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  1. The Hot Stuff appears to have extra vinyl, but that tour book from the LV release sounds awesome, too. I have a red smoke Prequelle (LV pressing) and i don’t remember any issues with it. I haven’t listened to it in a long time though.
  2. Both sets have some cool stuff the other doesn’t.
  3. Good price. A purchase I just made from DD took forever to ship but it was packed very well and arrived in perfect shape.
  4. No problem. I’m not really concerned about it. It was cool to hear a different cut of the album. It’s funny how some slight EQ changes can give a different perspective to the sound. This cut can be cranked!
  5. ROG didn’t ship my Bloody Kisses by release day so I’m asking to cancel. It’s pretty lame when a local store has them in stock but the label webstore doesn’t ship by release day. The 2LP stand alone BK appears to be the same color as the RSD 3LP. It would have been nice to have a different color, but not a huge deal. As stated on the ROG site, it is the exact same cut as the RSD 3LP, so it sounds great. I hope they recut all the albums with the same quality for the NMN box.
  6. New song kind of just sounds like Sorceress 2. I liked Sorceress, so that’s not bad, but it’s not what I had hoped. The single also reminds me of Cusp of Eternity in that it’s a solid song but just kind of plain and not doing anything for me. Mikael did say that all the songs are different and this was a clear single, so the rest of the album could be different. We’ll see. On the positive side, the lead guitar, especially the solo, is great. Frederick is a monster. I love the combination of technical power and nuanced emotion.
  7. I would love another album more in between both sides, like Ghost Reveries. It doesn’t even need growls, just more metal.
  8. Yeah I bought a couple of Sorceress copies, but I don’t usually do that so I stuck to just the boxset on this one.
  9. Nice! Thank you! Had to snatch up that Mailorder Boxset!
  10. That stinks about the red and white smash. That doesn’t really go with the artwork like the yellow does. Not a big deal for me though. I haven’t seen any shipping yet, but I’ll definitely let you know what I get.
  11. Okay, yes, I can see that. I was talking musically.
  12. I’ve never heard that about Ghost albums and obviously don’t believe that to be true in the least. While Prequelle has some highs, it’s my least favorite album as a whole. Meliora is my favorite.
  13. Not sure why, as I didn’t need another copy (I do love this record though), but I bought one from deep discount. I heard they were a bit slow and lazy about shipping and I haven’t heard a peep yet. I wonder if the next Ghost record will try to go even poppier. I hope not. I think Meliora was Ghost at its best. Just enough pop in the rock and metal.
  14. It’s on the Nuclear Blast site under pre-orders, if that helps you.