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  1. I'd be curious to know how much you're looking to get for that Hopesfall EP.

    1. Holderofthejoel


      It’s an LP. I’m looking for 50 plus shipping. 

    2. monk0nuggets


      I'm interested, but you caught me at a bad time. If you still have it in a couple weeks I might nab it.

    3. JayDOOM


      Do you still have this Hopesfall EP available? 

  2. Looking to sell the following items: ZAO - Liberate te ex inferis (black smoke) Hopesfall - The frailty of words (orange) August burns red - Constellations (Red + Orange) Stretch Arm Strong - The rituals of life (red) Normajean - O God the aftermath (unopened) Normajean - Polar Similar Box set (417/500) Shoot me a PM if interested. Joel
  3. Taking offers on my trade list. Need some cash and thought I would give the board a shot before trying to put all of them on eBay. https://deadformat.net/collection/Holderofthejoel thanks
  4. Anyone have strongarm - advent of a miracle test press?
  5. Not looking for a specific variant. Thx