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  1. Anyone who is keen to this soundtrack needs to do themselves a favor and listen to Metavari! The Twin Peaks-themed 7" that we put out last year can be heard here. Their most current LP can be heard here.
  2. I just saw a tweet from Relapse that announced it. Pure luck on my end. Haha
  3. I got tired of searching for the proper thread on mobile, but there is a new pressing limited to 100 for Ire Works available now: http://store.relapse.com/item/36964
  4. Take a peak at the grooves when it's not playing. You'll see that you need to move the needle about 1/8" in to get to the bonus track or else it gets sucked back into the locked groove.
  5. Only one. There is a significant gap before the next lead-in groove, so make sure you are setting the needle far enough in!
  6. I know that at least one of you VC nerds must've gotten yours by today. There were some CA orders with that 1 Day Priority action that I shipped out yesterday! Where you at?!
  7. I created everyone's shipping labels and now I am packing them in the order in which they were received. A good chunk of orders going out today! You guys are awesome and there are a lot of orders for me to write notes for and pack up - it will certainly take me a minute to get through them all. :-)
  8. I think that was part of the Solid State/Tooth and Nail catalogue that is now forever untouchable. We had actually already signed contracts to do their live album right before all of that shit went down and we were told to halt progress immediately.
  9. So far, things are moving along at a nice pace! Thanks for the support thus far, everyone. <3 AltPress will be giving us a little shoutout and a stream of one of the bonus tracks tomorrow, so I imagine sales will pick up swiftly at that point. I wouldn't drag my feet too long on this one!
  10. Yeah, you're good. If you got a paypal confirmation, that's all you'll need. We did, however, recently make a small upgrade so you'll actually get a shipping confirmation and tracking now! Woooo!
  11. This thing is so heavy that it murders international shipping costs. :-( if if no one wants to do a group buy, send me an email - I'm sure we can work something out so that you don't get hosed too badly. [email protected]
  12. I was just thinking that it has been quite a while since OOUITK came out. This is great news!
  13. Here is the good stuff first, and then I will get into the full story behind the release: Limited to 500 copies 2xLP pressing housed inside of a quad-gatefold jacket that opens up to over 4 feet in length Entire gatefold lives inside of a screen-printed, hand-crafted slip cover made here at MOMR Each copy is hand-numbered Deluxe Anniversary pressing includes 4 bonus tracks from the original sessions (these were at one time available as DVD audio on the CD/DVD pressing back in 2005, but do not exist in a format that is easily played) We scoured for months and eventually had to go back to the recording studio in order to get the original audio for these bonus tracks. Whew! Re-worked liner notes that include lyrics for the bonus tracks as well as a foreword from Josh Fiedler (guitar), printed on super thick cardstock A unique take on the "hidden track" phenomenon of the 90s and 00s tucked into Side C The package as a whole is a MONSTER - it weighs in at nearly TWO POUNDS and the spine view of it is over 1/2" thick. DAYUM. Preorders begin this Saturday 7/16. I will launch them at Noon PST because a dude likes to sleep in on the weekends, aight? Mailing list folks: your exclusive link will go out on Thursday night. Sometime after I eat dinner. I'll post a few "heads up" notifications on Twitter and IG, so you can set up alerts on those if you want to literally be the first to know. We will be giving away two test presses: one for mailing list preorders who order between Thursday night and Saturday at noon (yes, I will compare the winner to the mailing list to make sure that they didn't cheat their way into getting the link) and another for any preorder made before the official release date of 8/19. Why do you want a test press?! This is why: It has all of the same specifications as the final release except that we made the quad gatefolds entirely by hand! Colors are inverted as silver ink on black board (again, reminiscent of the CD/DVD release for those who have/had it) Hand numbered out of 25 Seriously, these things are fucking cool. Best test press jackets that you will EVER see. I guarantee it! I'll post photos later, once I take some more outside of the one on the first page. As I mentioned, the release date is 8/19, but these are in hand and I am frantically creating slip covers as you read this. We will be shipping them out so that many/most will arrive long before the release date. That's a lot of words. Is anyone here interested in the backstory or (more) details about this bad boy?
  14. It's been available for months, but the label didn't say anything because they don't want to sell them. /s I'm sure that BC will let us know the second that it is up for purchase. Any other updates would be irrelevant.
  15. I can't wait to share all of the details on this one (soon!) because it was very much a group project between all of the crazy shit that I wanted to do and all of the things that Brett & Co wanted to do. They really wanted to go out with a "bang" and there were some details about the CD release that were never handled properly (i.e. the artwork/layout, etc), so there was about 2 years worth of back and forth that went into getting this ready to press. I'm glad it's finally seeing the light of day!
  16. Every spec of this was detailed by requests from the band, down to the colors of the vinyl. Black was an obvious color option, so it seemed that they deliberately shied away from it. However, if this pressing does well enough... ;-)
  17. We are running a sale on the most patriotic record ever released: Too Much by the Cadaver Dogs. Get it today only for $6.66 You're welcome. Too Much Too Much Too Much
  18. I celebrate their entire catalogue. However, Hot Damn holds a special place in my heart. I I loved Last Night In Town and when HD came out, I bought it on release day and immediately hopped in the car from the middle of Michigan to upstate New York for Hellfest. My buddy and I listened to that album so many times that we knew it word-for-word and riff-for-riff before the weekend was over. Despite the nostalgia, I don't shame a band for evolving and I am very much looking forward to the arrival of this preorder!
  19. That's only part of the equation: tacos over records over mind over OTHER matter i just had to shorten it because that URL would've been awful.
  20. As we ramp up to the announcement of the TJT release, Brett Detar fans are going to want to be checking their email this afternoon... From the website: Originally released back in 2010 and available exclusively through Brett's website, this one-time pressing of his debut solo album has been out of print for years. While not entirely back in print, we are excited to offer up the last remaining crumbs of the original pressing as a unique standalone variant. We ordered 500 copies of the record initially, but - as many pressing plants do - we had a small amount of "extras" and we received 512 copies when all was said and done. The original pressing came with a cardboard slipcover with a screen printed bird on it and we began work on those long before the records finished pressing. Since we were numbering them out of 500, the extra twelve copies have been chilling in the MOMR office space. That brings us to present day, where we took those last twelve copies and we gussied them up with a new slipcover that features alternative and beautiful artwork hand-drawn by Kris Johnsen and screen printed here at MOMR. These copies also come housed in the same original gatefold jacket that features reverse board printing, gold foil and custom embossing. If you haven't seen one of these, you don't know exactly how gorgeous they are! Each copy is numbered out of 12 and this is the absolute last chance to get your hands on a copy!