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  1. We're offering up some mystery bundles to help benefit the ACLU and Planned Parenthood where you can get 4 LPs for $20 or 10 LPs at $40 from our catalog. Lots of different stuff here to check out if you're not familiar with our releases. http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/animal-style-records/products/animal-style-records-mystery-vinyl-box Adult Dude - Adult Moods Vinyl LPCourtesy Drop - Songs To Drive To; Cry, and Make Love To Vinyl LPCourtesy Drop - Stabilize Vinyl LPHalf Hearted Hero - Running Water Vinyl LPHalf Hearted Hero - Whatever Vinyl LPHeartless Breakers - The Great Give Back Vinyl LPHenrietta - The Trick Is Not Minding Vinyl LPHold Tight! - Blizzard of 96 Vinyl LPHold Tight! - Can't Take This Away Vinyl LPHome Movies - Hell Vinyl LPIndian School - The Cruelest Kind Vinyl LPKite Party - Come On Wandering Vinyl LPMaker - Mirrors Vinyl LPMixtapes - Maps & Companions Vinyl LPPillow Talk - What We Should Have Said Vinyl LPRaindance - New Blood Vinyl LPSave Your Breath - There Used To Be A Place For Us Vinyl LPWashington Square Park - Washington Square Park Vinyl LPWolves At Bay - I Was The Devil Once Vinyl LPWolves At Bay - Only A Mirror Vinyl LP
  2. Found some old friends and have them up in the store. http://animalstyle.limitedrun.com
  3. Full album is now streaming at Stereogum http://www.stereogum.com/1862003/band-to-watch-muncie-girls/franchises/band-to-watch/
  4. Muncie Girls new album From Caplan to Belsize is out next week and it's incredible. Pre-Order at http://animalstyle.limitedrun.com/ Respect Music Video - Gas Mark 4 Music Video - Balloon Music Video -
  5. Hello, it's been a while. New Animal Style webstore is up and running through Merch Connection with some records/colors that I thought were out of stock long ago. http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/animal-style-records
  6. Looking for Kind of Like Spitting if anyone can help out.
  7. Selling some stuff from Pelican, Murder City Devils, Red Sparowes, Doomriders, Oasis, Envy, Trap Them, Murder By Death, Dredg, and more! last day to bid - http://bit.ly/asrebay
  8. I'm selling some records on eBay. There are things from The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Fireworks, Fall Out Boy, Transit, Dads, NOFX, Lemuria, Bomb the Music Industry, and more... http://bit.ly/asrebay
  9. I don't get mine until Wednesday because life is hard. If I am not mistaken I Matt and I Animal Style.
  10. These are out and look really damn cool! Still available to order at https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7301/temporary
  11. Streaming in full today and records are shipping this week www.purevolume.com/news/PREMIERE-Stream-Henrietta-The-Trick-Is-Not-Minding
  12. Got another new song up today. One of my favorites from the record. www.underthegunreview.net/2014/08/07/utg-premiere-henrietta-leave-it-alone/
  13. Records are all done and in! Got some 210g black copies too - heavy as shit. Get yours at https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7285/the-trick-is-not-minding-lp
  14. Here's a new song off the record! http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=3704951
  15. You contacted us about an hour ago. You should receive a response back soon, please hold tight. Social media and message boards aren't the appropriate places to contact someone with an issue. I'm more than happy to resolve problems and things typically move along a lot faster to those who hit us up directly via email.
  16. I appreciate that. This above statement pretty much sums things up as well. With the mishaps from manufacturing I didn't want to put up my copies until they were all done and in hand. Interpunk had some of the blue copies. SRC has the clear / black copies.
  17. These are up now. $15 Clear/black copies are available at retail. Blue/black through the webstore. Both limited to 1000 each. https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7180/identity-crisis-lp
  18. Very excited to release Henrietta's The Trick Is Not Minding on August 26th. Pre-Order now at https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7285/the-trick-is-not-minding-lp /100 Orange/Yellow, /100 Opaque Blue, /100 210gram Black, /200 White • RIYL: Minus The Bear, From Indian Lakes, Circa Survive, Balance And Composure, Braid You can stream the first track, 2,000 Miles, now. https://soundcloud.com/animalstylerecords/henrietta-the-trick-is-not-8 Some bands slap themselves together in a reckless summer night; constructed with excitement and spontaneity and the sort of sweat that drips in cluttered basements, they are often appreciated more for their abandon than their magnitude. But then there are bands like Orlando, FL’s Henrietta, who somehow manage to bottle the sparkle of their inception and nurture it into something that burns both brighter and longer—an inferno compared to a firecracker. Henrietta is powerful because they chose to perfect their art, to kindle a forceful fire, rather than light the fuse and smile at the bang it made. Six years since the band’s inception, The Trick Is Not Minding is a debut full-length well worth the wait. The band has a summer tour upcoming with Echo Base. Dates listed below. Henrietta / Echo Base Summer Tour ———————————————————————————————————————— AUG 02: Dothan, Alabama @ The Shed AUG 03: Memphis, Tennessee @ TBA AUG 04: Nashville, Tennessee @ Exponent Manor AUG 05: St. Louis, Missouri @ Fubar AUG 06: Bloomington, Indiana TBA AUG 07: Chicago, Illinois @ TBA AUG 08: Kalamazoo, Michigan @ Fat Guy Fest AUG 09: Grand Rapids, Michigan @ House of Pancakes AUG 10: Cleveland, Ohio @ Mosh Eisley AUG 11: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @ Star Command AUG 12: Hawthorne, New Jersey @ TBA AUG 13: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ The Fire AUG 14: Alexandria, Virginia @ The Lab AUG 15: Virginia Beach, Virginia @ TBA AUG 16: Chapel Hill, North Carolina @ Chapel Hill Underground AUG 17: Charleston, South Carolina @ TBA AGU 18: Savannah, Georgia @ The Bomb Shelter
  19. These should be shipping already. European distros will probably have these over the next week.
  20. First time seeing the clear copies too. These will be going up in my store very soon - there have been a ton of issues getting these pressed and after all the issues I just want them all done before I start selling them and they can ship immediately.