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  1. Thanks for the share. I grabbed a BSN as well. It gave me the option for media mail, as I was not going to pay over twelve bucks for priority. Based on their Covid message, who knows when it will actually ship.
  2. Not sure if they are or not. He has a friend who's nickname is "Mondo". He saw the sticker I stuck on my water bottle and asked if I had any left.
  3. Does anyone have any unused Mondo promo stickers they would be willing to sell? Of all the Mondo releases I've bought I only got one sticker!? I have a friend who saw mine stuck on my water bottle at work and asked where I got it. Haven't really seen them for sale anywhere so I figured I'd ask around. Not picky on which sticker, just has to have the word Mondo on it.
  4. Damn. I wanted that Donkey Roll cover. Shouldn't have waited on it, seems to be the only one that sold out on both Mondo and The Lonely Island page. Might have to go for Standing in Front of Buildings instead..
  5. The 7" Says "Never Ending Story" on it. So there's that. I read somewhere that the cast is performing a song in the soundtrack? I assume that's what the 7" of Never Ending Story is?
  6. I know this hold multiples, but this is what I use. I keep it next to my turntable and rotate through my collection. This keeps my current rotation easily accessible. https://www.lpbin.com/binelpstorage
  7. Still waiting on mine. Neither cancelled, or shipped..time will tell.
  8. Dang. Still waiting on my shipping notice for 7M3. Hope I didn't get duped.
  9. Love these guys! Soo cool. Really want a Height of Callousness release next!
  10. Just saw this today! Glad they still had some! Still 255 when I checked the stock. Bummer it's exclusive to their webstore cause they really gouge you for shipping on this one. Over $8...yeesh. I've been getting a lot of pre-orders easily through my local record store lately, so I guess I was due.
  11. Dang pressure is on. Might as well cave. I do like the album and haven't gotten it on vinyl yet.
  12. Nice. Thanks for the info. I always look, but have never ordered from them. Always a little pricey, but that one is tempting and it's /100..
  13. Wow. That Designs for Automotion looks awesome. I wonder how close to the mock-up it is, those are great colors to match the album art.
  14. I know what you mean. Between Discogs and Ebay I have gotten past releases after RSD was over. But I have enjoyed the "holiday" type feel of participating in RSD. I know the crowds and lines can be annoying, It's also a bummer some releases get sold out quickly. Personally I try not to get too uptight about what I may or may not be able to acquire from my want list that day. I just think it's a fun day to be out there with other enthusiasts visiting your local record stores. There's usually special events going on like live music, giveaways, and sales on non RSD releases or used records. You meet interesting new people, and catch up with old friends you may have not talked to for some time. I guess I just get really into the spirit of it all.