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  1. Retail (grey solid) 1015 Artist version (galaxy) 1535 Mail order version 298 Fest version (special) 105 Rva record release (special) 105
  2. New Tim Barry Roads to Richmond is out tomorrow, but is live right now on his site https://timbarry.bigcartel.com/product/tim-barry-the-roads-to-richmond-lp
  3. original preorder, no shipment notification, showed up yesterday
  4. topic says it all, looking for the Sabot reissue on clear vinyl. There were 300 pressed, any help would be appreciated.
  5. A local store had a red one, have not been there in a while, but will gladly take a look if you want me too.
  6. I said that with tongue in cheek and a hint of sarcasm...only if I had more disposable income https://www.discogs.com/user/maltizer71/collection?sort_by=artists_sort
  7. anyone heard anything about these yet? I messaged tiny engines and got no reply. The band got there copies, figured the label would get theirs soon after
  8. I have not received the THR update email either. Hopefully this will all get cleared up eventually. I was really hoping to fill in the gaps on vinyl from Zao as I have everything so far that has been released on vinyl.....really want Parade Of Chaos
  9. will be in Brooklyn for 4 days towards the end of September...this is on my list