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  1. thats what i thought. unfortunate for flippers. got one though so all good
  2. was there a limit on how many you could get of the swirl?
  3. one per household is the way to go. would also be nice to let people who haven't gotten a chance to buy the opportunity before opening it up to 'variant collectors' who are just going to let this sit in their collection instead of playing it.
  4. Hey All! I have an unopened Box Set for Roxy Music thats just taking space up on my shelf. Looking for $150 shipped. Feel free to shoot me a message if interested! Best, keith
  5. after hearing that awful chainsmokers single and the imagine dragons wannabe single I had no hope for this record. I'm actually quite surprised how many of these other songs I enjoy. still it will never be blink 182 to me with Matt Skiba, there still is hope though that they can write decent pop-punk/rock songs.
  6. only thing i dont really like is the first verse of bloody romance, sounds to forced. other than that very happy with the re-record
  7. this single is worse than The Chainsmokers.
  8. MCA owns Drive-Thru, which is a universal label. I work for Universal, but have no idea why they refuse to rerelease any of these.
  9. its possible that they got a license from them to do that pressing. I do believe though that the Hot Topic pressing was still Drive Thru (which is under Geffen) Sometimes the labels will also sell off smaller assets to random companies so can be difficult to track down as well. This is what apparently happened with Blue Sky Noise by Circa Survive. It was probably easier for them to do it this way than go through the licensing process. This way there is no limit on how many they can produce Also, Im assuming Finch owns the masters so they will make a higher profit than if it was the original masters controlled/owned by the label.
  10. master rights are probably tied up with Drive Thru Records. Same thing happened with Senses Fail, that's why they re-recorded From Depths and Dreams.