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  1. anyone grab an extra splatter buffy? I have a halloween 5 test press i’ll trade for it. This was an important release to me and I'm gutted right now!
  2. yayyyyy thank you that last line in that post tho
  3. well I figured a bundle with the comics would have been a no brainer but....
  4. Canada and UK preorders are up. Coke bottle clear vinyl. Can't find US yet.
  5. No and i tried to also cancel and they never got back to me. Just checked my statements though and there was no charge on the day i preordered.
  6. https://www.roughtrade.com/music/survive-ea7eb01b-28fe-4d70-bd9d-900519ec71b8 rough trade exclusive /300
  7. 7" was cancelled =( . Would also love a pressing of the whole album. I saw her live and her voice is really great.
  8. i'm going crazy please someone send me info i need this
  9. I saw her at lana and loved it. Love both of them but i thought she was better than lana. Everyone's got different taste though.