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  1. Can someone who is a member help me get my hands on The National?
  2. I received my copy today and it is pretty beat up. Seamsplits and the corner is bent. Anyone else?
  3. I've missed all other realeases by The Strokes so I'm pretty hyped that I was able to snag this one.
  4. Pre-order for The Strokes "First Impressions of Earth" is up! https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/the_strokes-first_impressions_of_earth_exclusive_lp?variant=33834685260
  5. Is there going to be a Paramore RIOT! exclusive this year since it is the 10 year anniversary? They did one two years ago for AWKIF so I was wondering if mayyyybe?
  6. Oh wow, I did not hear about this. I was at that show as well but left early because the entire time I had a bad feeling. Just something that was screaming at me to go home.
  7. I kind of wanted the red or green but was too late :c ohh well, orange it is. i might get blue if my record store gets it
  8. My friend went for me and I almost had her grab the Radical Face box... kind of regretting not getting it now :/ Also, for people looking for Mac Demarco, apparently Park Ave in Orlando, FL had a bunch(5+) of them about an hour ago. Limit is 1 per customer.
  9. My request to have RSD off was originally approved, but they had to schedule me last minute because we are short staffed. If someone could help me out with Mac Demarco and maybe La Dispute I will greatly appreciate it. PM me! PS: I can get you discounted Vans
  10. Not crazy about the singles, so as long as there isn't a limited variant, I will not be spending $11 for shipping. I already have the Heartthrob magazine autographed so I don't need a signed poster.