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  1. I think the green/black is the standard edition, like all the TON ROG releases, right?
  2. If this was for me, I had opened a ticket months ago saying I needed a Deloused LP1, LP2 from Noctourniquet, and a jacket for Noctourniquet. Both the LPs look rough, but play mostly fine except for the visible non-fill causing it’s signature paper ripping sound. The Noctourniquet jacket looked liked someone sat on it prior to stuffing it, as everything else in the box is in perfect condition. they sent me a jacket for Deloused. I emailed them. I’m sure they’ll make it right. Things may be slow right now, but the CS has been good.
  3. Yeah they sent me a replacement jacket for Deloused. Arrived unannounced. Now if I could just get the replacement LP I actually needed.
  4. The color, yeah, but it could be a indication of a wider repress coming. No way to know right now, though.
  5. This set is a great example of doing it wrong. I’m kind of in disbelief at how bad the contents of this set is. The folded poster is just the cherry on top.
  6. Well, I meant “can’t” imagine. Ha. Oh well. I do agree on the availability of it being great, and with all the options, it’s really cool, hopefully everyone finds one they like. It took me a while to decide. I eventually went with the torn flesh pink.
  7. Man, I can’t imagine variant collecting this, or even Carcass in general these days.
  8. I get buying it because Type O, but just a reminder that this will the exact same pressing as the latest box set.
  9. I don’t mind the wait. It’s no big deal as long as things gets replaced. it is crazy that I hadn’t heard anything until I posted here though...👀🕶️
  10. Thanks. About 20 mins after I posted this I got a response in my inbox apologizing for the delayed reply, and that they are expecting some replacement parts (?) in a month or so. At least things are moving.
  11. Glad yours worked out. I submitted my form shortly after your recommendation and it’s just been crickets. I even followed up with a polite email this Monday, and still nothing.
  12. Isn’t that a MoV Amputechture with the other OPs?
  13. Guys, guys, guys, Cedric and Omar are the VICTIMS here. Let’s not get too off topic.
  14. Man, the collectibles market is crazy right now.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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