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  1. Who caught Chris Matthews this morning talking about when he endorsed Obama? Fucking epically hilarious. "He passed that torch. Now Obama is the last brother". Funny in so many ways. As for Kennedy, he was a better than most politician.
  2. The show would be canceled two weeks in after I impregnated everyone.
  3. I'm not talking about the band, I'm inquiring about people who dislike them and why they keep getting brought up. At least once a week there's an "OMG Brokencyde sux, look at this video" "Holy geez their new album blows". I just don't get it. I stopped caring a long time ago and pretty much avoid this band (not even actively avoid them, I just don't look for them and they don't find me), so how is it other members of this board are inundated with this band?
  4. Everyone here claims to hate Brokencyde but can't stop talking about them?
  5. Yeah, you can probably get more than that (and hell they still might get a bid) but high opening prices tend to scare folks off.
  6. What the fuck is with the dancing girl? Was this a televised frat party? Also, does Greg actually seem embarrassed to sing this?
  7. Don't worry, when the vinyl fad dies for the mainstream and plants aren't clogged pressing 45,000 Nickleback albums, this shit will be much smoother.
  8. It must have been Dante that won. That statement is far too descriptive to be pure happenstance. Not even close. I plan on buying the spot under Monroe, but only if they put a hole through her crypt, so me and the other guy can high five as we posthumously bust the "Human-A" on that trick.
  9. I'm getting a large harness and riding down the halls of the Holiday in with a one foot on the shoulder of Flood and the other on Scott. It shall be my finest moment.
  10. Really? Shit I didn't notice that. Fucking UPS ground....
  11. Two dongs > One Dong > Three dongs touching = back to back masturbation
  12. Ruiner is probably a 50/50 or close to it, as it's a one time pressing. It says clear is the rarest of the Strike Anywhere. "Grab them now with this digital download! Immediate digital download is included and comes with a PDF of the EP's lyrics/layout. Clear vinyl is rarest, get 'em while you can!"
  13. MMMM....Imagine, your lifeless, hallow, rotting corpse, laying over some other lifeless, hallow, rotting corpse, separated by 4" of steel for all eternity. Hot. Man, the zombie fucking is gonna be out of this world.
  14. I'm stoked just because Snuff was part of my first big punk show. NOFX, Snuff, Mustard Plug and All Day. I think I was 16 at the time and my mind was blown.
  15. A friend of mine just mentioned this last night. I never heard of it. He said it was pretty great.
  16. Yeah I'd guess the preorder is out of 84 since that is what the tape says. Got this yesterday. I have to say, I'm pretty psyched. It took a while but everything looks pretty nice.
  17. Cool. Grabbed a copy of the Polar Bear Club, Strike Anywhere, Ruiner and Soul Control. All in one swoop. However: forgot to order the PIB 7", Summer of George and Redder the Better. DERP.
  18. i find it odd that the swellers were unsure of the sincerity of epitaph, but sign with fueled by ramen. then again, i have not talked to either labels about signing my band, so i wouldn't know. Fueled By Ramen was apparently super sincere and incredibly forward with them. They could offer support that Epitaph couldn't (they were FBR's only 2009 signing), also, they said the FBR crew were mostly a bunch of people who listened to 90's Epitaph and Fat. Mr. Brett has spent the better part of the last decade defending bands like Escape the Fate and I set My friends on Fire. Makes it hard to trust them.
  19. The problem is they've poisoned the water for a lot of legit punk bands. I know the Swellers talked to Brett about their new album (nothing serious) but they just weren't sure about the sincerity of a label like Epitaph. I can see this being the case for a lot of punk bands that may talk with the label.
  20. Eh, they're a band I like and I enjoy this album, so for me it's a decent way to support them. I don't need anymore t-shirts and I see them when they come through the area, so I'll plop down $14 for a cheesy gimmick (the "barrio sweat" not the music) and see what I get. I'll probably never use it but worse come to worse I sell it to someone who missed out.

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