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  1. Anyone selling a good color pressing of the 59 Sound? Thanks!
  2. I can not get over how bad all of these new songs are. I feel like it may be a joke.
  3. I got my green copy today with a nice big sticker that reads “LIMITED EDITION GREEN VINYL 500 COPIES”.
  4. Planes Mistaken For Stars comeback record was incredible, and easily one of the best records of last year. AN is one of my favorite bands ever, and they completely changed my life. But I’m not expecting much from them. Tim wrote the songs and he’s gone. Wes is basically married with a kid and seems happy (that’s a good thing) so there’s no way his writing can match the stuff from 15+ years ago.
  5. https://twitter.com/degvusser/status/930211774623711233 https://www.reddit.com/r/fightoffyourdemons/comments/7czu44/mods_of_rbrandnew_deleted_my_post_timeline_of/ Emily Driskill apparently dated Jesse after he forced himself on her. She said she kept in touch with Jesse until she was 23 (2009) but her own Flickr account has photos she took of the band in 2011. She also leaked nude video of Jesse in 2012 after they broke up. This is illegal and often considered a form of abuse. Why isn’t she being called out?
  6. The nu metal reissues are hitting hard right now.
  7. I'd probably bite on $100, maybe $120. But $200 with only 2 LPs? Nuts. Even the regular version is $40 after shipping. I wish they would have done a deluxe discography box for $200, I would have snatched that up.
  8. $195 for the deluxe box set limited to 2000. Fuck that. $30 for regular 180g vinyl. I'll wait until it shows up in stores.
  9. Canceled my Barnes order. Which is okay, because I listened to this on the way home. Now I'm a HUGE National fan. They're the only band I can think of that gets better with each record, and I thought Trouble was a masterpiece. But this may be the most disappointing record ever to me. There's some songs that don't even sound like the National at all without Matt's voice. Maybe it will grow on me, but I can never see it being up to par with everything else they've done.
  10. Bought this about 15 minutes after it went up and still got black. Lesson learned.
  11. I recall a few people saying "that's fucked up" or whatever, but I'm still floored there wasn't a stronger backlash. Coming from a scene that loves holding people accountable for shit they do/say, most people didn't bat an eye. This reminds me of a meme around the same time that was making the rounds making fun of Wes Eisold for only having one hand. At the point I saw it, it had hundreds of RTs. The person I saw RTing it was a person who lost their shit about Whirr thing. Basically just proving this scene only cares about certain "classes" of people.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/Emo/comments/4sc7fv/discussion_the_world_is_a_beautiful_place_i_am_no/ Mostly explained here.
  13. God damn, remember buying this at a show a few days before it was actually released. It came with a giant poster.