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  1. Tried the /200 DA and sold out on checkout. Got the Lenticular Cover. At least the covers nicer!
  2. Hopefully Tropic Rot/Versions becomes a thing in the future! Aren't there lots of copies of Tear out there? But I guess anything PTW is good news
  3. I didn't realize this was an old post and got bummed Circa Survive was sold out hah
  4. yeah it's wild. Even a few years ago shipping was maybe $12. Then the last year or two its $20+. I've paid more in shipping than the actual vinyl price a few times. It's about $5 cheaper to ship from the UK even lol. It just sucks cuz I don't think I've ever seen a Vein record for sale at a store in Toronto. So it's either pony up, wait for a tour, or listen to it on Spotify
  5. It's so sad paying $63 CAD/shipped for an album now a days. Feel like I'm being priced out of this game
  6. This is neat Guess I missed checking this out back in 2013 hah
  7. I've got a Thrice alchemy index still sealed. That's about it though. I'm more a listen to my records guy
  8. I'd be pumped on that Warship Supply & Depend album as well
  9. Not sure. I didn't snag anything. There's a banner at the top of the site saying the free world wide shipping https://mondoshop.com/pages/the-record-shop
  10. I went with the green didn't want it to get cancelled again for overselling ha Also stoked I tacked on Norma Jean so can pay the same shipping for 3 records instead of 1
  11. Stoked to spend $80 today! Fingers crossed my orders not cancelled
  12. I feel like any record is now $30+ to ship to Ontario. It makes no sense
  13. sucks this is just on the solid state merchnow store. Can't combine/don't want anything else from Solid State to make $35 shipping make sense blurgh

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