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  1. I once asked them to gather two of my order to save on shipping. They responded over the week-end. Never asked for a full refund though.
  2. I'm guessing the clear LP from deathwish Europe is also the 2xLP clear exclusive even if it's not clearly stated.
  3. I ordered at the very beginning of it being online, and am still waiting for a shipping notification.
  4. Aren't the first 2000 already pressed and shipping soon?
  5. I cancelled my order from the eu 4AD store and got my money back. I actually just received the vinyl. Yeah, free vinyl!
  6. I contacted B&N about the door hanger. Their answer: "Upon checking, the item you ordered is a signed LP as shown on the website." Still waiting for it though.
  7. I made him an offer, still waiting for his answer.
  8. It's actually cheaper for me (in France) to order from the US store.
  9. I almost missed on this, I was there when they were supposed to go up but had to leave quickly after that. Luckily, they were some wooden box left (2) when I came back home and I got one. I also got a copy of veles. I was a little surprised to see that this release had so much hype, I definitely didn't thought those would sold out so quickly. And even less thought that the server would crash because of that.
  10. Spurv is raising money to release their next album https://www.gofundme.com/5mfkb-preorder-spurvs-next-album
  11. Release Date: 22 sept 2017 http://www.secretlydistribution.com/resources/cst126.pdf Luciferian Towers:1. Undoing a Luciferian Towers2. Bosses Hang3. Fam/Famine4. Anthem for No State
  12. I had these a couple years ago, I burned my house. They were gone.
  13. I loved All We Expected as well and instantly bought a shirt. I'm definitly eager to hear their first album on dunk last fall. Man, Swans... They arrived 30 minutes late and played a "45-minute songs that have 3 riffs"! That was too much for me and I went straight to bed.

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