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  1. tgpotgpo

    Vinyl Related Podcasts

    Record Nerdz - Episode 5.
  2. tgpotgpo

    Vinyl Related Podcasts

    In the latest episode, did it bother anyone else that they said "Vinyl Head" and "Vinyl Geek" long before they said "Vinyl Nerd?"
  3. I thought the same until young pete's AMA: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/wc33h/iama_comedian_and_musician_danny_tamberelli_i_was/c5c2yup
  4. The important question though is "Can you settle a sure bet?"
  5. Anyone compare it to the CD? Any noticeable differences?
  6. I wondered what happened to her. Glad she's making new music. Golden Book is amazing. I have high expectations for this.
  7. tgpotgpo

    Vinyl Related Podcasts

    Perhaps a small mixing board for the individual mics. That way you can adjust per person. You can also use software normalization in programs like audacity: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/normalize.html MP3gain is old, but I believe still works: http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net QMP3Gain appears to be a more up-to-date, open-source version of MP3gain. http://www.hecticgeek.com/2012/02/qmp3gain-free-mp3-normalizer-windows/ I've never used it, but http://www.kanssoftware.comlooks promising too.
  8. That's disappointing. I've ordered over a dozen records from them and they've always been very responsive.
  9. tgpotgpo

    Vinyl Related Podcasts

    I've followed the podcast since episode 1. I like it a lot. My only crit is the lack of volume normalization. Some people's voices are very loud, some extremely soft. When listening in my car I frequently have to turn the volume up or down depending on who's speaking. Other than that, I'm a huge fan. Keep it up!
  10. Careful with this one. The latest pressing has the wrong A side.
  11. tgpotgpo

    What was the first record you ever bought?

    Robert John - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) 7" when I was around 8 or 9 years old.
  12. tgpotgpo

    What books are you reading?

    Just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was more interesting than I was expecting. I'm now moving on to the 2nd book in the series, The Girl Who Played with Fire.