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  1. ZeroNowhere

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    It's likely due to these albums coming out when they were pressed on CD only. The artwork was created for that format size, so now when it's blown up it looks like shit. That's what I'm going with. I guess they figure people will still buy it, so who cares? It would have been awesome had they redone the artwork so it didn't look terrible, but that's time and money that I'm sure they (whoever they are) didn't want to spend.
  2. ZeroNowhere

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    I got the new Outer Heaven in the mail yesterday from Relapse and listened to it last night. Holy smokes that album is awesome. Reminds me of Genocide Pact at times but a bit faster in areas. The entire album is packed with killer riffs and I think the vocals really fit the music. Highly recommended for those who haven't picked it up yet.
  3. You must be fucking delirious, dude. Saying I was unfriendly in my response to your initial question is ridiculous. Who hurt you to cause you to feel that way over a simple response? I'm not arguing with you any more either. Good luck and hopefully you can get your system issue sorted out so it sounds good.
  4. Awww....didn't think I was going to ruffle your feathers so much with my response. Glad I did, it's hilarious. I told you the system I had and that it sounded good. I didn't realize you needed a dissertation on the dynamics and how it sounded compared to everything else in their catalog. I figured a simple response would make you go back and maybe try to tweak something on your system. I was enjoying the moment of listening to the album while responding to you. Now I know that you're a douche and if you don't receive responses exactly to your liking, you turn into a passive aggressive child. Kindly, go fuck yourself. Cheers!
  5. And sorry to hear your Crosley is giving you issues. May be time to order another plastic needle on Amazon. Good luck, big guy.
  6. Next time I won't bother responding to you at all since my responses don't meet your standards.
  7. ZeroNowhere

    PO: Fear Factory “Obsolete”

    It rules. And by it rules, I mean it's a great pressing all around. I do wish they had done an "expanded" version and included the covers because Cars is one of my favorite covers of all time. I know some people on here have thrown shade at MOV but I think all their pressings are solid.
  8. I assure you, the album has great dynamics. This album totally crushes, and I'm listening to it at a low level since the family is asleep.
  9. No way. Sounds killer on my stereo. Four speakers and a sub set up.
  10. Anyone have a lead on a red copy or can help me out? I got a cancellation e-mail from Bullmoose today.
  11. ZeroNowhere

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I can't get this to work. What board is this on? I'd like to check it out. *Never mind, I got it.
  12. ZeroNowhere

    PO: Charles Bradley - Black Velvet

    Your thread is nicer I was in a rush at work.
  13. https://shopdaptonerecords.com/collections/featured-items/products/charles-bradley-black-velvet?variant=12809342713890
  14. https://shopdaptonerecords.com/collections/featured-items/products/in-this-time