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  1. Missed out on the Super Deluxe batch. Stoked to have a press of 100!
  2. I received the full download with the preorder and can say that the rest of the album shines brighter than the singles. "Why" and the opening track "Somewhere, Nowhere" are outstanding. Stoked to spin the splatter LPs!
  3. Considering it's on sale for $189 now, I'd say not that well.
  4. Wasn't trying to spread false information by including the time in the original post. I received an email from the 999 Club newsletter that said "Ends at 9PM PST," and then they did not. Both went back up and a 3rd variant was added. A similar situation occurred with The Weeknd's "After Hours" collectors variants.
  5. 3rd variant up: https://legendsneverdie999.shop/products/tbd-smile-vinyl-single-digital-single (looks like the time limit was a hoax)
  6. Two variants up until 9pm PST: 999: https://legendsneverdie999.shop/products/999-smile-vinyl-single-digital-single XO: https://legendsneverdie999.shop/products/xo-smile-vinyl-single-digital-single
  7. "Limbo" vinyl available for preorder here: https://amine.store/collections/all/products/limbo-vinyl Ships in 16 weeks and includes a digital download. Fairly standard timeline for new hip-hop releases. "Compensating" video:
  8. Anyone else notice the Disambiguation / Erase Me logo teaser at the end of the They're Only Chasing Safety transmission? Hoping they perform those next! A Disambiguation repress would be great too.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Snagged the splatter. Not too bummed about missing the GITD as those pressings are quite noisy.
  10. Found a used copy of "Canada Songs" by Daughters on blue vinyl at my local record store for $13.95.
  11. Exclusive cassette variants here: https://daughters.bandcamp.com/merch
  12. Evil Greed /300 available: https://evilgreed.net/products/gulch-impenetrable-cerebral-fortress-lp
  13. Gulch's Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress goes up 9pmPST/12amEST tonight via Closed Casket Activities. Four variants announced. https://closedcasketactivities.com/collections/gulch