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  1. I just got a shipping update yesterday. Only label created though. Really hope this gets sent prior to the holiday rush.
  2. Recently bought my place and i just added extra onto my homeowner's based on the high end Discogs valuation on my collection. Insurance agent asked what for and there was no issue when i explained it was a hefty record collection.
  3. About $10-$15 over market, holiday music, AND doesnt ship until WELL AFTER the holidays. I was intrigued but that combination they can fuck off lol
  4. Damn and i thought i was running out of room on my 2x4. Thats cray. Is that Ikea too or something else? Want to upgrade but feel like going much higher gets to unsteady for my taste.
  5. You a real one dude. For the first time in YEARS I think us VC peeps got the jump on a release before everyone else.
  6. Yooooooo ISSWS is huge. Grew out of Emery for the most part but that album is still SOLID.
  7. Unless the press numbers are way lower than the recent press of Ex Inferis, you should be fine. Those lasted a few hours at least.
  8. Gotta imagine with COVID too and the effect of it on the music industry as a whole, smaller touring bands realized it is no longer as profitable or totally safe to tour as consistently as they used to. I have noticed a lot of bands that are still technically active are taking much longer between releases than was usual for them. Even the bigger bands are only doing a tour or two a year, whereas they used to tour like 9-10 months out of the year before COVID. It has had such a bigger impact then I think people realize.
  9. Reached out to Topshelf today, they said they still have not received the 180g or splatter. Estimate of 3 weeks until shipping, but pretty sure that’s what the last guy said when he checked in with Topshelf earlier this month. Sounds like they have no idea what is going on with them. I could have sworn they said that these came from overseas in Sept.
  10. Totally forgot i ordered the RT exclusive. Its just a weird white that looks dirty until you hold it up to light. Was hoping for a more milky clear with blob, but bleh, whatever i guess.
  11. Same, one of my three longest preorder waits finally checked off. Now still waiting patiently at the 1+ year mark for AGBPOL and Trophy Scars.
  12. Glad this is getting repressed! Always seem to miss out on Anberlin vinyl in the past, glad i caught this! Think they pressed Cities specifically for the anniversary, but one can hope! 🤞
  13. You got yours? Haven't heard anything on mine yet.
  14. Wow this is rough. ETID and Circa within less than a year. Two foundational bands for me. Glad to see Anthony is going to keep active at least. Really hope they at least do anniversary tours occasionally.
  15. Still rocking my 2014 represses. May be time to double dip, although these colors are very lacking
  16. The only regular good thing they still contribute is keeping HRVRD albums in print.
  17. Will have to give that a listen. Been waiting for a good bit for them to restock Home Alone and Come to Mexico
  18. Media mail has been dicey for me in forwarding, and I only moved 10 miles away. If you are still within the area of your former post office I’d call and ask them to hold it. Only reliable way I’ve been able to get my old preorders recently.
  19. I was hoping at the very least they would add some deeper cuts, maybe some songs from around the time this album was recorded. Etched sides are such a waste.
  20. Glad I remembered to update my address before they sent these out. been waiting too long for these. God I love a good seafoam marble variant. Wish I had scooped that too lol
  21. Good looks on these. Been waiting for a variant for Under Vatten.
  22. New double single on 10” : https://www.crossescult.com/products/crosses-day-onevivien-10-pink-vinyl-exclusive-css they really gonna milk the hell out of this upcoming album huh
  23. Think they have a really hard time judging demand for a release. This likely would have been fine at 1500, maybe even less. ETID easily could have done 2000. they even did 2000 for the recent Swellers release, like wtf lol