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  1. adamlikesmusic

    What's your latest purchase?

    Recently upgraded my Ortofon 2m Red to a Blue. I was likely due for a replacement as it was, but am still amazed at how much cleaner it sounds. Really happy with the upgrade so far.
  2. adamlikesmusic

    RIP Abe Vigoda

  3. adamlikesmusic

    PO soon: Against Me - 23 Live Sex Acts

    I figured it'd end up in Total Treble's webstore.
  4. adamlikesmusic

    Vinyl Collective Coop

    Seriously, what's up with all the soundtracks?
  5. Well, at least that's confirmation that the $30 LP doesn't contain any of the bonus tracks. Fucking ridiculous.
  6. adamlikesmusic

    PO soon: Against Me - 23 Live Sex Acts

    What's the reference? A severed phallus? Seems a bit of a stretch...
  7. adamlikesmusic

    Vinyl Collective Coop

    Always remember to never forget.
  8. $30 is ridiculous, even if it's a double that includes the acoustic tracks (which, I'm sure it isn't).
  9. adamlikesmusic

    Vinyl Collective Coop

    Man, good times. Team Riki-Oh checking in.
  10. What they should've done is made that pre-show package free for 45 rpm club members. Even at $85 it's pretty absurd, and it's not as though they've given us much of anything else...
  11. Not interested in more than one copy of this one, but it looks like a nice color nonetheless. I'm glad they're keeping all of the back catalog in stock - I wish more bands and labels were able to do the same.
  12. adamlikesmusic

    The Xbox One

    I've had my Xbox One for about a month now, and my only regret is not buying it sooner.
  13. adamlikesmusic

    Lucero Live From Atlanta 4xLP

    Really looking forward to this set.