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  1. Holy shit I was just able to check out on one. Got an order confirmation too. If it gets canceled it’s whatever but damn. I wonder if they all went up at once or some were put up randomly. (Sorry if that’s been said (haven’t read the thread)).
  2. Lol got mine today beat to hell. Doubt they have extra jackets...guess I’ll live with it.
  3. Title says it all. Looking for the following OPN records: Replica (White 1st Press or Promo) Offering $60 for White and $70 for Promo. Garden of Delete (Silver /500) - Offering $120 Got cash or trades. HMU. Thanks VC
  4. Preorder ends Monday if you’re still on the fence. I’m still thinking on it....
  5. Track is called “The Great Dismal” and Nothing tweeted we will hear it soon.
  6. The original singer started a new band called Heavenward which sounds like old Teenage Wrist....because it is old Teenage Wrist.....the guitarist who's now the singer of TW plays guitar in Heavenward lol Makes no sense but the two Heavenward singles rule. This new TW single sucks. YIKES
  7. Yoo if anyone wants to sell me their Pinwheel /100 for $$$ HMU. Really want to grab another copy. Album is too good.
  8. Butterfly came out lame though lol but the record sounds incredible so it’s whatever
  9. One listen and I already know this is my favorite Nothing record. Reminds me most of “Downward Years to Come.” Loved every goddamn second.
  10. I mean with everyone involved and bands not being able to tour I thought this price was way cheap..... Playback is available for 2 days after which is sick since I work during half of it when it's live.
  11. NOTHING + FULL OF HELL LIVE STREAMING EVENT Some new merch and a Record Release Variant. Timer counts down in 20 mins. Wonder if that's right or not since it's supposed to be on sale in the morn.
  12. Lol at saying this is “weird”. All 3 tracks fucking rule. Love this new one especially.
  13. I super disagree with all of this. Not only is Josh a founding member, he hasn’t released anything really (bedsides maybe a single digitally) to be “profiting” from it. You said it yourself. Also this single sounds very TTA, and picks up right where “Immolate Yourself” left off. They (I say “they” because Cooper also wrote Immolate) haven’t sounded like they did during “FFE” in years. This new track captures the new direction they were going perfectly imo. The single is great and I’m super excited for this record.
  14. Anyone going to the record release tonight that can pick me up the record release cover LP? I’ll tip. HMU!
  15. Havent bought/collected in a while but this band is bringing me back. looking for: Time + Space (color) - Any besides white Move Thru Me: -300 Pink -500 Yellow (Deathwish Inc Exclusive) -Tour or Record Release Hit me up if you have any of the above. Cash ready. Down to trade too. Thanks!
  16. Ordered. Loved “I like it when you sleep” and all 3 of their new singles have been super solid. Can’t get enough of “Love it if we made it.”

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