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  1. I haven't opened that RSD T Swift 1989 record because I already had the black version, and I am glad I didn't.
  2. Its great. Like a mixture of Dissection and Emperor or old Dimmu Borgir
  3. Well this sucks. Guess I will not be getting Crimson. A GM will be going back into their stock at least because I don't want 2 of those
  4. Plus we've found a few boxes of some of our albums on limited-edition gold vinyl and they are available to order now while they last!
  5. These are new variants? The email made it seem like they just found them lying around somewhere
  6. I accidentally ordered two Good Mourning instead of Good Mourning and Crimson. Ugh. I contacted KingsRoad. Is there customer service any good?
  7. It was $15 and change to me to NY and with tax it came out to almost $28. Absurd.
  8. It would be $27 with shipping though
  9. Shipping on that site is just atrocious. I was gonna get just the tote bag for $3 and shipping was $8.42. cmon you could throw that in padded shipping envelope for like $3 max
  10. I actually was going to do that but shipping is $15 FYI. Kind of kills the deal
  11. Yep. There was 3 or 4 Fearless LPs at Target when I got mine Friday so they will come back around
  12. My copy from Amazon came in a LP mailer wrapped in bubble wrap inside of a giant box. Sometimes their pack jobs are hilarious. Either way it was the green/white
  13. I got shipping notification from Amazon this morning as well. Will be here Tuesday. Phew
  14. Found it at Target after work today. They had like 10 of them. Glad I didn't stress about a pre order
  15. Mine says arriving Wednesday from Amazon. Ill be so sad if its cancelled since I wasnt around for the LTJ drop
  16. Very weird how they seem to have just sent out colors randomly and didn't even say anything. I still like the black with that white/yellow splatter the most
  17. Nice surprise. Very strange how nobody had these listed as being any kind of color.
  18. lol same. Ive bought every other one and kept them sealed. I guess I have to keep going
  19. I do similarly. I have shelves for my metal records and then shelves for everything else. Then it is alphabetical
  20. Cool shirt but $40.... https://shop.loveandpower.com/products/halsey-x-nin-limited-t-shirt

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