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  1. Hey! I’m selling some vinyl records. DM me offers. I also have them listed on Discogs, with “make an offer” option. https://www.discogs.com/seller/pablo.romasanta/profile -face to face - self titled EU SE -Teenage Bottlerocket - Stealing the covers EU SE -Teenage Bottlerocket - Warning Device RSD yellow with black splatter. -punk rock holiday 10inches 2017 comp (half green half blue) -swingin utters fat subs -the Lawrence Arms fat subs -anti flag fat subs -against me fat subs -Mfgg fat subs -Jeff rosenstock post blue with black -Zach Quinn one week records red. -Yotan Ben horin one week récords red. -western addiction tremolous grey with black -bombpops FOMO white -Nofx - Xmas white -riot fest Denver 2016 flexi set. -and more (listed on Discogs) Thanks for reading!
  2. pablo.romasanta

    F/S: 1,300 LP's, 7"s, 10"s, 78's, etc (all genres)

    Hi! What color is the HOFX? Thanks! Nice collection
  3. pablo.romasanta


    Hey! I am looking for HOFX colors, specially red and pink. But any other color is welcome! Please contact me Thank you for looking! Best Pablo
  4. pablo.romasanta

    FS: NOFX

    I am looking for the whole original set of the 7 inch of the month club. Do you still have them? Thank you
  5. pablo.romasanta

    FS: NOFX - 7 inch of the month club full set

    Hi! Do you still have it for sale? Thank you
  6. I am looking for the whole original set of the 7 inch of the month club by nofx. Anyone selling them? Thanks!