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  1. kannibal

    Unwound Discography Repress

    The extras are great. Most Unwound 7”s, Bsides, or rare tracks are similar in quality to album tracks. All vinyl was cut and pressed at United, so there are issues. The usual off centered or slightly noisy vinyl. My The Future Of What had non fill on multiple copies. Despite the varying degree of issues, the sets are great and totally worth getting. Plus unwound is one of the greatest bands ever, so there’s that.
  2. kannibal

    Unwound Discography Repress

    Wow. Great deal. Awesome.
  3. kannibal

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Way to get that Type O! I’m listening now, and early impression is the SQ is very good! I have it cranked and the dynamics, clarity, and channel separation are both great. This record is so much fun. i was a bit worried it wouldn’t sound great, but so far, I was worried for nothing.
  4. kannibal

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Congrats. I got my Bloddy Kisses, but I don’t need Trivium covering Type O, and the GnR and CC 7”s were $14 each! At $10 (still crazy for 2 songs) I would have left with them, even though I’d probably never listen to them.
  5. kannibal

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    No, it’s because youspinmeround linked just the replacement stylus. The full cartridge is $699 on LPgear.
  6. kannibal

    PO: Green River Reissues

    Loser doesn’t say transparent, 10c does.
  7. Good to hear you figured it out. Always a relief.
  8. Of course I forgot about the malfunctioning switch. There were a lot of info when I searched on the topic. Most figured out that a ground loop was being created with the interconnect to the sub and the trigger cable. There were a few ways to deal with it, but not sure any were true fixes at the source. More like work arounds, like a couple of people cut the sleeve of the trigger cable. There’s probably a better way to do it with a grounding of some kind, but I wouldn’t know where to start.
  9. kannibal

    Damaged mp-110 stylus?

    Classic ajxd
  10. Why are you pulling apart the sub when it works fine in another setup? You replaced the amp and the problem started. Sounds like it’s either the amp or the interaction between the amp and sub. Does the amp have any menu options or other adjustments relating to the 12v trigger?
  11. kannibal

    Smoking Popes - Into The Agony.

    Did anyone get this? I’m listening to a stream right now. It’s good. I ordered an LP.
  12. Nice. Now it will be easier for me to nab that sweet green!
  13. kannibal

    Looking for Improvement...

    I would say buy the best speakers you can afford. They’ll be the best bang for the buck and the biggest improvement possible in you system. Don’t worry about trying to spread your budget around. Unless you get an absolutely insane smoking deal on multiple items, your budget really won’t stretch to multiple items that will make a significant impact in your system.
  14. After over half a dozen listens i’ll say it’s a solid return to form for the band. There’s still a little too much TCBTS throughout the album for me, but that doesn’t ruin it. The Dark Sentencer and It Walks Among Us are the highlights for me.
  15. kannibal

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Def getting the Type O!!! 5000 sounds like I should be able to get one no problem, as well. At 5000 there may even be some left over for a few weeks.