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  1. Love these guys! Soo cool. Really want a Height of Callousness release next!
  2. Just saw this today! Glad they still had some! Still 255 when I checked the stock. Bummer it's exclusive to their webstore cause they really gouge you for shipping on this one. Over $8...yeesh. I've been getting a lot of pre-orders easily through my local record store lately, so I guess I was due.
  3. Dang pressure is on. Might as well cave. I do like the album and haven't gotten it on vinyl yet.
  4. Nice. Thanks for the info. I always look, but have never ordered from them. Always a little pricey, but that one is tempting and it's /100..
  5. Wow. That Designs for Automotion looks awesome. I wonder how close to the mock-up it is, those are great colors to match the album art.
  6. I know what you mean. Between Discogs and Ebay I have gotten past releases after RSD was over. But I have enjoyed the "holiday" type feel of participating in RSD. I know the crowds and lines can be annoying, It's also a bummer some releases get sold out quickly. Personally I try not to get too uptight about what I may or may not be able to acquire from my want list that day. I just think it's a fun day to be out there with other enthusiasts visiting your local record stores. There's usually special events going on like live music, giveaways, and sales on non RSD releases or used records. You meet interesting new people, and catch up with old friends you may have not talked to for some time. I guess I just get really into the spirit of it all.
  7. Thanks for that info...hmmmmm.....now I am going to have to look at my budget even closer. I've skipped out on the last couple of C2E2's but that is also one of my favorite cons. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out Star Wars Celebration was going to be held at McCormick in 2019, so I immediately booked a room there before the hotel blocks even came out.
  8. Dang. Looks like two of my favorite things are going to be clashing this year. Not going to make Record Store Day since I will be attending Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Oh well...
  9. That is weird. They weren't clear as to whether they charge or not. It does mention that there is a pre auth, but that goes away after a few days. So it sounds like they continually pre-auth until it finally ships? I'm sure I'll be able to maintain the money in my account until it's time to buy, but I am still on the fence deciding if I need all four, or just Ascendancy. The holidays are just around the corner and it will be time for buying gifts for others....not myself.
  10. Did they charge you right away? The pre order policy in the FAQ is not 100% clear if they do or not..
  11. I just ordered both albums from Bullmoose. It says my order was placed on 10/24 so it's like a pre-pre-order. I went with the Green and Red variants, not based on limited availability, but what I thought complimented the album art the best. Can't wait for these to show up...in a month or so.
  12. Here's hoping for October Rust. One of my faves, but I can't afford any of the ones out there right now.
  13. I did notice on the G&P store page it says "Now Shipping"
  14. This is only a month away! I can't believe it's finally happening. Definitely one of my top albums ( on the nostalgia list anyway). Still waiting to hear more about those Stabbing Westward releases yet though.