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  1. Nailed it. I'll buy vinyl. But don't want this NFT thing to become a thing with limited releases. Those "NFTs" I'd say took about an hour to make (They look like shit) & prolly about $5 to mint on the Polygon blockchain. I'll buy a record for my collection, don't need to pony up for a spinning trading card on an already expensive hobby. (Shipping to Canada sucks)
  2. Love this band. Looking at the pre-order site they seem to still have copies of White Bat & Few in "black ice" So not too in a hurry to grab this. But will def grab with some merch in the near future. Did anyone pitch on their gofundme/indiegogo for Few and grab the coloured vinyl that I'm pretty sure just ended up being just black also?
  3. how many people right clicked saved the NFT's? What a dumb way to release vinyl.
  4. If the MNRK Heavy Canadian site ever opens I'll snag one of these
  5. Didn't know these were worth so much. Happy I have one and their whole discography Anyone ever give Cons a go? Pretty sure members of The Bled went on to that. Think there was another band also but can't remember the name of it.
  6. hah, that's amazing. But also sad. I just got the Epitaph splatter and looks pretty meh compared to the mock ups also.
  7. Anyone know how the live show sounded? Or safe to assume it'll be like Full Collapse?
  8. Victory always sold their records for cheap. Also had real cheap shipping to Canada.
  9. That 10" the demo that pre-orders were around Halloween 2021? I ordered from Missing.ORecords and haven't got a shipping notification even?
  10. Sorry to bump this but I just snagged a half neon/half white and noticed my "Side B" Is labeled "Side C" but has the right tracks listed on it (White Mystery, Dr. & Part 2) Wondering if anyone else's is like that?
  11. Tried the /200 DA and sold out on checkout. Got the Lenticular Cover. At least the covers nicer!
  12. Hopefully Tropic Rot/Versions becomes a thing in the future! Aren't there lots of copies of Tear out there? But I guess anything PTW is good news