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  1. Not an Offspring fan, but I have come to like this kind of release with a dozen or so variants. I’m not a variant collector for any band anymore, so I get to pick the one I think is the coolest and not worry about the rest. It’s a win for me and a win for the band.
  2. No, the price went up dramatically sometime after TAFH box set came out and they realized people would pay $30 per 12”. Originally Gish was $20 and SD was $25. Now SD goes for $50 list.
  3. Finally! This is the first of the two I want. I don’t care about signed. I’ll order from my local. This through Uh Huh Her are my favorites. Looking forward to the demos.
  4. It’s pretty amazing what the “Deluxe” box sets of this and Facelift contain or really don’t contain. Rare tracks, b-sides, demos, live material, high res, surround, etc. The remix of White Pony is definitely a cool addition. But no other musical extras? I get it, there may be somethings that different fans don’t like (I don’t really care for live material), but to include next to nothing for anybody just seems poorly thought out.
  5. The RSD version of Sap has an etching just like the MOV pressing. I wonder if this just a repressing of the MOV as a stand alone.
  6. Maybe. The In Keeping Secrets vinyl remaster just ended up sounding funny, and the Good Apollo wasn’t anything mind blowing. GA sounded fine/good though. Without transparency into that side of production, it’s near impossible for me to accept that something was or wasn’t done based of someone’s perceptions. The way modern music is recorded and produced make it even harder to tell if things were done “right”. I’m way off topic. Enjoy the record.
  7. The 2011 pressing doesn’t include Junesong Provision (Acoustic) or Everything Evil (Demo). The 7” had IRO-bot and Elf Tower New Mexico. I didn’t say the CD or stream sounded bad. I’m not a vinyl purist, or fanatic. Vinyl doesn’t sound better because it’s vinyl, or analog at some point in the massive chain from when it’s recorded to when it hits my ears. Whether something is counterfeit or official, I like to know what it is I’m buying or listening to.
  8. So this counterfeit has the track listing of the reissue CD and the streaming services. At best this is the CD pressed to vinyl, at worst it’s a lossy streaming rip pressed to vinyl.
  9. I also love BoV, and think it sounds great. Abyss on the other hand, despite having some great songs, has terrible production, IMO, and the vinyl doesn’t save it in that regard. It’s actually a tough listen for me. Abyss has the lowest DR of any of her albums. Its so dense, dirty, and supposed to represent this dream like hellscape (so dynamics would seem important) to begin with, no need to ruin it with excessive mixing/mastering.
  10. Yes, I can understand your feelings on the sleeves. It doesn’t bother me as these were made as stand alone releases. You said you just bought originals. I just looked at OP Repetitions as mine has some strange damage on it* and Discogs listings were from $60-$100! Did you find a better price? i also want to point out a very small difference in the Repetition reissue. The OP has a lock groove at the end of side 2. Numero reissue cut does not.
  11. Is this Desire? will be my first purchase of this reissue series, so I’m really looking forward to the album and demos. Hopefully the demos are different enough to offer something new!

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