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  1. I’m not subscribing to anything, but I’d love to see a repress of Scream Dracula Scream
  2. I bet a sizable portion of the membership on this board don't listen to their records, whether they admit it or not.
  3. This is a cool set. Feels like it will drop in price 6 months to a year out. I'll wait.
  4. As mentioned by someone else, there could be a minor warp in your record that a cheap turntable can’t compensate for. I would take advice of everyone here and accept it’s your turntable. There are lps with defects that can’t be dealt with regardless of the turntable. Those do happen from time to time, but nowhere near your experience. Try the penny trick someone mentioned. If that fixes the issue, you’ve got a decision to make. Either buy a better turntable (with a counter weight ), be content with your setup’s issues or stop listening to vinyl.
  5. Pig in a Nixon mask has been my particular favorite so far
  6. Not totally sure about that. the least insecure for sure.
  7. Oof, tough crowd *nervously adjusts tie*. So did you hear the one about the record collector and the termite???
  8. If it’s an album you truly *forgot* how great it was, shouldn’t this thread be empty?
  9. By that logic, shouldn't they be charging less if they're not splitting the profits with a label? I don't care either way, just a curiosity.
  10. You folks are getting taken for a ride.
  11. I'm not an expert or anything, but I enjoy reggae. Some big names you left off and should check out if you haven't are: Toots and the Maytals, Desmond Dekker, Peter Tosh, The Upsetters (Lee Perry). Plus The Harder They Come soundtrack is gold.
  12. I just the assumed the message board was in respite care from the gen pop pyschos that frequented its pages. Good to be back though...
  13. If it’s in your budget, I really enjoy my record doctor V. I cleaned records manually with a brush for several years and I regret not getting one of these sooner. If it’s in your budget and you’re a fairly serious collector, it’s worth it in my opinion. If you’re on a tighterbudget or are just getting into collecting, I’d stick with a manual brush until you know you want to upgrade.
  14. With a collection that large and not wanting to sell on discogs, I’d look into contacting a local record store that buys collections. That would be the easiest option. It’s what I would do in your situation anyway
  15. I don't see how this contradicts anything that that's been said (assuming this is in response to my post). I don't recall asking anyone to give a fuck about any "reaction" that I, or anyone else, might have had to someone else's artistic choices. People are still entitled to have these opinions, particularly if its something that resonates with us so emotionally like music can. Again, did you read the part where I said a band can do whatever they want with their music?
  16. I don't know. I'm just not arrogant enough to think I know how everyone thinks and feels. Go eat a burrito.
  17. Actually, I said there are at least two reasonable takes. You should read things a little more closely and you might not have to ask what they mean.
  18. did you miss the part where i said band can do what they want with their music?
  19. No kidding. I don't know why I waded into this muck with folks who seem to confuse "the scene" (the place where people congregate to collectively share their love of someone's art - and apparently their coolness) with the music created by the artist that hits in the places that make us want to join or create a scene in the first place. But hey, lets go stagedive, hi five the band at the merch table while we nosh on a 7 layer burrito. Is that better?
  20. People have to eat. Bands can do what they want with their music. I don't know this song at all really. If it happened to have special meaning to me, it would be a shame that this significance was now psychologically associated with shitty fast food. If we talk of music being this life changing medium (which many of us do), then its perfectly normal for a person who feels this way to be bummed out about the choices a band makes with their rightfully owned music. There are at least two perfectly reasonable takes on this issue depending on your perspective of things.
  21. Yes, I've had far more problems with Interpunk than I ever did with P+P.
  22. 50% off everything at Rad Girlfriend Records https://radgirlfriendrecords.storenvy.com/ Code: WINTERSUX
  23. A bit salty for a 4 song ep, but I pulled the trigger on it.

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