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  1. Yeah....I feel dumb saying this, but I'll stay subscribed. I'm quite pleased with the quality of their releases.
  2. I received this earlier in the week and finally found a minute to throw it on without interruption. I'm almost done with side A and really digging it. The gold variant looks awesome. My C/D record has a few orange streaks from some orange pellets that found their way into the fray. It looks awesome.
  3. Same. I set one up quite a while back and it has been a huge time saver. I only ship in the US, but even so, it saves me from having to invoice people and then hope they see it and pay.
  4. If it removes the ads that break up posts, I’m all for it.
  5. Some new drops up at Nesi Media. Blood Incantation, Rings of Saturn, and Body Count. https://www.nesimedia.com/
  6. Nah, OG cover art is so relevant to the time period and always left me with so many questions. This new cover is steel plate. Cool, how original.
  7. The new Hatebreed record is up at NB US - https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/shop/item/groups/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=hatebreed vinyl
  8. I'm pretty sure this will get a mass release. I believe his last album did and it was the same colorway if you ordered from a Bullmoose, Amoeba, etc.
  9. https://shop.rhymesayers.com/collections/aesop-rock-spirit-world-field-guide/products/aesop-rock-spirit-world-field-guide-album
  10. I have no problem paying the asking price for a record I want. I have a problem paying $16.50 shipping domestically for 4 records. Charge me $22 for a record and then a reasonable shipping cost, cool. Charge more than double what it costs to ship. Nope. I'm taking away your allowance and putting you in time out for being complacent with dumb shipping fees.
  11. $16.50 shipping for 4 records is ridiculous. I like the label but that's lame and a pass for me.
  12. I ordered mine from NB Europe and received it in the US quite a while ago. Email NB Europe and advise them of your issue. It’s odd you’re not getting a response from the US, Europe is always very quick to respond the few times I’ve had issues.
  13. https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/album/im-with-you William Elliott Whitmore will release his eight full-length album I’m With You on October 16. On his first release of original material since 2015’s Radium Death (ANTI-), Whitmore widens the horizon of his True North folksongs and twangy punked-up country, aided by his world weary voice, country-baked banjo and hard-strummed guitar. The video for the first single “My Mind Can Be Cruel to Me” is available now: