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  1. without A/B-ing with the original... the remix/remaster didn't sound like anything new to me.
  2. if anyone else held out on ordering this record, it's $10 shipped on walmart right now haha https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/200191403
  3. cheap emo music https://countyourluckystars.limitedrun.com/categories/winter-wipeout
  4. they dont do a subscription anymore. they basically operate the opposite way of how any business-minded retailer would operate lol... they're customer service is perfect tho.
  5. Cosmic Joke LP is out today and they have records in hand. Split release on HardLore Records and Triple B. https://linktr.ee/cosmicjokela
  6. makes me feel nostalgic for when Newbury and Urban Outfitters or Hot Topic were the only retailer with a variant... and waiting for them to go on sale would be a treat. (now everything goes on sale and there's always a cheaper variant.)
  7. Newbury has another banger Buy 2 Get 1 free sale. Lots top tier records for sure! https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/select-exclusive-vinyl in the Fall I got 9 LPs for $100 shipped
  8. I bought as much as I did in 2022, which was the most in the past 5 years I think. I have become a deal hound... I'm rarely ordering directly from a label because everyone is having a sale at some point. Also because every pre-order price fucking sucks and there's too many variants to care about the pressing number. I bought in bulk from a bunch of sales this year to get price per record to under $10. Being a cheap fuck has taken me to weirder places to get records, too. I made a few Facebook marketplace runs to buy stacks of hip-hop records from sellers. Also found some other marketplace apps and got some killer deals on bundles of records. I also got built-in record shelves for my house last year; that was really cool. I think I want to sell more this year and put that money to a new turntable... I've crossed 10 years with my current setup.
  9. I agree... They're certainly not the only band doing this, but they're at least the most egregious example.
  10. You can make them into bowls and sell them on Etsy!
  11. never thought Dillinger Four and P!nk would have something in common
  12. JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown - Scaring the Hoes MSPaint - Post-American Skrillex - Quest For Fire / Don't Get Too Close (both) Militarie Gun - Life Under da Gun Hotline TNT - Cartwheel feeble little horse - Girl With Fish The Tubs - Dead Meat Home Is Where - The Whaler FOOTBALLHEAD - Overthinking Everything (it's being re-released this year) Another Michael - Wishes To Fulfill awakebutstillinbed - Chaos Takes the Wheel 100 gecs - 10,000 gecs Other stuff I played a lot........ Spiritual Cramp, Fiddlehead, Never Ending Game, Pain of Truth, Citizen, Taking Meds, Paramore
  13. yeah i am super casual fan and I could tell the set after IATM was huge fan-service deep cut stuff.
  14. Never heard of Discops. I just have my wantlist bookmarked or in a tab open everywhere and refresh it constantly.
  15. had a free ticket for the tour opener and had a good time. hope your tickets go to use!
  16. Bandbox has $20.24 off everything with code 2K24 https://bandboxrocks.com/collections/exclusivecatalog?mc_cid=72b48366d6
  17. FYI --- Urban Outfitters has their Baseball variant 50% off right now ($17.49) https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/say-anything-baseball-limited-2xlp?color=000&size=ONE SIZE&type=REGULAR&quantity=1 Ironically today I was a used book store and they had used copies of Junior Varsity and MM for $40 each lol
  18. When you sign up for a subscription there's a lengthy list of records to select from for your first record of the month! And yes, their customer service is very helpful. If you think about signing up, let me know and I can give you a referral code that would be take some money off your sub.
  19. Those stripped down tracks they released digitally a few weeks ago is available as an Alternative Press magazine and 7-inch for $30 (smfh) https://shop.altpress.com/products/militarie-gun-x-alternative-press-magazine-winter-2023-magazine-w-militare-gun-7-vinyl-limited-edition-only-500-made-blue-transparent-vinyl

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