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  1. For some reason I really like this album. The production is pretty bad and the mastering is terrible, but I guess there’s some good songs under all that garbage. If I knew this might sound better than the OP CD I’d go for it. For now I’ll wait and hopefully still be able to find one if the reviews are positive.
  2. Cleopatra put out the recent reissue of Danzig 5. I think I read a few positive things about it. But yeah, Cleopatra doesn’t have a great reputation.
  3. As much as I like this album, it was built and recorded digitally, so I’ll play it digitally. Good price for 4LP these days too, Tool.
  4. I agree, and I had to think about it, but a lot of labels like Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade have been doing it for a while. i just looked at Carcass - Surgical Steel on Discogs and all the early color presses have numbered stickers on them. Again I don’t like it either, and the way these things are marketed I’m sure you were expecting something more permanent on the jacket.
  5. Never seen this. Edit: I take that back. I have seen it on stickers stating the color on the front.
  6. It’s not unprecedented as I passed on preordering The Color Before The Sun, but I am surprised that I don’t care about this and will wait until I digest the whole album and may get the indie variant if I like the album.
  7. I am not surprised. I am also not in the target market for this limited signed edition. These days, I don’t think a standard LP release even appeals to me if it’s going to be 5LP w/etchings on each side in a box. (Maybe $99 at best?) Not only do I despise etchings, but it’s the QC of vinyl that concerns me the most. And no, I don’t think “it’s so much worse these days.” All the flaws of vinyl playback have always been around. It all just gets accepted due to the love of vinyl or the improved mastering used for some LPs. This isn’t the kind of album that I’d like to roll the dice on and hope that there’s no recurring noise in the middle section of a song due to a pressing flaw.
  8. $70 for a 4LP set isn’t too bad these days. I hate typing that, but that’s where we are with vinyl.
  9. Gave the new song a listen, and Hunter’s Moon as well, just to give it another try. I probably won’t be ordering. Sound hasn’t been the same since the band fallout after Meliora. Not feeling the new stuff. First three albums are still killer.
  10. Great. Looks like I’ll need to open my replacement copy and inspect.
  11. I didn’t hate the last album, but I didn’t love it, either. Two songs would make a personal “Best of Coheed” playlist. As for new songs, Shoulders grew on me after a couple of listens, but Rise, Nianasha really didn’t appeal to me at all. Looking forward to hearing more. Hope it’s good.

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