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  1. Idris Muhammad - Turn This Mutha Out (reissue from this month). Soul Brother Records in London put it out. Sound and Pressing are fantastic. Universal Togetherness Band s/t - Numero Group from '15. Fantastic sound. Only paid $14 on this one.
  2. Resident in the UK - their leftovers list is long, limited, and full of wants from this board. I highly recommend them. Proper link was posted already by our friends across the way.
  3. We will be through at some point. I don't think it will be early. LL has some local DJs coming through, so we might come through after the initial rush. My guy is coming down Friday night, we'll decide then. I wouldn't mind digging, cause there isn't anything on the US list for me With that being said, to anyone across the pond - If you feel like picking up that Idris Muhammad release for me, you will be rewarded for your time. Thanks!
  4. You made me think back to that time - damn you D ! My attraction stemmed from the setting in the world at that time. Bush; society was raging because of our 'influence' in the Middle East, and the following 'terrorist' times that all of us started experiencing, like our friends in war zones; weapons of death started exploding as far as access to them (guns) here in the U.S.; egos inflated by what we saw on T.V., to numb us from what was happening in our society From front to back, one of the best complete albums of the decade. Kids With Guns - my fav off the album, the song sum
  5. I dig seeing a new plant pressing some hometown techno. I did not expect this.
  6. It's gatefold - back of sleeve and labels refer to date 2000, no reference of 2016 - Astralwerks/Modular on labels (and sleeve) - my matrix doesn't match anything established on Discogs.
  7. I'm very happy w the quality of this - hope others are as well It is translucent blue, as it should be. I haven't read of a basic black variant expected for this anywhere.
  8. per Astralwerks - http://www.astralwerks.com/news/chemical-brothers-re-issue-classic-albums-colored-vinyl/ Audio was cut from the original lacquers from the studio of the original engineer Mike Marsh, and approved by Ed and Tom
  9. I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but Get Behind Me Satan should be out on BF, regular black press. The White Stripes FB posted 20 min ago. Apologies if this has already been discussed.
  10. 3/4 of the album deals with the current times. This isn't the Love Movement. This is a warning, and it starts from the top with the first song.
  11. That's what I thought, about the transit scuffing. But, it is housed in one of those thick plastic sleeves that are larger than the sleeve itself. Folds over at the top. That quarter wasn't going anywhere.
  12. I bought mine at my local shop barely a quarter mark on it. Pretty sure that shot of Times Square is the actual cover underneath
  13. This is a solid pressing folks (Ltd Ed). Sounds grrrrreat. (First free DL to appear in a sleeve in a while)

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