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  1. When I ordered To Record Only Water, I think I remember it saying that it was a limited one time pressing?
  2. I've done a round of check ups from that list a couple times, I figure I'll do another tomorrow and so on! Edit: I was viewing this on mobile and didn't realize that was a link to it. Thanks a ton!
  3. Extremely bummed, I ordered this from Amazon and it's the /500 variant. I also ordered it from revhq as drug church said they'd have the indie exclusive, but got an email back from their staff saying it was also the /500. If anyone is willing to trade the /200 indie exclusive color in color for the /500 or has a link for the /200 that's for sure, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. Looking to sell some stuff I don't listen to anymore to make some room on the shelves. Prices are definitely negotiable, and include shipping- but not Goods and Services fees. •Balance and Composure - Separation - 500 copies - 2nd Press - Orange - $25 •Beach Slang - The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us - 800 copies - 1st Press - Clear - $15 •Brightside - Now + Loud - White - $12 •The Cardboard Swords - The Cardboard Swords - 250 copies - 2nd Press - Bone w/ Beer Splatter - $15 •Circa Survive - On Letting Go: Deluxe Ten Year Edition - 2500 copies - Black Splatter + White/Blue Mix + Red/Gray Mix (3xLP) - $45 •Circa Survive - The Amulet - 2500 copies - 1st Press - Split Black & Clear w/ Blue Splatter - $20 •Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten - 375 copies - 1st Press - Silver - $18 •Eskimeaux - O.K. - 250 copies - 1st Press - Blue w/ Yellow Splatter - $20 •Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fire Works - 300 copies - 2nd Press - Blue/ Purple Mix w/ White/ Purple/ Blue Splatter - $20 •Hovvdy - Cranberry - 1st Press - Milky Clear - $22 •Into It. Over It. - Proper - 500 copies - 1st Press - Coke Bottle - $22 •The Island of Misfit Toys - I Made You Something - 300 copies - 1st Press - Black - $15 •Jank - Awkward Pop Songs - 700 copies - 1st Press - Kelly Green w/ Halloween Orange and Purple Splatter - $20 •Title Fight - Shed - 1400 copies - 1st Press - Black - $15 •Title Fight - Floral Green - 2350 copies - 1st Press - Green - $25 •You Blew It! - The Past in the Present - 256 copies - 1st Press - Translucent Blue - $20 •You Blew It! - You Blue It - 400 copies - 1st Press - Cyan Blue / White Color In Color - $15
  5. Will the indie retail be available online or is that still up in the air?
  6. While most of the ones posted don't look great, I'm pretty happy with mine. Especially the b-side.
  7. Good on ya for that Chuck Strangers link, was just wondering about him!
  8. in for the deluxe, i love that they do something way different/closer to the album cover with them
  9. Got in the Early Bird variant today, way cooler than the mock up or what i imagined!
  10. Got the BSM variant in yesterday and its gorgeous. Definitely a great 4th splatter for the little beach slang series they have going on. I honestly think this album is neat, its worth noting that James Alex only sings on this. The piano and strings were done by other people, assumedly studio musicians, and as a result some of the melodies that get lost in the mix of the full band stuff really shine through here. Hell id even go as far to say that these versions made me like the second album better. I gotta say, the EPs and first LP are all incredible, and I urge those who aren't that into the first LP to relisten. The second album was definitely thrown together and this recent Noisey feature touches on that a bit, and really on a lot of the criticisms he/the band face. ALSO this version of Too Late to Die Young is softer but way better than the original acoustic one.

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