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  1. F YEAH! theyve been teasing to be back for such a long time, i lost hope.
  2. thought wait for love was interesting when it came out but it ended up being a favorite a year later. feels like forever since it came out, really down to hear what’s next.
  3. wow, havent been this interested in a Hip Hop album in a long time.
  4. exactly, grab the cheapest, its all the same. I think 2 of them have RSD stickers on the shrink wrap and the other doesn't for some reason. and yeah, theyre one of the best live bands ive seen. For some reason i had never heard of them or really care about this genre but i walked by their show as they were starting (coachella 2011?) and straight from the first song i was like WTF is this band??! and i wasnt the only one, the crowd grew rapidly and everybody left with a big smile. Been following them and going to every show i could ever since. I would also encourage any of you to get the live bootleg CDs they sell on tour. I have a few and they are awesome. I can share some if there is interest.
  5. youre lucky, for the first time in forever they skipped my city. There's probably going to be a repress sometimes soon but i think you can still get the 3LP version if you look around. It sounds awesome.
  6. Exclusive Clear Vinyl... exclusive to the bands shopify? preorders? no idea ships on or around September 9th and new single is great https://afghanwhigs.myshopify.com/
  7. glad i got the fancy lenticular but im still hoping for a /200 to be cancelled. this news, while good, means my compulsive self will be F5-ing until tomorrow
  8. Time&Space is available on amazon canada for 40$CAD (30usd) pretty cheap compared to discogs
  9. ill take anything tbh, unfortunately it wont be another press of Catch for us the foxes which i totally missed. A- B is still very nice
  10. thanks for the info, super interesting. I still think very soon it will happen, dont know how but it will
  11. im kinda curious though, to me it would feel as if this record should be getting repressed already. What happened?
  12. nice thread, itll give me stuff to listen to. Will haven is just what i didnt know i needed right now my personal favorite underrated would be verse en coma - rialto ( perhaps this one is more "under the radar" but it should get a lot more praise) travis morisson - travistan (yes, 0/10 according to pitchfork. not perfect but still love this record)