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  1. famousdrumer

    Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    digging the new single. excited to see whats in store for the next album.
  2. my friend waited for 7.5 hours in LA. apparently people weren't allowed to line up until 8am. well they did and it went all the way around the block. He still got them though.
  3. famousdrumer

    PO: Jon Hopkins - Singularity

    this record fucks. great follow up to Immunity.
  4. there's a buy/sell/want section. i would post this over there. this is section is for releases
  5. famousdrumer

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Stumbleine is crowd funding for a limited pressing of four of his albums. - Echo Chamber - Ghosting - Infinite Overcast - Things Don't Sparkle Like They Used To https://qrates.com/artists/Stumbleine
  6. famousdrumer

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    loving the close out track. every time i listen to this album all i hear is the classic crime though. this could have easily been their album
  7. the download was a text file then you have to copy paste the link from that.
  8. They did seem hurt about it when the question came up about it at the q&a, but i think they have just accepted it.
  9. yeah it is definitely lacking from previous releases. I still enjoy the album, but not as an underoath album. Just pretending there was nothing before helps with the judgement. Just a bummer they left them out. i was at the album release party and the vibe i got from them was that they were just background to spencer and aaron. super nice guys though!
  10. the doc came with album purchase. the q&a was in person, so no i dont. Also if you check HFA songwriting info, neither is listed as writers on the songs.
  11. gotta pay all of the orchestra's union fees somehow! but ridiculously priced still.
  12. you'll also learn that James & Grant were virtually no existent in making this record. They did a Q&A/screening Monday and they said that they were basically left out and only really talked on the phone with the other members. Tim recorded everything. Really shitty thing to do.
  13. famousdrumer

    PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    damn you caught me..
  14. famousdrumer

    PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    exactly. i think ill go get a burrito for lunch now. thanks for the idea.
  15. famousdrumer

    PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    through a friend. i work in the industry so got it sent early.