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  1. Elusive disc has had Some version of this up for pre order for a while. Standard black? $32 shipped with 10% off code. http://www.elusivedisc.com/Ween-The-Pod-180G-2LP/productinfo/SCHLP5213/
  2. New Johnny Jewel Twin peaks outtake album.http://italiansdoitbetter.bigcartel.com/product/johnny ”Themes for television”
  3. On the 2xLP, the Alien is an alien warrior from Aliens. Not the classic Gieger design.
  4. Jesus, that's obvious. I panicked! One of my favorite records of all time.
  5. Is that a picture disk test press? If so PLEASE have a variant this time around.
  6. Have 1st press black Diiv Oshin, looking for Newbury exclusive Nick Cave Push the sky away.
  7. I use Soundstage a lot, got the last copy of Abbatoir they had in stock from them. Only time they didn't fulfil a 10-14 day shipping order for me was an out of print title. Code LP10 will get you 10% off their site, expires at midnight EST.
  8. I am guessing what 3 albums we wont get over here.... could be any that have not been announced, But I feel my theory is solid. I ordered my abbatoir from Soundstage direct a couple weeks ago, $40 bucks plus free shipping. The sound quality is amazing! Really hope the U.S. presses sound as good.
  9. According to the NickCave.com post today the U.S is getting 11 albums as opposed to the U.K's 14. I would be willing to bet the missing three are Abbatoir, Lazarus & Nocturoma. The U.S release schedule follows the U.K. chronological album release date pattern, with the exception of these latter 3 being released in between the first batch and the second. I have also noticed that several U.S online retailers are stocking the imports of these and only these 3 titles from the campaign(Soundstage direct currently has all three for $40 each).
  10. My Bullmoose orders have always shipped 2 day priority, I bet you have them by Wednesday. I received my import Abattoir last week, just couldnt wait on this one. Sounds so fricking good! Really looking forward to getting the 1st batch of U.S. presses this week.
  11. Yeah, my hope is the lower price point reflects unannounced U.S. releases. Wish Mute would release some solid info with whats going on with these.
  12. Mine came yesterday,it was not packed well. Boxset was wrapped in brown shipping paper, with a piece of bubble wrap covering the middle leaving all four corners exposed. I am located in the same state as the seller, so it didnt have too travel far and was undamaged.
  13. Subscribers had there oppurtunity to secure one last week, the 65 that went up today are the remainder left over from subbers who passed and left overs from the mondo con/ beyond fest. This is open to the general public, only 5 left!

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