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  1. Pink Flesh vinyl arrived and I played through it. Sounds great. 45rpm like Surgical Steel. To me drums were a nice improvement with increased impact and punch and guitar sounded more distinct with overall clarity increased over digital format, but digital isn’t bad. Vinyl was slightly warped but played just fine without noticeable noise. Great album.
  2. Just wanted to add to the flame emoji so more people excitedly check the thread.
  3. I don’t like everything Chelsea Wolfe does, but what I like, I LOVE. I’ll be checking this out.
  4. Yeah. And then why leave out Curmudgeon? At what point does it not become just another rehashing, when you leave one song off of a complete set of b-side studio material? Then it’s something new? I’ll never understand the music industry and maybe that a good thing.
  5. Yeah, that’s certainly impressive that they are still making music like this and of this quality. And again they’re not just following a blueprint but pushing the boundaries of what they are doing without going St Anger.
  6. Going back through the 20th set, especially the digital version, there really isn’t much else they can do. devinshire mix on vinyl, but yeah. Not much else.
  7. Right. It’s not terrible. Just a lot of live stuff from the same era. Has the full early album recording sessions ever been released in good quality? Like the full session from the in bloom subpop video? I’m not as up Nirvana stuff as used to be. I do remember that the SQ on that subpop video was pretty rough. What about the full Vig mixes, before Andy Wallace?
  8. No comments on this one? Still waiting for my record, but I’ve been listening a lot via stream and I really like the album. A lot to digest. To me it’s certainly more complex and difficult to penetrate than the last few records, but I like that there is a good mix of sounds and arrangements, even throwbacks to the more jarring changes mid song ala Nectroticism. It’s not all rehash though as there are a couple of new directions that expand the sound without going too far off the rails. Really good and still growing.
  9. Hope you like live material. 7 live LPs and a 7” with too much music on it. I’m sure the book is cool, but damn what a money grab. Nothing new studio/demo officially released, or even comprehensive collection of all odds and ends from the era. No thank you
  10. I don’t think we’ll ever get another Crack The Skye, but if they put out another Emperor of Sand I’ll be very happy.

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