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  1. Is “everyone” saying that? I don’t know what to tell you. I can assure you that if the previous albums sounded like this, I wouldn’t be a fan. Again, to me, it’s not just the vocals.
  2. Really like their previous albums, so I blind preordered, then listened to the single. Wow, those vocals are bad. I’m actually thinking about canceling, and I NEVER think about canceling. the vocals sound like a bad vocal line from a 90’s indie/emo band. I was embarrassed listening to it, and kind of baffled thinking about it as I type this. The music is definitely more upbeat, again, think 90’s indie emo bad, which isn’t bad, but is getting further away from what I like these days. I get the need to change things up consciously or unconsciously, but this is not appealing to me. Are these guys just at the forefront of the 90’s revival. Beating everyone to the punch? I mean the 80’s revival has mostly run its course (I hope), right?
  3. I went into this with an open mind. I’m not a big Green Day fan, but enjoy the lookout stuff, Dookie, and Insomniac. I listened to over half of it, but eventually had to turn it off due to feeling embarrassed. It was that bad. I’m not an American Idiot fan but I’m not embarrassed to listen to it. This is another story. I’m almost ready to believe the theory that this is bad on purpose.
  4. That would be kind of weird if Hotstuff was selling counterfeits.
  5. I agree with the part I quoted, 100%. I’ll even say that when I first heard Colors, I thought surely there’s some ironic humor in here, poking fun at the new indie style that he is copping, but no. No, there isn’t.
  6. It happens. I didn’t like enough of his last record to get it and I won’t be getting this one either. The days of me buying everything from an artist because I like some or most of the artist’s catalog are long gone. Beck is a diverse artist, so it’s understandable if you like one album but another doesn’t click.
  7. The almighty variant looks less bronze and a lot more yellow, but still a great looking combination. I like the music but still not sure how I feel about the production. Overall great record though. oh, and 45rpm 2xLP is cool.
  8. Ha! I checked my order to see if it had shipped and saw that the price was 12.50 but my total was 30. After staring at it for a minute I figured it was a current sale price or something like that. Oh well.
  9. I’m listening now, and I didn’t hear the non-fill noise described on discogs. Sucks for that person and there’s bound to be more with the issue, but my copy is good, and others have said their’s are good too. This set sounds so good. I’ve never been so moved by Everything Dies, but the verse is so soft and intimate and everything is so clear and powerful when it gets loud. It’s really awesome. It helps that I love Type O and think they are the most underrated band ever.
  10. That is frustrating. According to discogs these are all new new cuts compared to first box. I didn’t think the first box sounded bad by any means, but the new ROG CM etched Bloody Kisses I thought sounded great. It looks like these were all cut by CM, so I’m excited to check this out!
  11. Got my box in. There was big dent in the shipping box that did a small dent in the spine of the slipcover box. I was really scared based on the box, but it’s almost not noticeable. I’m at work now, so I won’t get into it until later. Because I called them out, I have to give it up to ROG for getting this to me on release day!
  12. “Some” meaning Instagram models, unboxers, and reviewers? Maybe ROG will actually ship mine on or before release day this time. I canceled my Bloody Kisses with them as my local store had it in stock and ROG hadn’t even shipped it yet.