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  1. $45 + shipping is silly. I'd be all about this for $30, but I guess I'm just dreaming at this point.
  2. https://www.shoxop.com/products/melvins-live-stream-obscene-v-1-3-lp-set-bloodn-bone-edition
  3. I don't understand what's going on with the shipping on Nuclear Blast's US site. The only option to ship 4 records in the US is $33. It's pretty much the same cost if I order them from NB EU.
  4. Went with Yellow / Clear to save a few bucks on shipping over the blue / gold which is what I would have preferred. Agreed, the new single is awesome. Stoked for some new KWC!
  5. My box arrived today. What an awesome set. I love the book with all the photo's and fan letters. The box itself is really nice too, that graphic when you slide the lid off on the sides is a really nice touch. If I had to nitpick something it would be single pocket sleeves on the 2 lp's but get why they're not to save space in an already pretty tightly packed box. Well done, MXPX.
  6. All That Remains reissue - https://allthatremainsonline.com/collections/all-products
  7. I ordered a record / shirt bundle when everything was available and just had my order canceled due to not enough stock.
  8. Mine “shipped” 10 days ago but tracking hasn’t updated.
  9. Sold out! I must have been near the end. Glad to have snagged one.
  10. Chimaira won the ROG vote. Stoked! https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/pass-out-of-existence-deluxe-edition.html
  11. All the "screen prints" I've bought like this were always a printed piece of heavy card stock wrapped around the jacket that didn't appear screen printed when compared to something like the Melvins screen printed jackets. A digital print sounded more appealing. Like something you could frame and give to mom for Mother's Day and be proud of the swanky signed print you gave her.
  12. Glad I went with this option. The slipmat was cool but the pop socket was a no for me.

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