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  1. New variant and merch drop at some point today: https://trophyscars.bigcartel.com/?fbclid=IwAR2XAgtCFrl7t1ikin3GfVwS6Kj_Fa-0pz9_o3Kh-xKDENuJnc-wFaHtcfE_aem_AUZm5wRuacFCdrLZDrLfHD36N5zy0V8ItG0zl2jeVTlo2wC_mggoF3w_7M9jGIEwiM0
  2. Damn! Could have sworn them or Parting Gift mentioned in the past that was a possibility pressing. A Fire so Big the Heavens Can See is still incredible.
  3. Is the middle top one possibly Search the City?
  4. Such a sick album. Remember hearing Mojo in Californication and have been hooked ever since.
  5. Remember seeing a while back on Reddit someone posted a 'Migrant: Revisited' upcoming as well. Maybe they are reimagining all of their albums in some way? That would be interesting.
  6. Love this band, so stoked on this album! Saw the feature from Anthony Green and thought that was rad, but somehow overlooked the one from Brandon Boyd. Have a feeling that song is going to be a BANGER.
  7. I mean it's metalcore lol. I do not enjoy their earlier records at all. Nothing Left to Love and the latest I enjoy quite a bit. The deeper cuts on Nothing are great. Give Your Own Knife, Ocean of Another and Nothing Left to Love (song) a listen. I will say END is the better project at this point though. Just pure catharsis and destroy your living room type energy.
  8. Brendan can do no wrong the past few years. Super stoked on this.
  9. Anyone still waiting on theirs? I ordered the splatter with screen print and haven’t heard anything from Near Mint about it.
  10. Represses up! http://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/531385-a-great-big-pile-of-leaves-have-you-seen-my-prefrontal-cortex https://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/518882-a-great-big-pile-of-leaves-youre-always-on-my-mind Also looks like we are getting a reunion tour date in Brooklyn come October! Super exciting, will for sure be making that. Some info from the band: A Great Big Pile of Leaves @AGBPOL Brooklyn! Stoked to announce we're headlining MHOW on 10.27 - our first show since 2020 and our first NYC headline show since 2015. Tickets are available this Friday @ 10am ET and fan presale begins tomorrow @ 10am ET w/ code ITHINKYOUSHOULDLEAVES. via https://axs.com/artists/208854
  11. Repress up: http://newmoralityzine.limitedrun.com/products/737285-cursetheknife-thank-you-for-being-here
  12. Anybody interested in going halvsies on the collectors bundle? I don’t need two copies, and I can take whichever variant.
  13. Repress /350 up at revolver: https://shop.revolvermag.com/collections/limited-edition/products/palms-palms-10th-anniversary-lp-limited-edition-only-350-made-silver-fox-vinyl knowing how they operate, willing to bet we will see more variants this week.
  14. Remember the first and only time seeing them was a headliner with Oso Oso and Runaway Brother at The Space in CT back in 2015. Maybe a 100 people at that show. No way I am missing this album in full. Honestly contemplating hitting an NY show and then planning a CA trip in Feb to see it again.
  15. Wish they would have sprung for a 2xLP remaster, included Lovers and maybe some other bsides from that era. They always go so barebones for their reissues.
  16. At this point I’d love if they’d do a nice boxset. Regardless, I’m just stoked I’ll be able to own a copy of YPAA. Especially at the sound quality I’d expect from the Inlet and Downward pressings.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CsT1jKKAPc5/?hl=en /25 and /50 variants sold out almost immediately at drop time today. All three /100 pressings still seem to be available. Open pressings open for order until June 27th. https://silentpendulumrecords.com/collections/music/vinyl 3 Separate Pressings all via Gotta Groove Records Pink Alternate Cover /25 Wax Mage /50 Handmade /100 Metallic Silver (Revolver Exclusive): https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/the-number-twelve-looks-like-you/products/the-number-twelve-looks-like-you-put-on-your-rosy-red-glasses-lp-limited-edition-only-100-made-metallic-silver-vinyl OPEN - Transparent Pink Red Alternate Cover /25 Wax Mage /50 Handmade /100 Freak Swirl (Evil Greed Exclusive EU): https://evilgreed.net/collections/the-number-twelve-looks-like-you/products/the-number-twelve-looks-like-you-rosy-red-lp OPEN - Cherry Bomb Black Alternate Cover /25 Wax Mage /50 Handmade /100 Natural with Black Pigment OPEN - Clear with Blue, Green, and PInk Pigment Swirl
  18. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/copeland/products/copeland-beneath-medicine-tree-20th-anniversary?variant=40774966444075 Beneath Medicine Tree is up! Bunch of variants at a couple different shops.
  19. The Fire in our Throats… : https://thrilljockey.com/products/the-fire-in-our-throats-will-beckon-the-thaw repress on “Silver Metallic”
  20. Anybody ever end up getting this? Been trying to find a copy somewhere and seems to be very few around.
  21. Yoooooooooo. Would imagine with the new logo it's a new album or something. But i would realistically take anything. A tour in the US for an anniversary would be sick as well. I think Embark, Embrace turns 10 this year?
  22. Just found out Copeland has a tour exclusive pressing for Beneath the Medicine Tree for its' 20th anniversary on their current tour. Anybody happening to hit the tour mind grabbing me a copy? I would compensate you for your time or maybe even trade you something cool!
  23. It’s finally here for you to preorder, the last 9 years distilled down to 50 minutes. We’ve put blood, sweat and years into this, and fully believe when you hear these tracks, the wait will have been worth it. We know you have to take our word on that for the time being, but the wait is almost over. The new album is called “Soft Hell.” Hit the link in our bio, where you can also pre-save the lead single, Better Way, dropping March 10 🤙🤙🤙 https://closureinmoscow.bandcamp.com/album/soft-hell Variant 1 - Disc 1 Black / Disc 2 Red /? Variant 2 - Trans Red w black splatter /? Variant 3 - Blue/black marbled w white splatter /? No mention of US options yet. Shipping is $11 to US which isn't too crazy. Feel like they have been working on this album forever! According to a post I saw this album should sound like a grown up First Temple. Excited for the single next week!

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