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  1. I hate white vinyl myself, I loved tocs and it reminds me of my youth lmao but dtgl I never really could get into or anything after that. I didn't understand how they could get horrible so quickly.dtgl had a couple good songs though. Sure 40-45 price range would be better.
  2. I would buy a thought crushed my mind out of respect for blindside.
  3. Anyone have a update on this, doing my best to not miss it
  4. Travis, have you heard anything on as cities burn when it goes online or in stores?
  5. Glen was good at the beginning, but then he got some and became pretty boring...
  6. Any update in when this will be at hot topic. I cant miss out on this one again... will it be online or in store? Any news when?
  7. If your in a school near Chattanooga tn I'll hire you at dairy queen
  8. i dont understand why they press such a small amount of acb stuff, even though it sells out quick. i missed it, gotta have faith in hot topic now, not such a big deal cause id rather them press hell or high water or repress silyayd and why the double lp?? more $$???
  9. also noticed they have fit for a king vinyl 20percent off
  10. really wanting to get the fit for a king blue tie dye tank top size small says fit for a king american metalcore the tanks they have online are $18 (ill pay through paypal) ill give you $5 for helping me and pay the 3.50 shipping just pm me if able to

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