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  1. Pretty much my exact sentiments. I'll still occasionally pop on Destiny for some Trials, but generally I'm pretty done with that game. And I'm not the type that gets burned out, I can play the same game over and over, it's just the way things have been handled (or mishandled) that broke my spirits. I have been playing The Division, and really enjoying it. I definitely don't think it's a time-sink like Destiny, because it feels equally as grindy but without the "grandness" and emotional excitement that Destiny instilled. So I guess it is the same time sink, but nothing I'll sink the same amount of time into. But I will say the first time going through the City, and running into the dark details of what would really happen in an event like this and a breakdown of society, was a blast. It was really a new experience and I enjoyed finding lots of little dark details in the environment you could easily skip over. I think the Darkzone is an interesting take on PvP, but it's not near the same enjoyment as Desinty PvP because it isn't competitive. It's just a gankfest. I do have hope for content in Division and am interested to see where they take it, because I have no hope for content in Destiny and likely won't touch the game except as I do now, occasional competitive PvP. The April news is depressing for Destiny. The single longest content drought in game history, and all we get is a reskinned Prison of Elders that we have to play 9x each week for gear across our 3 characters? It wasn't even that fun to begin with to play through 3x a week, and I hated breaking up a regular raid group because it was only a 3-man content. It may have been unreasonable, but my expectations were at least one of the Y1 raids reskinned and re-challenged. That I'd be more inclined to go play through for a bit.
  2. Did anyone who hated the first song keep going? I'm only on the second track but in typical Max fashion, the song is wildly different then the track just before it. I dig the second song a lot more than the first already and glad I didn't shut it off after the first track.
  3. Have you tried just contacting Cambridge or a local distributor to see if they can sell you one or just...give you one? Shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Easier than trying to spec it properly online I would think.
  4. That's not vinyl, that's the rest of your equipment. I don't expect a sound bar to get very good mids in a stereo setup. It's probably focusing on center channel (where most dialogue and voices are) and bass (since that's what most movie/theater systems value).
  5. Yeah I would almost consider the essential a non-option. You either go u-turn or spring a little more for the debut carbon, RP1, etc. line of tables from the various manufacturers.
  6. Prime benefits are at the time the order was placed, not shipped. You should be fine.
  7. Just a heads up, my experience with Grado carts is they REALLY need to be aligned perfectly to sound right. But when they do, they're fantastic. So don't be afraid to get it aligned using your protractor and still mess around a bit to see if you can't get a better sound if you aren't as impressed as you expected. They're finicky little things.
  8. Chrome can, just let your browser translate it for you!
  9. I haven't seen ajxd post around here as often as usual, but seem him recommend this preamp a few times, and I greatly trust his opinions and recommendations on equipment.
  10. Think I found it, AT-20SS. Edit: Here, scroll down to the 20SS and it looks like yours. I've never seen the "SS" and there's not a lot of info out, but I think it has to be it, given the limited number of AT stuff with a "2" in the model number. http://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_database.php?m=Audio%20Technica&sort=2&t=mm&Search=Search&mod=&ovlo=&ovhi=&sty=&stid=&dclo=&dchi=&can=&masslo=&masshi=&notes=&prlo=&prhi=&page=50
  11. Huh...I mean the markings imply it's probably one of the AT-20 series, but I've never seen one that isn't some shade of gold. I'm confused.