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  1. Olivia already going for 100+ on Discogs. Guess that one was flipper fodder this year
  2. 40th Anniversary edition of Show No Mercy. Pretty pricey for a single LP https://metalblade.indiemerch.com/products/slayer-show-no-mercy-40th-anniversary-edition-12
  3. Mine came in great condition thankfully but yeah that cheap mailer with no padding was terrible. Definitely should have been a gatefold as well I agree. Pressing sounds great though. Already listened one way through and no complaints here
  4. That's disappointing but not surprising from a major label that doesn't actually give a shit about quality. I already cancelled anyway since I wouldn't even take the next 2 records in this subscription for free
  5. Yeah I read the fine print and that's basically what it says.
  6. Weird for whatever reason I got a fraud alert on my card trying to buy that....
  7. So can I just sign up for this record and immediately cancel ?
  8. Still waiting for my Blood records version. I Always get nervous with anything from overseas
  9. I assume it's because it's their first time playing baseball stadiums
  10. I also notice that in certain parts the drums are very loud and kind of overtake the vocals and other instruments.
  11. I kind of wanted one of those "This is not our album cover" inserts but I guess only the indie variant had them?
  12. Really love Blink Wave. That one actually sounds more like the Cure than the one they said was an homage to the Cure
  13. That one was boring. But not offensive or anything. Just kind of exists
  14. BV version only 300. Went with that one. I like the solid color anyway
  15. Yeah Matt is a huge fan of that kind of stuff so it does make sense. And the shirts posted there fit that vibe also. Just not my taste personally

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