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  1. This arrived yesterday. Artwork is a bit softer than my OP, but look decent enough. I’ll check it out soon.
  2. kannibal

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    Correct. Vaults LP uses the original mix for RIP. I would love Youth and CW, but if they are the 2004 remixes, I would pass. Those 2 aren’t as bad as RIP, but they still sound funny to me.
  3. kannibal

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    That 2004 remix is REALLY bad. RIP is one of my favorite albums, so if it was the original mix, I’d triple dip for the blue. I guess we’ll never see original mixes of any of the 90’s albums reissued on vinyl. Too bad as OPs are crazy $$$.
  4. Looks like it’s just two songs from the album.
  5. Sucker, or true fan that gladly pays more for less so the band can make a little money? You decide.
  6. Phew! Now that that’s ordered I can begin composing my strongly worded post/review/fan fiction outlining how this album is no (Insert any previous album title).
  7. Just listened to The Gutter. Initial thought is not enough Good Apollo, and WAY too much The Color Before The Sun. Expectations for this album have been appropriately tempered.
  8. I listened to my copy last night. it fits the MOV M.O. Sound quality was fine. It didn’t blow me away, but it’s a Misfits record from 1999, so for what it is it sounded fine. I enjoyed it. The pressing quality on the other hand was excellent. Except for one audible pop on side two there was no surface noise. Even between songs or on the lead in/out it was nearly digital quiet, which is awesome. I didnt notice the back cover was bad but I did notice how nice the front cover turned out. It actually Is larger scope than my CD, which could mean original art assets were used which is cool. if anything, it sucks they didn’t include the Japan bonus tracks. MOV doesn’t usually do that though, so it’s a minor gripe. Overall, it’s a cool release and I’m happy to have a copy. I like this record more than anyone should like non-Danzig Misfits. I like it on its own merits.
  9. kannibal

    Opeth 'Watershed' MOV Reissue Pre Order

    I got this in and checked it out. I am most impressed with the packaging. I usually harp on MOV for their cheap packaging, but this has the thickest cardboard of all my Watershed copies. And I love the matte cover as it really fits the tone of this album and the artwork. And the inserts included have more artwork than my other copies as well. pressing quality is nice. This is where MOV is usually consistently good for me. Flat with very little surface noise. Sonics-wise it sounded good, although I didn’t have the drive to do a a-b or a-b-c, at the time. I may do one down the road, but I didn’t notice any thing standing out as better or worse than what I’m used to. Pretty consistent really. It did seem to get a little congested on one point during the middle of Heir Apparent. I checked my alignment with my test record and everything sounded great so not sure what was going on. In short, a nice reissue. Also, I got it from Ed’s, and it was shipped and packed well, and in perfect shape.
  10. kannibal

    Hello from new member

    My mom doesn’t have a custom shirt with her cat on it, but I do. Does that count?
  11. kannibal

    Hello from new member

    I think I saw a young woman in the same pants the other day. She looked just as bad as both Freddie, and my mom looks in that style.
  12. kannibal

    PO Mudhoney “digital garbage”

    That song was garbage. I havent liked much since EGBDF, so, take that for what it’s worth.