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  1. Been looking for this for quite some time. Anyone have this sitting around and willing to part with it????
  2. no....and not even a shipping notification yet
  3. both of my copies, one of each color, do it. Turntable is Marantz TT15S1 with stock Clearaudio Virtuoso cart. So it sounds like the recourse is to live with it, while that is not ideal, I would rather live with it than to turn it into a situation where the band has to eat it, just my 2 cents....and yes, the pressing sounds amazing
  4. Me too, I'm thinking they just cancelled the pressing. I'm pretty sure I ordered it within a day or two of it showing up on UO
  5. did anyone else get their order for Jessie Reyez - Before Love Came To Kill Us cancelled today?
  6. I second that answer...been spinning it non stop
  7. remaster all else failed 25th anniversary edition 180g Black says out of 350 on Bandcamp
  8. yeah, well, I have been there, trust me. Luckily I have a woman that enjoys the music just as much as I do. She pushed me to make all the upgrades that I have made. Hopefully I can say that I am done, maybe upgrade the cart at some point when a replacement is needed..
  9. I have had it since last October, it replaced a Project Expression III with Orto red cart. Hands down it was a huge upgrade, so worth it
  10. Vintage is always good. The dyns replaced a pair of JBL 4312's, they were great speakers, but I was looking to downsize and couldn't be happier
  11. what kind of speakers are you currently running?
  12. Ok, here is a pic of my current setup, Rogue Cronus Magnum III amp, Marantz TT15S1 turntable and a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 speakers. Just finished putting this together last week...absolutely love it so far
  13. Great live band and Bj is a super nice guy, been into them for quite a while. Dances For The Lonely was my first tour. Favorites are Dances, Burn.Flicker.Die and Wolves. The new one may crack the time 5, still growing on me

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