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  1. The problem is that too many label folks got fed up and left & now there isn't enough logic/reason being posted. There is a reason that I don't announce any release until I already have the records in my hands. I couldn't take it anymore.
  2. 1.) Repress? Nice. 2.) Brent rules. He nailed it when he said "if anyone knew..." - it takes an oppressingly long time to get these coveted pieces of plastic ready for retail and the WORST part is when people find out something is coming and then proceed to literally *badger* you about when they can buy it. Just remember that fielding emails/tweets/texts/whatever only slows the process down. The "process" includes shipping, so every "where's my tracking number" email you send is just a drain. Just chill out. Not just for this release, but for EVERY release. It will be available when it's available and not a minute sooner.
  3. These prices are so good! You're giving this stuff away! Let us discuss Deadhorse and one of those Grails splits. I printed those tour jackets for DH so I would love to have one in my collection!
  4. Derek is over here trying to make me blush. Also, if I am to be known for anything, it should be sinking far too much effort and time into projects that never needed to be projects in the first place. Haha! Glad that you guys are getting these as well. You're all one of only 4 people in the world with one! ;-)
  5. I wasn't getting my notifications, so I apologize to everyone who DMed me and had to wait like 3 days for a response. Ha! That being said, these are all spoken for. High fives to those MOMR supporters over the years! You guys rock!
  6. So. I finally got bored enough that I created a screen printed jacket to house my fucked up version of this LP. I had some fun with it by doing some split fountains, so each one was a little different. I made a few extras for folks on the board. Send me a message and pay for shipping and it's yours. However, please note that preference will be given to those who have ordered anything from me in the past versus giving these away to n00bz. Sorry!
  7. I personally do not like anything pressed at Gotta Groove from an audio standpoint. Wax Mage and those hand pours are unreal looking, but I can tell the instant my needle touches a record if it was pressed at GG: the lead-in grooves are ALWAYS super noisy. Something about the way they plate. United has had the worst QC in the industry. Additionally, their customer service sucks some serious balls, but that is neither here nor there. Rainbo is great, IMHO, but it depends on who cuts the lacquers. As long as a third party cuts them, they sound fantastic. Their QC is pretty solid.
  8. I think he means that he doesn't listen to it before he buys it. ;-) Brian is usually one of the first names to come through on a new release! Thanks for the love recently, everyone! I know that 4 releases in the course of 3 months is a bit to digest, but I promise that things are going to slow down for a minute while we get caught up on everything and prepare for our next round of releases. These 7"s are in-hand and I am going to start packing them up as early as...RIGHT NOW!
  9. Why are you guys acting like this is sold out? There is still a /200 variant up for grabs. This is my favorite No.12 release, so I'm stoked to get it!
  10. Someone once said "the customer is always right" and that person was likely a scorned customer...because the customer is almost always entirely wrong. Your inclination to just inmediately yell "fuck off" at everyone only serves to cement the fact that you're being a spoiled brat. Just chill out, wait, and your record will arrive. If it doesn't arrive, TRL will either ship you a new one or they will refund you. It's not as if they are a fly-by-night operation...they have their shit under control.
  11. I definitely get it! My spending was a little wild in 2016, so I'm trying to be better this year. Ha! The yellow Sparhawks should be available for a while, but the blue is close to gone already. Unless you're super particular about the rarity of the pressing, you are fine to save up some pennies.
  12. Thank you, kind sir! Life is certainly about to get WILD. As for Sparhawks, it's such a great record that I opted to put it out despite the fact that the band broke up. I was willing to just take a bath on this record because it needed to be put out into the world. I can only hope that everyone else agrees!
  13. Also, it's worth mentioning that the next couple of months are going to be a whirlwind of releases from us. I have my first baby on the way and I don't want to have to split my time too much for a little while after the birth (or make our bands feel like their release isn't important), so here is what you can expect: Sparhawks - "The Quiet Hour" 12" 3/17 (mathy, noodly, post rock. Think TTNG without vocals. First single below) Coffin Problem / Glassfield Split 7" 4/9 (Coffin Problem sound like Deftones or Nirvana played at half speed, and Glassfield have a quick little ripper still perfect for fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Æges, Thrice, etc) usLights - "wæs" 12" 6/9 (synth-heavy alt-rock, ex-members of Herra Terra, more details TBA)
  14. Thank you for the kind words AND for double dipping on this EP! If everything goes according to plan, the next Metavari release that you'll see is well over 2 hours worth of material. *big eyed emoji*
  15. Smart move. There are 2 left by themselves and only 3 available with the tee bundle. This will be gone before I make my daily post office trip, I do believe!
  16. That Coffin Problem/Glassfield split is something else. I hope you guys are ready! I have a couple of items lined up before that little fella though, and the first among them is...a Metavari re-press! The first pressing sold out SUPER fast, so we whipped up another 48 copies, this time on splatter vinyl. We did a different screen print on the b-side and even completely re-worked the album art into a fancy, two color, metallic piece. We did a metallic gold and a metallic copper to achieve this effect, and it might actually be cooler than the first press. Sorry 'bout that! These go on sale tomorrow (Sunday, 3/5) at 2:00PM PST. I will send my usual email blast at that time as well. Check it out:
  17. Am I the only one who really LOVES Evil Friends? There are some serious jams on there! That being said, I celebrate their entire catalogue. These dudes have evolved nicely and I am all about it from start to finish.
  18. Prepare yourself for the let down. There is a 0% chance that they will manufacture 56 colored versions.
  19. If you've ordered, your package is in the mail! We somehow managed to get the LPs about 5 days earlier than expected (that NEVER happens), and so I rushed to screen print the records and assemble everything. I was able to overnight the records to the venue for the band's release show on Friday and packaged everything up for the MOMR purchases this morning. HELL YEAH
  20. Two cool things of note: 1.) Modern Vinyl is giving away a copy of "Exit Wounds" at the link below. The version that's up for grabs is black vinyl and hand-numbers out of 65 copies. If you haven't grabbed this one yet, here is a perfect chance! http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/01/30/contest-sunndrug/ 2.) The Metavari EP is streaming in full over at NUVO. Give it a listen because it's beautiful! http://m.nuvo.net/indianapolis/listen-to-metavaris-new-release-tetra-ad-before-their-release-show-on-friday/Content?oid=4545797