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  1. Lol, $43 shipped (Priority only option) on the US site. Cheaper to order from the EU site, but still overpriced.
  2. My box set was on the front porch when I walked out at 7:30 this morning. Gotta love holiday season early morning deliveries. I had to run but took a minute to open it up just to see the box itself. It looks awesome from the outside. I can't wait to get home this evening and start digging in.
  3. And clear vinyl. Double negative for me. I'll wait for a cheap black copy.
  4. PO up for the new record that's being released on 2/14 - https://kingsroadmerch.com/kvelertak/
  5. Too bad you missed out and it sold out. You too will pay too much in the future. Would be better had you too gotten in on the early bye.
  6. I saw Beck a few years ago for the first time and was super stoked. It's one of the worst shows I've ever seen. I think I've moved on but will give it a listen with an open mind.
  7. Gotcha. Really digging the single. Can't wait for this record. I loved the last one and shouldn't have spent the $150 for this after shipping and tax, but, I did.
  8. Yeah, I love when they do this. I got everything I had in my cart but the Sick Of It All store press which sold out before I checked out. No big deal though, I honestly like the Fat black splatter press better but thought it would be cool to finally snag a store release. I was a about 20 minutes late to the game after their post so I'm stoked w/ what I was able to grab.
  9. I just saw Relapse post that next year is their 30th anniversary. The Pig Destroyer - 38 Counts is the start of special anniversary releases.
  10. Yeah, I bought a /100 with no issues, but it's still crashing.
  11. Pig Destroyer - 38 Counts of Battery up at Relapse - https://store.relapse.com/item/79102
  12. They can’t deliver records, you really think they have the wherewithal to kill people?