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  1. If this is still available, I’ll take it. PM payment info and I’ll get it out ASAP.
  2. He could always split up the bundles and provide the prints separately for the people that panic bought in the first rounds (me). I hope for Matt’s sake that there is enough demand to sell out the first pressing so he isn’t sitting on a bunch of copies from a 2nd pressing
  3. This disappeared from Bullmoose's website. Did anyone happen to save the tracklisting?
  4. I will do it sometime this weekend. Funny thing is, the hype sticker says download card included.
  5. Definitely interested in this. If it's new music from the Interiors sessions, Black Friday makes sense since its only a few weeks after Interiors is released... Cool!
  6. I got mine for $24.99 today and they still had at least 10 copies left when I was there at 1 pm. I have a feeling there will be a lot of these available when stores post their inventory online.
  7. Not sure how I feel about the new single, but that isn't going to stop me from ordering. Always looking forward to new LOT.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. This was just the kick in the pants I needed to place an order.
  9. Picked up Some Are Lakes at the local shop today. 20% off sale. Very excited to finally have this.
  10. I just picked up 4:13 Dream and I've been spinning the self titled album non-stop lately. I can't get enough of the Cure these days.
  11. I've got an OG, but I'm still going to pick this up.. I'm a sucker for SDRE.
  12. I ordered smoke and took delivery of black today. I contacted the store via email and was told that they were completely out of smoke and that I could ship it back for a full refund or keep it and have my shipping cost refunded.