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  1. Hell to the freaking yeah hahahaha lmao they are the gretest team ever. I bleed blue and orange haha lmao
  2. So I have been spinning a couple records lately but damn di they raise the priceon the records or what, I saw a repress of three doors down online and it was like 40 bucks or some shi* I wasnt born yesterday I know a rip off when I see one. other than that I have been good just relaxing and working. my dad Is still being a dickhead hahaha
  3. i listen to these on my headphones when i am working also
  4. I dont know how to hook up my blue tooth in my car yet so I rely on cds in my car but if I had to pick 5 I would say coheed good apallo two would be three door down the onoe with the song superman ( my dad introduced this to me a long time ago three would be lil zan total zanarchy i am really starting to like this rap shit four would be lil yachty the album lil boat is so f-ing good and five would be anything from post Malone his coheed cover on guitar was lit as f haha lmao
  5. I dont know if you cant read or are just retarded but it is not my step mom or my mom she is my dads smoking hot gold digging GF who is hotas hell and I swear my dad is cheating on her anyway he is always out of town and she is home walking around in hot outfits and shi*. we have been eating breakfast together lately hahah lmao sometimes she makes mebreakfast hahaha
  6. actually I did have a real job last time and yes I took that pic of that landscaper and he found out but he was totalluy cool with it and he messaged me and said it wasn't a problem and I should have tagged him in the post. he was a cool ass dude, but I cant talk with him anymore because Kathy griffin got me banned on Instagram and I cant find him on favebook now. hahaha lmao whos your friend?
  7. Haha LMAO I cant wait until July 16th my ban is lifted on facebook and I have this really coolvideo of this moldy cream cheese I found in my work fridge I wanna post it now but I cant hahah lmao
  8. I bet you do you perverted freak. she isn't some skank that sends pics to just anyone she is a classy lady. perv boy
  9. Well than thanks for nothing you friggin turd boy all iwanted was a little help here and you have to treat me like this, I bet you only friended me to see if you could get some pictures of molly you sicko freak. I am just pissed off cause I got banned againf or 30 days from some who knows ho pile of steaming horse sh** person on facebook because someone on here sent my information to the dark web and now I am getting tons of people on my page making fun of me and basically being assholes . whatever I guess
  10. hey I have been banned on facebook until july 16th I don't even know what for can you comment on my last post telling people I have been banned? I cannot respond to there messages or anything thanks
  11. I am sorry man I am just really iratable because I have been banned for 30 days on facebook and I know someone spread my facebook info to stupid ass hipster groups because I have thousands of views on my videos all the sudden and that they come to make fun of me and say that molly is my mom and I had sex with her which isnt true it is my dads smoking hot gold digging GF
  12. Well you did it and I hope you are happy I got another 30 day ban on facebook because of you reporting me and taddling on me. I thought that things would be different on here but I guess you people don't change
  13. I dont know if it was you or some other ass hole on here but in the last 24 hours I have had 100s of people trolling me on facebook and calling me a bitch and a pervert I think they are sharing it with groups on facebook and it is really starting to piss me off. call off your dogs or else bitch

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