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  1. Does anyone remember the time estimate ship date for the previous batch? Been looking through my emails I cannot find mention of it anywhere.
  2. Was going to grab the Smartpunk but I have so many transparent color w/ splatter records. Plus for once the half and half splatter variant on the black side looks great!
  3. Just when I thought my days of setting an alarm in the middle of the night for a drop were over….
  4. 1100EST Friday, the 7th this is dropping via Parting Gift records and Smart Punk.
  5. 250 tapes and 200 CDs of Parannoul's "To see the Next Part of the Dream" going up here at noon EST tomorrow, 11/26: https://longinusrecordings.bandcamp.com/merch
  6. Yeah I need to do that and start keeping track. I just moved so I have to fish through my email and paypal so I can update addresses. Old house is in the process of being sold and I don't want the new owners getting surprise mail every week lol
  7. Nope, nothing here since that email as well. Thanks for reminding me. This whole 5+ months of waiting for vinyl has me forgetting things I have ordered. Need to start keeping a spreadsheet again.
  8. I have American Gods sitting on my shelf, just haven't gotten around to it. From what I remember Gaiman's themes, tones and atmosphere were FANTASTIC but something about his writing style in certain spots was jarring, for lack of a better word. That is so WEIRD. I almost added on to my last post that I am in the middle of reading Neuromancer!
  9. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is FANTASTIC. Such a quick read but just so so intense. Been meaning to read more Gaiman but have yet to read anything but Ocean and Neverwhere.
  10. Honestly. So many labels are sitting on gold mines in their back catalog and just refuse to do anything with them. Good to see that SS/T&N are finally taking notice.
  11. 2300 units is a hell of a pressing for a 17 year old album of a band that is not that big nowadays.
  12. New single rules. Really hope we get a reissue of Time Will Die soon.
  13. All the pre-Gore albums have been fluctuating in and out of print this year. Went into my local and they had multiple copies of Diamond Eyes, S/t, White Pony. I bet they’re just pressing a couple thousand of each title at a time and will continue to until demand is no longer there. Plus with the way the market is right now they probably can’t just keep them in print as easily.
  14. In and out with everything. Prices were decent, for Newbury. $36 for a 2xLP. I expected $50. one thing I gotta give to them as well, their store runs smooth as butter.
  15. They put up an Instagram story the other week taking people's suggestions for pressings from T&N and Solid State's back catalogs. They responded to a good chunk of them and said they had many of the suggested in the works. So it seems that more than the Furnace Fest exclusives have been green lit. There are so many great older releases, my pick would have to be Search the City - A Fire so Big the Heavens Can See it.
  16. Variants are really nice. But with it being Newbury I’m betting $40-$50 a pop.
  17. Good looks! Missed out on dine alone and this actually saved me a few bucks.
  18. Only got to see them three times. My buddy lives out in Idaho now so I have an excuse if they ever decide to play a one time show in Seattle.
  19. There’s a couple old titles that I’d be down for. Decoder (Lead Hands), In Fear and Faith s/t, and The Air in Breathe Great faith in Fools.
  20. Got shipping for my red but I am so tempted to run out to my local to grab a Gray copy. my biggest regret is missing the Menos el Oso anniversary tour. Fantastic live band. Managed to catch planet of ice and The farewell tour before they disbanded.

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