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  1. Sweet, I looked earlier but didn't see it. I had to be that guy and cancel from Run Out Groove and go with Bullmoose. Plus I had 3 other things in my BM cart, so it worked out nicely.
  2. I'd like to pick this up at Bullmoose if possible, or is it exclusive to Run Out Groove? Not really familiar with them.
  3. I was really pumped for the album, but think the first single is pretty boring.
  4. Received this email: Hello friends. This is Matt from Hum. I’m beating up your inbox yet again with an update on the Downward re-issue and some ongoing solo touring I’m booking. As it relates to the Downward re-issue, I will start accepting pre-orders for our new blue (!) copies on Sunday, June 23, at noon CST. To place your order, please visit www.earthanalogrecords.com and click on the link to my “store.” A couple details: 1. You are allowed to order only ONE copy. No exceptions. If you attempt to order more than one copy, your order will not be filled, and I will be forced to refund your money and it will all just be a time-wasting bummer. 2. During the record sale, other items at my store (t-shirts, posters) will appear as “sold out.” I will be able to get through orders and your record to you MUCH more quickly if I temporarily make other items unavailable. 3. I’ll start processing orders immediately, but these should be considered PRE-ORDERS in your brain. It may take up to 30 days for you to receive your record. But it will be my intent to have all orders processed by July 15 if possible. I’ll do my best! 4. If you have questions about the re-issue, hit me up at [email protected] Please do not e-mail unless you REALLY need something super important. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. Place your order, be patient, and it will show up in your mailbox via USPS Priority within a week or two or three. You will receive tracking info when your record ships! Again, less e-mail traffic is better. If I’m reading and responding to e-mails it means I’m not packing and shipping records. I want to pack and ship records. Aaaaand…as it relates to my solo touring, I’m happy to announce I’m hitting the road September 25 for a 30-day excursion through the mountain west and down the west coast. We are soliciting hosts now. Tickets will go on sale in a few weeks after we get all the venues locked in. Will the Saab make it? I highly doubt it. Stay tuned! If you are interested in hosting, or just want to see the (tentative) routing, click on this link: http://www.undertowmusic.com/matt-talbott-hum-living-room-tour-september-october-2019/ Questions related to my solo touring can be sent to me by replying to this email. Thank you so much. Love to all. mt
  5. New Devourment is up at Relapse - https://store.relapse.com/pre-orders After listening to the single, I know this is not something I would listen to more than once.
  6. I know it's not the rarest variant, but that merge looks awesome.
  7. I assure you, we will never be friends. And I wasn’t on your “shi*”, I was just stating your trolling efforts are so 2018 and there bigger and better things. Sorry, you’re just not a thing anymore.
  8. Eh.......this was entertaining last year. I've moved on.
  9. Listen to a Bill Cosby record. It will grab you and you likely won’t remember it.
  10. Great record, probably my favorite album in their catalog. I still wish they had a better drummer. It would really make a record like this shine even more.
  11. The Haunted - The Dead Eye and Revolver are getting reissued by Back Bite Records. Revolver - http://www.backbite-records.de/shop/backbite-releases/the-haunted-revolver-lp.html The Dead Eye - http://www.backbite-records.de/shop/backbite-releases/the-haunted-the-dead-eye-lp.html