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  1. these are now on the likes of rough trade, bullmoose and amazon (for less). the mogwai store still has rock action and mr beast available at the time of writing
  2. sigur ros is one of the buy now ask questions later bands for me, though i like the louder and more intense side of them so the initial single is a bit of a let down for me.
  3. plaidroom has plenty of taylor left and will go on sale at 8:00am on sunday only wanted blur this year and that’s all i got
  4. i just found out about this today. sold out at most places i shop but fortunate enough to still be able to find it and the good news is it’s very close to release date now
  5. apparently it’s been announced a good few weeks ago, coming in "evergreen" and "bone with green swirl" variants: https://ffm.to/thesophtwareslump
  6. a record store day without a david bowie release 😮
  7. blur is the one. have had it in cd for years so pleased to have it on colored vinyl. big fan of suede too and i’ve been buying everything they put out for RSD in the last couple of years but will pass for the demos.
  8. amazon has an exclusive clear Memento Mori (Amazon Exclusive Version) https://a.co/d/5dwljWC
  9. slightly underwhelming given the build up and it’s milestone year in YT’s case but since i don’t have either and both albums are quite underrepresented on the central belters boxset, there is still value in getting them or at least YT
  10. seeing two teasers together i can’t help but think of a “come on die young team” combo release in kid a mnesia style. that’d be wild
  11. whatever boxset they put out please tour the album and keep the iconic “fuji bank” cover art
  12. there’s an indie exclusive 2LP https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/sigur-ros/20th-anniversary-remaster
  13. jumped on it right away but wonder if they had more bsides/unreleased materials than one single LP’s worth, at least if you’re in the US the exchange rate means it’s now not as expensive as it could have been
  14. probably in red too. exactly. i’ve only been a casual kendrick listener but this is his first album that i consider getting on vinyl, until i see the price
  15. if i was getting this i’d probably sell my 2012 XL copy since very rarely do i own multiple copies/variants same record. decided to stick with the old copy because it sounds fantastic and i prefer its inner sleeves artwork by far. wish there were more additional materials than just a firestarter alt take.
  16. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35420864/ash-1977 pretty sure FAA will be up there soon.
  17. free all angels: https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/free-all-angels
  18. this is great, hope they do NCS and FAA soon. would rather them reissue individual albums than the 7” boxset and best of compilation they put out a couple of years ago. i have both releases but think they could have just put out the best of first and done without the singles boxset.
  19. trying to get suede sci fi lullablies shipped from the UK to the US. looks like my best bet is to wait for rough trade to post their unsold inventory friday night local time but if anyone has any EU leads please let me know.
  20. slightly OT but if anyone is going to the ongoing YHT 20 dates, be there early as there’s an tour exclusive 7” available at the merch table. i was there on the first night and they played all of 70 minutes but i think they have since extended the encore by a few tracks but still not close from what you usually get from a wilco show.
  21. i think bullmoose and roughy trade don’t charge until they ship
  22. can’t quite get the arcade fire vibes that a lot of people have talked about but i hear bits of bright eyes, american football and isaac’s vocal is so jarvis cocker as always. i really like this album. ordered the deluxe 4LP as well, just for the live tracks.

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