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Status Updates posted by dapeebs

  1. Beware the water

  2. 4 finals and 3 papers tomorrow and Monday. Ugh....

  3. Have a paper due in 24 hours. Have yet to start. Well, looks like this will be a sleepless night.

    1. rooks


      "because you don't believe in failure?" - VC

    2. parkinglot


      welcome to my life. 3 papers due this week. writing each one of them the day before. the only way.

    3. David The Gnome

      David The Gnome

      So, did you finish it?

  4. So The Hotelier just announced a tour with Runaway Brother. I'm so fucking stoked. What a year for tours and new music.

  5. Trying to decide if I should try to start a Weatherbox collection...

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    2. dapeebs


      I make my own rendition of "With Arms Wide Open" almost every night. Too fun.

    3. GloomForever


      I'm just sitting here waiting for a physical Manbox release.

    4. dapeebs


      Did not know this was a thing... Thank you very much kind sir.

  6. She said "I'll throw myself away, they're just photos after all."

  7. Just now discovering the amazingness that is Mansions.

    1. GloomForever


      Mansions is love.

      Mansions is life.

  8. All I want is for everyone to come to hell, there we can be free and learn to love ourselves.

    1. chamb117


      from my skin i emit flashing lights!

    2. dapeebs


      I can't push the words past the knot in my throat.

  9. As I lie on the floor, with this hole in my chest, can you walk through the truth, with all that blood on your dress?

  10. A stranger is just someone you've forgotten

  11. Another failure tells me I should have known, not to hold faith in my feelings. They're always misleading me.

  12. Remember, not all learning comes from books.

  13. Nothing is as pressing, as the ones pressing, would like you to believe.

  14. As I lie on the floor, with this hole in my chest, can you walk through the truth, with all that blood on your dress.

    1. contiinstereo



    2. batman


      i'd buy this on vinyl, just sayin

    3. dapeebs


      Well you're in luck! They announced last year that they would be releasing it on vinyl for the 10 year anniversary!

  15. Saturday night I was downtown, working for the FBI.

    1. xadamhudsonx


      Can't go wrong with The Hollies.

  16. New Senses Fail next week. HYPE!

  17. I need something to do. Feels like I'm working ALL the time.

  18. I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving.

  19. Getting used to working a full time job that is very physically demanding, and adjusting my sleep schedule, as the position is overnight, I can safely say I miss the days of sitting in my room playing the Legend of Zelda, with no responsibilities whatsoever. Ah, the bitter-sweetness of growing up.

    1. THE_James_Champ


      I agree, wholeheartedly. Being an adult sucks.

  20. Dying to go to a concert

    1. THE_James_Champ
    2. +hecollec+or


      I'm going to die at a concert.

    3. Ishtar


      Did someone say they need my services?

  21. Warm beer is the worst.

    1. taylo234


      You obviously have not tried boiled beer

    2. dapeebs


      Well that's "hot" beer ;) is that actually a thing?

  22. Why am I up? Stupid Destiny...

  23. Anxiously checking social media and this board for Circa Survive pre-orders. Really hoping it's soon, do not want to miss out.

  24. REALLY craving some nachos...

  25. "How do I get back to where I was, when you were smiling. You were smiling."