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  1. Yeah, I received word it was shipping on the 24th but it's still waiting for the shipping sticker to get printed or something according to FedEx? No idea what's going on.
  2. Yeah and now there are outrageous prices on ebay for it. Yay!
  3. Unless I'm crazy or their search engines are terrible, I'm not seeing any.
  4. I know this is a slim-to-no chance, but if anyone got the Vinyl Me Please edition and is looking to sell their copy, PM me.
  5. Ordered. The second track comes out on my birthday!
  6. I've heard worse but I've heard better. The vinyl feels a little flimsy.
  7. You guys realize that Visions was a pop album too, right? Pop music isn't synonymous with bad music.
  8. Yeah, glad I waited on this. Sounds great. Album was too good for a boot.
  9. I can't detect any issues either and my side 1 sounded amazing. (shrugs). And I love how long the sides are. I love being able to just drop the needle and listen. Especially since so many records these days have close to ten minute sides sometimes, which seems ridiculous.
  10. BullMoose emailed again and said this has been delayed until the 23rd. Not too bad. I'll wait it out. Album still too good for a boot.