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  1. Coloured vinyl Only site I've found so far. They have a bunch of bundles and a solid black as well. Use code HIPHOP10 and the price comes to about 45$ USD. Standard black available as well Up on his site as well: https://oklama.com/store UK peeps: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/search.html?term=kendrick+lamar+mr+morale+%26+the+big+steppers
  2. https://shop.themelodicblue.com/products/vinyl
  3. I think it sounds pretty great too, bass is better than a lot of hip-hop records I have. My copy just had the typical slight shelfware I always expect on a record cover.
  4. I've had mine sitting on my record player for a couple days as I've been busy, gonna blast it tomorrow. Also Tyler sold 59k copies of this, that's really crazy to me.
  5. If I had one wish I'D FREE THE HOMIES. Idk this and Rosalía definitely battling for AOTY. This year is gonna be stacked, Kendrick I hope obliterates everyone's albums.
  6. Yeah I think they're gonna ship immediately, a lot of artist have said because vinyl is so backed up and these fucking Gen Z children have no patience, that they're not gonna put them for sale till they're in hand or close to it. Ex. The vinyl for Macadelic shipped the day after it was announced. Baby Keem has also said he's not putting up the vinyl till it's in hand, think Vince said something similar as well for the new record. Honestly I prefer this, no more Frank Ocean type madness.
  7. https://golfwang.com/collections/new/products/call-me-if-you-get-lost-vinyl?variant=41398626812076 2 STANDARD WEIGHT BLACK VINYL DISCS IN GATEFOLD JACKET WITH 12" x 12" POSTER. ARTWORK BY: GREGORY FERRAND
  8. I'm speechless still, my whole family is gutted, this was one of those bands all of us have been fans of since forever. Hope the band and his family are gonna be okay, shit sucks.
  9. This was 50 bucks after shipping taxes. But glad all these mixtapes are making their way to streaming and physical formats.
  10. Picture disc up if ya know, that's your thing. https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/products/denzel-curry-melt-my-eyez-limited-edition-picturedisc I appreciate how the mock has creases from the PVC sleeve. 10/10, this Graphic Designer picture discs.
  11. Another fire one, it's now between this and OU variant 🤔.
  12. They're smoking crack with that 40 dollar price tag for a single LP.
  13. Updated OP and I found this Maroon variant that apparently comes with a signed insert. The website is also offering 10% off when you sign up for their news letter.
  14. https://found.ee/DC_MMESYF 8 exclusives from Loma Vista (colored and picture disc), Newbury, OU, VMP, Revolver (which is already sold out), UK (Maroon color) and US Indie store variant. Update 2: all variants so far. Revolver (sold out) Newbury Urban Outfitters Loma Vista Picture Disc Overpriced VMP Maroon Variant Singles have been great.
  15. Today is a day I thought I'd never see, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. I gotta say, I really enjoyed all the courses from Tour. The Tokyo and Paris one all have you take different routes on the last lap. The Ninja one is insanely fun, you literally have two routes the entire race, one above and one below. All the remakes are great too. I hated Choco Mountain on the N64 and thank god they took out the part where you can fall backwards into the course. Sky Gardens was always another favorite of mine, glad to see it return.
  16. Beat Doom Eternal on PS5, easily one of the best shooters I've ever played. Gonna try and go for the platinum. Just started Skyward Sword on Switch, still got a huge backlog on this thing, but all these new Switch games are so good.
  17. Probably way more for the tri, this has been up since around 9AM PST, I'm sure they've been flying all day. That being said, get the tri or forever hold your peace.
  18. Tri-color: https://shop.macmillerswebsite.com/products/faces-3xlp Yellow: https://shop.macmillerswebsite.com/products/faces-vinyl
  19. Dammit I just bought Sin Miedo on vinyl! In for Blxst, Kali Uchis and Bobby Digital.
  20. I wonder if that means his exclusive goes up sometime in these next 2 weeks. Keep your Twitter notifications ready.
  21. UO exclusive with alternate artwork: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/vince-staples-vince-staples-limited-lp?color=001&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1

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