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  1. It’s on the Nuclear Blast site under pre-orders, if that helps you.
  2. Based on the above quote, I’m going to guess you’ve never known anyone that worked as a bank teller, and all the people you know are very responsible with money. My wife worked as a bank teller for s few years and she couldn’t believe the number of people that would come in to discuss their MULTIPLE overdraft fees. On the subject of the multiple reissues of Bloody Kisses lately. I also ordered the stand alone BK from ROG thinking I was helping to encourage the release of the other records. I guess it worked? And while more TON is never a bad thing, I don’t think I need 4 copies of BK.
  3. No release date listed. Edit: now it says 9/6/19 also the two disk BK is delayed into mid July.
  4. Okay. So new cover for the box. Nice. I would bet that all of these are recut... maybe? I would also think they would say that if the were, though. Hmmmm. Bloody Kisses will almost certainly be the new ROG groove cut, so are the others new cuts too, or using the original stampers? New cuts of all the records would be awesome as the ROG BK sounds great.
  5. Awesome. I bought it without reading any details. Ha! Im sure this will appear, if there are any left after online preorders, in any store that sells the other Run Out Groove titles, so check your local store to make sure. Now to go back to the ROG page to get the deets...
  6. Any idea what this may sound like? I liked some of the more traditional songs on the Suspiria soundtrack, but ultimately didn’t think I’d listen to it all that often. If this has more stuff like the single from Suspiria then I may want to jump on this.
  7. LOL. Man I just looked closely at the cover. I love Chelsea Wolfe and I love “goth-y” stuff, but she nails the dark, deep, high school level art. “Pain is Beauty” and this cover of her holding some kind of ceremonial knife above her head, about to plunge it into some jock’s heart, ‘cause, you know, she’s dark and artsy.
  8. Thank you! Easy buy. Lots of my favorite artists have albums scheduled for this year. Need my VC peeps to come through with the PO threads.
  9. Not a fan of this band, but I love that they put extra songs on side D instead of an etching. I wish everyone would do this.
  10. The sound quality isn’t going to be great on this, and it was digitally recorded, plus I don’t think I need to “collect” this, so I think I’m going to save myself some cash and get the Blu-ray. I’d much rather watch a concert than just listen anyway.
  11. I am disappointed in myself that I clicked the link with the intention to buy 5 albums that I already own.
  12. Yeah, it would suck if people could buy a long out of print LP without lining up the night before, fighting with people in the store, or paying double or triple online, amirite?