
  4. I really like this. I plan on getting a second turntable too, and using a MC cartridge. So this is ideal to start out with, and i get to put my hands on skills to work. I wonder if i can still decipher those schematics and refresh enough knowledgs to updgrade some components?
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PINK-FLOYD-DARK-SIDE-CANADA-MEGA-RARE-CLEAR-VINYL-lp-custom-copy-UNIQUE-/170960060116?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item27ce037ed4 Wholly mackeral.
  6. Yeah, the turntable, 12" and 7." Not nearly as good as my turntable but it will make good in my spare room for sexy nights with the ladies under the sheets. Or a good Xmas gift. Im stoked though!
  7. This stuff is pretty awesome! I have a question. Do you have a picture of that sweet 45 adapter clock with #s? Are the #s cut from vinyl i take it? Please let me know as i am interested in that along with tsome other stuff. Thanks
  8. I was reading that about half the songs a all compressed, and this this should have been a 2xLP. I forget the details but it basically clips because it was recorded with the gain cranked up...
  9. If somone was smart they could have either bought them on the DL for their record store and or eBay store. You could really make a killing and charge decent prices. Just an off the wall thought. that's all
  10. I did some more research and the latest DSOTM was pressed in the US and somewhere foreighn. Lot's of complaints and issues from the US pressing. Scuffs, pops, etc... Hopefully i get a good DSOTM. I'm seeing nothing but rave reviews for WYWH, which is in accordance with my original assumptions.
  11. That was my bad. It was "sourced" from the orginal master tapes according to musicdirect. I was just recalling what i remembered reading. The Wish You Were Here repress is what got me on this repress kick of these. I would like to get original EMI pressings and compare. I'm just recently really getting into many records and sound quality. I agrea the mastering is more important, and i was implying that better quality record and better quality pressing usually go hand in hand. I have Meddle from EMI pressing that i found in my dad's collection. It is amazing how that sounds. So i can b
  12. That's about right. The "audiophile" and "180 gram" thing is becoming a bit of a marketing tool. THough most 180 gram pressingare i my opinion are better from my experience. It jueust seems to have a better, more full/ solid sound. Lighter vinyl can definetely suind pretty good too so it's not a deciding factor. I would also think that if a band / label were to press something on 180g (More money) they would be putting more effort in the actual mastering / editing. It also matters who mixes the the recording. Is it "Master from original analog tpape" and by whome. I don't know names o

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