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  1. I got that Revhq exclusive. 1. Because Revelation is the fucking bomb. 2. Because it matches. Good single also.
  2. Equal vision doing 20% off for Memorial Day. https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com
  3. I feel like this album deserves a tour more than WTDWYAD. Dream blows that album out of the water. Both are good though.
  4. I meant to order the cloudy blue but somehow ordered the orange moon phase. Oh well. Still kind of irks me I messed up earlier.
  5. I believe I saw a post from Skeletal Lightning about a 2nd press.
  6. My heart always sinks a little when a record comes that rattles a little. Like just package it right, it's not that hard and takes like one extra second to throw some bubble wrap on it.
  7. I just saw it. I picked up a rev copy since the color matches and it came out on Rev first which is cool. Remaster sounds solid also.
  8. I noticed on my release radar that there's a remastered On The Might Of Princes - Sirens that was put out today. I hope that's a good sign this get's pressed. Stellar album.
  9. Yeah with the fucking Suicide File. God I wish I was able to see them.
  10. I am so glad these are being released. Preordered the bundle cause why not.
  11. I made the same choice because of this reason. Also Romans color in color came out great. I feel like these types generally come out really nice looking.
  12. I come to this thread first for these kind of releases anyways.
  13. Damn, was not expecting this to drop. Thanks for the link to the orange. Only $29 shipped to the us so not too bad.
  14. I got a mystery box a few weeks ago. I was very happy as like half of it was bands I liked and I didn't have any of these records. I was actually missing the Prawn record as it's my least favorite and I was planning on grabbing a couple of these eventually. You Blew It - You Blue It 10" (blue /1000) 2nd press Sundials - Kick 10" (purple /350) Prawn - Run (white w/ cream and black splatter /1200) Field Mouse - Episodic (black /651) Octaves - Greener Pastures (dark mustard /250) Weatherbox - Cosmic Drama (blue/yellow marble /300) Wild Ones - Heatwave (green /1500) gobbinjr- Ocala Wick (blue w/ purple splatter /200) Cut Teeth - Night Years (electric blue /600) My Fictions - Stranger Songs (dark green marble /?)
  15. I’d rather preorder a record and wait for it instead of taking the chance of not getting one. So many times I’ve pre ordered a record and by the time it comes out they’ve sold out from hype.

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