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  1. Ftfy, The seller is literally crafting his own picture discs.
  2. ^^^ 99.999% they will be records. These sales are all about moving stagnant merchandise to clear floor space in warehouses. Box sets take up more space physically, but there are fewer units to move to gain the valuable space for new merchandise, hence the deals.
  3. Did they have 7"s in the "Satan's" pack? There were only "Santa's" left when I saw it.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/user/jeremybentham/collection Many rare items, like, for real. Same name on DF, please make reasonable offers. Thanks!!!
  5. Is shill bidding on your own auctions considered shady?? Just saying...
  6. Hey all, just a heads up, this dude is selling on the 'Bay under aanana512013 Proceed with caution