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  1. Here's hoping for October Rust. One of my faves, but I can't afford any of the ones out there right now.
  2. Cardboard_Robot

    PO: Local H - Pack Up The Cats

    I did notice on the G&P store page it says "Now Shipping"
  3. I got the same treatment from popmarket.
  4. Cardboard_Robot

    PO: Fear Factory “Obsolete”

    This is only a month away! I can't believe it's finally happening. Definitely one of my top albums ( on the nostalgia list anyway). Still waiting to hear more about those Stabbing Westward releases yet though.
  5. Cardboard_Robot

    PO: Local H - Pack Up The Cats

    No problem. Looks like they go on sale at noon central time today. Good luck.
  6. Cardboard_Robot

    PO: Local H - Pack Up The Cats

    Looks like it is also available at G&P for a smaller price and a more limited run of 500 Orange. https://www.gandprecords.com/store/p97/Localhpackupthecats
  7. Cardboard_Robot

    Dance Gavin Dance - Color Pop Bundle

    The self titled! Because...well...the "Deathstar" look. But I am a big fan of the newest as well, both variants of Artificial Selection are pretty neat.
  8. Cardboard_Robot

    Dance Gavin Dance - Color Pop Bundle

    I see that now. It looks like they had to redo the bundle because they sold all the copies of the two hard to find releases.
  9. Cardboard_Robot

    Dance Gavin Dance - Color Pop Bundle

    So...the set is now down to $215? But no longer includes all 12 records. Only 10 now. Since it's not an actual "box set" I assume they had different amounts of each LP? Or they sold the 1000 of the ones that are no longer included? Bundle Includes: Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean - Orange Crush LP Downtown Battle Mountain - Beer LP Dance Gavin Dance - Swamp Green LP Downtown Battle Mountain II - Sea Blue LP Acceptance Speech - Electric Blue LP Instant Gratification - Coke Bottle LP Tree City - Blood Red Double LP Mothership - Piss Yellow LP Artificial Selection - Deep Purple LP Summertime Gladness - Highlighter Yellow 7" Vinyl
  10. Cardboard_Robot

    PO: Dashboard Confessional Reissues

    I got shipping info for my copy of Dusk. Still nothing about my copy of Mark since I got the "backorder" email.
  11. Cardboard_Robot

    Hello from new member

    https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/100398-cats-rule-dogs-drool/ "This can be a place for all of us to post pictures of us with our cats, bitch about cats...mainly anything related to cats!" While I am allergic, I am still a big fan of Cats myself (not the musical though..kinda weird). On the topic of Queen, I do not listen to them often, but have the utmost respect for their impact on the music industry.
  12. Cardboard_Robot

    Hello from new member

  13. SRC just upped the price to 24.99. Nice. I swear it was only 18.99 yesterday.
  14. I'd be down for some Spineshank myself, Height of Callousness was one of my favorites back in the day. Anytime I see one of my old favorites pop up it's an easy buy. What I'd really like to see is some older Fear Factory! Obsolete by them is another one of my favorite albums.
  15. Cardboard_Robot


    Nuclear Blast has an import version in Mint. http://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/products/sound/vinyl/lp/burn-the-priest-legion-xx-mint-vinyl-import-.html