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  1. I have some of the old Disney read along records that my son enjoys, but I also spent nowhere close to $40 on all of them combined.
  2. I can’t envision myself hanging out with the person that would spend $40 and listen to this. It would be painful.
  3. Yeah, the only weak track is the one with her on it. Though the record is so strong, it's almost tolerable.
  4. Nah, the human race will have moved on to something else by then. Something way more polarizing but less scary where you’ll be allowed to do things.
  5. I am not familiar with this band but that track sounded awesome. Purchased.
  6. If these were full lengths I’d be interested.
  7. If you were 1/1,00,000,000 as relevant as Danzig, this would be funny. You’re not.
  8. No, I already have several records signed by Ozzy, one by Ozzy, Randy, and Rudy from a meet and greet on the Blizzard of Ozz tour. I’ll survive, but was hoping to frame the signed print and hang it up in my work office.
  9. I ordered when it said it was signed. Arrived today and was just the deluxe. Not surprised but still bummed.
  10. Got back from a work trip and was excited my box set had arrived. The tombstone box is cool, but the lack of jackets is pretty lame.
  11. But mainly yourself because reading, right?