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  1. I also love BoV, and think it sounds great. Abyss on the other hand, despite having some great songs, has terrible production, IMO, and the vinyl doesn’t save it in that regard. It’s actually a tough listen for me. Abyss has the lowest DR of any of her albums. Its so dense, dirty, and supposed to represent this dream like hellscape (so dynamics would seem important) to begin with, no need to ruin it with excessive mixing/mastering.
  2. Yes, I can understand your feelings on the sleeves. It doesn’t bother me as these were made as stand alone releases. You said you just bought originals. I just looked at OP Repetitions as mine has some strange damage on it* and Discogs listings were from $60-$100! Did you find a better price? i also want to point out a very small difference in the Repetition reissue. The OP has a lock groove at the end of side 2. Numero reissue cut does not.
  3. Is this Desire? will be my first purchase of this reissue series, so I’m really looking forward to the album and demos. Hopefully the demos are different enough to offer something new!
  4. Well, I guess I’ll just have to get used to how those two riffs just sound super tacked on to the end of the song!
  5. I think the song is great. I’m going to VERY cautiously use the cliche term “back to basics” on this one. Not sure if it’s the band, or Terry Date, or both but they managed to sound fresh and stripped down (maybe even youthful!) a bit at the same time. It could be a little more if, like others have said, there is more to the end as the riffs start again and the song does end abruptly. Still, very happy I ordered the clear with the metallic cover. I was waffling for a while as I wasn’t sure how much I liked it at first. Cant wait to hear more from the album.
  6. Yeah, really cool idea and it does sound good, too.
  7. How do you NOT have these? There are 4 total sets. What is it you want to see in the pic(s)? These sets were a great value at regular price. As described above the content is great, both musically and physically. The only negative is they were all pressed at United, and sometimes you can tell.
  8. Man, even a year ago I would have blind preordered this instantly, but I’ve been a lot more choosey these days. If I don’t think I’ll listen to it more than once I won’t buy it. It’s not a Mastodon thing either, as I’m still loving all the studio albums. This has a lot of live tracks, and some of the covers aren’t that appealing. I’ll hold off on this. We’ll see.
  9. Your best option may be a record weight. It will certainly hold the record down to the platter, even with the felt mat. The issue would that it would put undue wear on the motor, and it be so severe that the platter would spin slow. There is a clamp device that is plastic which wouldn’t add much weight. I think it’s called the Clever Clamp. the other option would be to get another slip mat. But I don’t know if that would have better grip on the smooth plastic platter. I could imagine a silicone mat might grip better, but again it can’t be too heavy, as you don’t want it impacting the platter spinning or motor operation. Obviously it’s a nice gift. Just be careful buying “upgrades” to these turntables as they may not work well, and in some cases, make things worse, or hurt things more. Good news is a clamp/weight or mat can be transferred to a better table down the road. Hope this helps.
  10. I ordered the blue. Looks nice, sounds good. Armageddon was sending out delay emails and stores haven’t gotten them either, so I was surprised when I got a shipping email and received it a few days later.