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  1. Welcome to the new norm for vinyl prices. Expect nothing but $30-$40 single LPs, especially from larger labels
  2. The store must be broken. So many comments on their IG post saying they can't order anything
  3. Anyone else having an issue with their site? I click on pre order now but nothing happens. For any of the variants
  4. Oh wow finally. I was just looking at my emails and that is by far my longest pending pre order
  5. i love NOFX but no way im spending $150 on a 10 inch boxset of songs that will be on their last album
  6. So i did the ticket request for a friend of mine. Ended up getting way better seats than when they originally went up for pre sale with the codes.
  7. Curious what the pressing number is on the Vagrant exclusive
  8. I actually kind of dug that way more than I thought I would but $20 for one song basically lol
  9. Ive really liked the last few NOFX records. Single Album was great imo but the new record is one of the worst things they have ever done.
  10. 25% off but it's all negated by the $12 shipping 😂 I hate KRM
  11. I already got my replacement this morning. Despite the fuck up they handled it really well. Good on them for being awesome
  12. stoked for my dudes in Undeath getting the #1 spot on that list. well deserved
  13. I dont trust that guy having like 20 shirts out before having a record

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