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  1. oh wow, that’s a real bummer because the extra disc is the main reason of purchase
  2. same here. maybe in 2023 they will do a 10 year press for kveukir by which point might still be their most recent album. wonder if they will do anything for Von
  3. back on rough trade US https://www.roughtrade.com/us/radiohead/kid-a-mnesia/lp-plus-x3
  4. email from WASTE today: There are shipping delays affecting the KID AMNESIETTE Cassette Special Edition, KID A MNESIA Hardback Art Catalogue book and THE "SCARRY" 3LP Special Edition. The stock is currently on a container ship travelling from Europe to the USA. However, as you may already be aware there are severe supply chain disruptions and challenges that are affecting transportation of goods globally. This has caused unprecedented backlogs with companies including W.A.S.T.E, competing for containers and delivery dates. We have been advised that it is currently taking roughly 80 days for stock to travel from Europe and to be off-loaded at the L.A port. On this basis we now anticipate being able to dispatch the affected formats in early 2022. We want to sincerely apologise for the disappointment this news may have caused. To try and reduce the frustration we will be part dispatching orders that include any formats that are unaffected by the delays, namely FEAR STALKS THE LAND! Paperback book, KID A MNESIA Standard Triple CD and KID A MNESIA Standard Triple Vinyl. Part-shipped orders will be on their way to you by the end of the week. For fans who bought the KID A MNESIA Hardback Art Catalogue book, we will also be sharing the e-book version with you in line with the original end of November timeframe. As a reminder, for fans who ordered the KID AMNESIETTE Cassette Special Edition and THE "SCARRY" BOOK 3LP Special Edition, the digital download of the albums Kid A, Amnesiac and KID AMNESIAE will be available to you from 5th November. Thank you so much for your ongoing patience, it is so appreciated. Kindest regards, The W.A.S.T.E customer service team
  5. Happy 10th Annicersay to M83 Hurry Up We’re Dreaming Blue & Pink Marbel Repress Also on color repress, Saturdays=Youth Autumn Marble
  6. there’s also a signed one one bullmoose. it says deluxed but is 2LP, the price also suggests it is 2LP. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35263943/black-country-new-road-ants-from-up-there-indie-exclusive-signed-deluxe-edition-2lp-w-download-card
  7. pretty sure it was a mistake but having already ordered the signed blue i’m not sure i can justify another $43 for the live tracks and a couple of prints 😢
  8. excited for this. seeing them live next year which will be a tour for two albums.
  9. there’s a reddit thread with some US links https://www.reddit.com/r/VinylReleases/comments/q6i1vd/mogwai_ep_x_3_triplevinyl_set_colour_vinyl_90s_eps/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  10. bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35263840/mogwai-epx3-curacao-clear-and-yellow-vinyl
  11. yeah last two, JAAAOR is was my first Idles album and i’ve liked UM. just haven’t seriously gone backboards on their catalogue. i have no doubt it rocked too just wasn’t right for me to say.
  12. 3 albums in 4 years these guys are prolific. hope this one is as good as the last two
  13. i think it’s front and back (if kid a is the front then amnesiac is on the back up side down)
  14. plaid room records in ohio are excellent (whether it is pricing, packing or communicating in general) and i’m pretty sure they are going to get some, but they are usually slow in posting new inventory. maybe send an email or call them, and keep your eyes peeled over the coming days.
  15. but oknotok did include the tape, a (or two?) tiny booklets and a gigantic coffee table book for around the same price if i remembered correctly. also the standard 3LP (black or blue) were around $40-$45, they are $60 this time. from the bang for the buck perspective it is quite bonkers especially the cassette. still, i punted for all 3 and the paperback, and may still get the hardcover book later 🥲
  16. seeing how fast the red vinyl sold out maybe i should keep my pre order after all. that’s almost $300 spent this morning, but then it’s my favorite album from one of my fav bands of all time
  17. went in for the book, cassettes and the small booklet. also pre-ordered the red vinyl ok rough trade but might cancel it later. it's close to $300 worth of stuff between the two orders 😓
  18. want the book, the red vinyl and cassettes, it's gonna be a very expensive haul!
  19. would have done the same since I bought both the box and the blue vinyl for OKNOTOK if they shipped the book edition to US
  20. hmmm looks like they aren't shipping to cream vinyl book edition to the US
  21. Is there gonna be another box other than the book edition linked above?

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