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  1. I’m listening now, and I didn’t hear the non-fill noise described on discogs. Sucks for that person and there’s bound to be more with the issue, but my copy is good, and others have said their’s are good too. This set sounds so good. I’ve never been so moved by Everything Dies, but the verse is so soft and intimate and everything is so clear and powerful when it gets loud. It’s really awesome. It helps that I love Type O and think they are the most underrated band ever.
  2. That is frustrating. According to discogs these are all new new cuts compared to first box. I didn’t think the first box sounded bad by any means, but the new ROG CM etched Bloody Kisses I thought sounded great. It looks like these were all cut by CM, so I’m excited to check this out!
  3. Got my box in. There was big dent in the shipping box that did a small dent in the spine of the slipcover box. I was really scared based on the box, but it’s almost not noticeable. I’m at work now, so I won’t get into it until later. Because I called them out, I have to give it up to ROG for getting this to me on release day!
  4. “Some” meaning Instagram models, unboxers, and reviewers? Maybe ROG will actually ship mine on or before release day this time. I canceled my Bloody Kisses with them as my local store had it in stock and ROG hadn’t even shipped it yet.
  5. Wow, I guess she’s really fallen off on this board. After a couple of listens I think it’s better than I thought it would be, but it’s still lacking... something compared to earlier albums. There are some cool parts in songs but no songs stick with me yet. Sound quality on my nice setup was good, and seemed better suited to cut through the super dense production of the last few albums.
  6. I like the songs, especially the first one, but they are SO ear bleedingly loud!!! The sound quality really suffers for it.
  7. The LP arrived today. I won’t be able to listen to it until tonight. Between the early songs and cover art this album has been underwhelming so far. Nothing really stuck with me. I’m interested in giving the full album a run through though. Some of her stuff took a few listens to click with me, so I’m hoping that is the case here.
  8. That’s not s/t as i’m sure you know because you linked I Should Coco. I just want a s/t repress. I’m not a big Greatest Hits listener anyway and rarely feel the need to buy them on vinyl. Same with live albums, for me.
  9. I recently revisited this album due to some chatter on another forum. It did bring back memories of the time of its release, but I’m not a big fan of REM and the latest listen didn’t change that. I do however LOVE the idea of the remix LP. I love when this is done to go alongside the original mix, not replace it, but just to give an alternate experience. I loved the In Utero, TotD, Ultramega OK, and Ten remixes, most of the Steven Wilson remixes, etc. No thanks to the Megadeth remixes though, as not only are they bad, but they are meant to replace the originals.
  10. I understand why you would be frustrated based on past great experiences. It was really cool being able to go to a store and grab a cd or lp from a wall with dozens of copies, waiting in line to buy with other eager fans, dying to dive into and discover the new album by one of your favorite bands. Unfortunately, we don’t get that opportunity much anymore. The only thing we can do is make sure we work whatever system is in place to ensure we get what we want. Most of the time these days it means preordering. Sucks you had to learn it the hard way on this one. Hopefully you find a copy. Rumors are flying about a second press or a standard CD.
  11. I’ll be open about it. If someone is bothering someone else, the person being bothered should block the individual doing the bothering and report it to the mods. End of story. Encouraging further bothering by repeatedly responding in threads, calling names, and then crying victim is ridiculous and is just as responsible for thread derailing and closures as the alleged bothering. I want ant to say more, but I don’t think I need to.
  12. Maybe specific Amazon warehouses? My purchases from Amazon were mostly good with the occasional dish. My bet is on bad QC at the plants. They are slammed and today’s thicker vinyl needs more time to cool and it doesn’t always get that time, but who knows? Another thought is vinyl has always had problems. Warps, surface noise, wear. They always have, and always will be a part of being a vinyl user. Sounds like you are just getting unlucky.
  13. The Hot Stuff appears to have extra vinyl, but that tour book from the LV release sounds awesome, too. I have a red smoke Prequelle (LV pressing) and i don’t remember any issues with it. I haven’t listened to it in a long time though.
  14. Both sets have some cool stuff the other doesn’t.