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  1. Certainly not what it used to be, but given how depressing this record is, I don't think he's trying to sound good.
  2. Full album stream for Cokie - http://www.brooklynvegan.com/stream-cokie-the-clowns-nofxs-fat-mike-debut-album-youre-welcome/?fbclid=IwAR3kPapC16QFzQSB9GxybA2jeWCN7u49SLDzqeEpvImdILgox1PZUFvabVc
  3. Is there a link for the new Darkthrone single? I can't find it. NM, I found it.
  4. Probably late on this one, but has anyone see the High On Fire 10" for a reasonable price?
  5. Stoked for this! http://12xu.bigcartel.com/product/golden-pelicans-grinding-for-gruel-lp
  6. This may have been mentioned and I overlooked it. Anyone see Cable Guy Soundtrack for a reasonable price?
  7. To clarify, I bought the record because I liked Purple, which surprised me because I really didn’t like Yellow and Green. I was interested in this release because I thought the new guitar player might add something rad to the fold because she was a great player when I saw them a few years ago at Download and seemed to add a fun dynamic. This isn’t clicking for me at all. Could it grow on me? Possibly, but highly doubtful.. I think this is a band that I’ve grown away from given their progression from their early albums which I love. Red and Blue are killer.
  8. Yes, I would bet the farm it is.* *I don't own a farm, but if I did, I would honor the bet.
  9. Hells Headbangers just started 10% off everything on the site, no code need, taken off at checkout. Great time to pick up the new Bat EP, new Deceased record, and some other crucial jams. Applies to everything, including PO's.
  10. Ha, yeah. The singles are terrible. I've really questioned if I like this band any more and I have a solid answer after hearing the new stuff. No, I don't. I feel dumb for PO'ing this record, especially at close to $40 shipped. They should totally do a tour with Stryper. Yellow and Black attack combined with Gold and Grey! What a sick tour concept.
  11. Looks like it already sold out, which I didn't expect to happen so quickly. Glad some folks were able to grab it. I love SOM. I think they've become my favorite label.
  12. New Abbath is up for PO at SOM - https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=1&q=abbath
  13. This is a Nuclear Blast release and will be available from the label and other distros for far less. I’ve never given this band my time, and from the sound of that single, I think I’ve made the right choice.