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  1. I have not received the THR update email either. Hopefully this will all get cleared up eventually. I was really hoping to fill in the gaps on vinyl from Zao as I have everything so far that has been released on vinyl.....really want Parade Of Chaos
  2. snp304

    Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    will be in Brooklyn for 4 days towards the end of September...this is on my list
  3. emailed the label, shipping will get fixed Ohhh thanks for the heads up- I just changed shipping options thinking this would be easier... I didn’t realize it was inflating the prices so much. I’ll reset the options and give you a heads up when that’s done. Sorry for the annoyance and appreciate you letting me know!!
  4. was excited for this, then I went to check out and shipping is $10.50 for vinyl....good grief Pre-Order All Else Failed now on: 150gm opaque grey marble vinyl (Limited Edition of 250) 150gm random color vinyl (each copy is a unique mix of colors) 150gm black vinyl Red shell cassette (Limited edition of 50) Black shell cassette Limited edition CD Bundle deals with turntable mats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts https://www.steadfastrecords.net/zao-all-else-failed-order
  5. talked to the guys last night and the new release will include the songs on 7 inches, plus 2 or 3 others.
  6. digging the new stuff, just got the 2nd 7 inch in the mail yesterday....going to see them on November 1st...can't wait
  7. snp304

    Wtb/wttf some lucero lps

    good luck finding the Nobody's Darlings white....haven't come across one in a long time
  8. snp304

    New York Record Stores/Venues

    was in New York last year a hit a few. There are so many record stores scattered around that it is very overwhelming. The one store that stands out to me the most was Material World records and tapes. They pretty much specialize in metal/punk, plenty of stuff that I have never even heard of before. Prices were decent and I even had them ship what I bought to my house...can' t wait to make it back there one day
  9. good luck finding a first, second or third press for that. I think the market has climbed
  10. there are a couple of original presses up right now with BIN of $99 or best offer....not mine, just letting you know
  11. just got an email saying that they have run out of Picket Fence Cartel vinyl, they oversold the vinyl and was wondering if there is anything else they can substitute in it's place....guess no Project 86 vinyl for me