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  1. hopefully this doesnt go backorder as well
  2. every place i ordered from went from in stock to back ordered. if any one picked up an extra by mistake, would really love to complete my collection. Please PM me.
  3. seems like all places are... Walmart & target are too.
  4. Love these guys. Been wanting to pick up atlas. But guck those resale prices are ridiculous. I saw one for $1k
  5. hoping that it is the same as Bullmoose as Target too doesnt have them in stock, so it was definitely a finite amount. Either way, happy to finally complete my LP collection of CS.
  6. target pre-orders are delayed until aug. 26 apparently
  7. some guy over on reddit posted this, so not sure if they will be the same at all outlets: https://www.cduniverse.com/sresult.asp?HT_Search=LABEL&HT_Search_Info=Blue+sky+noise&style=music
  8. i believe i have No Frame/In Motion, but need to double check. Feel free to shoot me a DM/offer and ill consider if i do have that one.
  9. famousdrumer

    PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    theres a black in pink copy available for $24 on discogs..
  10. if anyone happened to buy an extra and is feeling extremely generous and would like to sell. please send me a dm.
  11. about 8-9 months ago i started telling people that they were going to repress this in 2018, from the merch guy info, no one believed me. and here we are. the one day i dont check VC and this happens. fingers crossed there are more, i dont even care what the variant is.
  12. if i recall correctly, they purchased the rights for this as WMG (atlantic) had sold them off to a company in Europe, which they had to track down and purchase the rights back. I could be wrong, but thats what the merch guy told me.
  13. famousdrumer

    PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    whats his ig handle?
  14. famousdrumer

    Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    digging the new single. excited to see whats in store for the next album.