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  1. Guys, guys, guys, Cedric and Omar are the VICTIMS here. Let’s not get too off topic.
  2. Man, the collectibles market is crazy right now.
  3. Probably. I think it seems like a lot for those things, but I’ve said before I think the set is overpriced, but I bought it and have no regrets. Based on your quote above, do you think a release should cost closer to what the secondary market is paying for a previous release? Should these reissues be say $80 each? After all it’s still cheaper than OPs. Just make it limited, so demand goes up post sale, and one could justify nearly any price.
  4. So, some quick maths: 2 x 3LP (including Mr Muggs lol) $100 4 x 2LP $160 1 x1LP $25 total: $285 Box retail: $479 Value of the box, book, flat, Landscape Tantrums LP, and the two 12” single sided with etchings, two pins = $194 🤔
  5. Even if they were going to be, they can’t now, right? Or they can, just like they’ll do a color or two eventually, if not this time.
  6. Same artwork in the box and the new reissue. Repress every empire box then?
  7. The OP KRS pressing has better dynamics and space. The Numero is clean and clear though so it’s not like it’s crushed or congested even with some less DR. Even though I think the OP is better, both are a great listen and I don’t think I’ll care which I listen to.
  8. I am listening now. Dead quiet vinyl. Looks great. It’s a new cut. With stamped info. I should probably be able to recognize where it was pressed based on the info, but I don’t. Sound is good so far. Nice and clean. It’s not revelatory or anything, but it doesn’t need to be. I plan on comparing at least the OP KRS pressing, but I may put on the box set pressing as well.
  9. Any proof that it has been there all along?!? They could have switched it out. And it’s half covered by the vinyl and inner. Fine. I’ll compromise and they can just repress the same percentage amount of covers as is covered in the photo.
  10. Well, this is the FINAL STRAW!!! First Clouds Hill and now Numero is RiPpInG uS oFf!!! I just received my splatter copy of Challenge, and to my utmost HoRrOr, I discovered they used different cover art for this reissue. It’s some kind of cheap drawing that kind of looks like the old cover photo. Nowhere in the description of the reissue did it say it would have “alternate cover art.” I feel deceived, lied to, and I am LIVID! This is neither AmAzInG nor InCrEdIbLe. And I will not stop complaining online until Numero represses every cover and sends them out to all the people they tric
  11. No problem. I was just surprised they oversold. That’s seems crazy.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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