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  1. awesome ... the line-up is better than last year. ducktails / deerhoof / saint pepsi / jacco gardner / of montreal I have to think about this one ... it's still a lot of money.
  2. cool, but for some reason I had thought there would be more songs
  3. is it that the 'Chad and the meatbodies' cassette? I've been looking for that one for a while. Chad said he ran out. Can someone please pick one up for me?
  4. @ the dudes who already received the record ... HOW AWESOME ARE THE SONGS?
  5. You're right ! What happened last time you ordered from Sonic Cathedral?
  6. duuuude ... I live in Belgium and i'm still waiting for this to arrive ... I didn't get a shipping notice!
  7. WOW ... that was fucking AWESOME. One of the best things i've heard in a while !
  8. you can stream the full album here ... http://www.npr.org/2014/10/05/352735069/first-listen-meatbodies-meatbodies
  9. what??? Duuuuuude ... the artists are much better on this year's compilation!!! White Fence, Morgan Delt, John Dwyer (Hubba Bubba), Hills and Psychic Ills ... wooooooooow Never heard of Prayer Meeting though ...
  10. so what did you guys end up buying? I bought: * Syd Kemp - The horror * Various Artists - Bouncy Sounds From Belgian Basements (A garage rock compilation from Belgium)
  11. This record f**king slays. Looking foward to hearing this on vinyl. Does anyone know what the poster looks like?